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[REBOL] file chooser in rebol/view Re:(2)

From: aparman:scientist at: 21-Sep-2000 15:06

Here is mine sorry attempt. It's no where near as whiz-bang as ropus.r (cool!), and still needs some work but you may find bits useful. *****script follows***** List of functions and <blocks> ls main function, call this to list directory contents [setcurrentdir] accepts <directory>, outputs <dircontents> (sorted) Can't make this a function, it won't work right <origdir> saves the original directory when ls is called <space> creates and sets to 0, words to hold length? of info <spacer> creates and sets to 0, strings of length? of info <dirinfo> create and empty block to hold info <scriptnum> word to hold number of script to list, reset to 1 getinfo get info on each file, set up spacing creates object info with <size> <date> <type> and appends to dirinfo [scriptnum file size date type] <printinfo> print the info out, with proper spacing, order easily modified. whatnow asks for user direction after listing a directory <wordcases> block holding user choices and their actions <convert-lines> called with cl, a copy of the convert-lines.r file ;*************************************************************************** REBOL[ file: %ls.r title: "LiSt directory contents" purpose: {"List the contents of the current directory, or optionally the given directory, with type, size, and date info. Output in columns for ease of reading."} version: 0.3.0 date: 23-May-2000/12:24:38-4:00 version1date: 29-Mar-2000/17:18:07-5:00 category: 'utility author: "alan parman" email: [aparman--mail--com] comment: {"I have made this script a function so you can put this script in or call it from your user.r file and 'ls' will always be available"} usage: {"ls ls %/your/directory/"} comment: {Version 0.3.0 Complete revamp. Have 'simplified' the main function by pulling out discrete pieces and making them functions. Then I call these in the main function. Have added functionality to navigate a directory tree in both directions, to make directories, or to delete directories/files, and to call the convert-lines.r script for changing a file to the local line terminator. Next minor version will allow deleting and line conversion by number. } {"Version 2.0 Have revamped the process of getting the directories info for printing and have associated numbers with each listing of the directory. YOU CAN NOW SELECT A DIRECTORY TO CHANGE TO, OR A SCRIPT TO RUN, BY ITS NUMBER! COOL! Still need to add ability to distinguish different file types. Next minor version would like to revamp the spacer printing process with console functions.} {"Version 1.0.0 First 'fully functional' version. Primarily an exercise in learning REBOL, I wanted a shorter command than 'list-dir' to see a directories contents. I also wanted all the info on a file (type size date), shown in columns for ease of reading. The name is borrowed from the 'ls' command of Linux and Unix since it is short and easy to remember. This script will not list *nix directories which contain files or directories you do not have read permission for. I tried to include enough notes so that even beginning REBOLers like me can change the order in which the info is printed. Please excuse my lack of correct style. I find that sometimes it just gets in the way of clarity. Version 1.1.0 - added some simplification by blocking repeated code, and refined the 'if - ask' block at end. Added more comment documentation. Version 2 will, I hope, print out more than just 'file' or 'directory' for type."} ] verbose: on ; change to off to stop the wordiness, (make as a switch later) ;***** set-up the functions cls: does [prin ["^(1B)[J"] print newline] ;clears the screen space: [ spacef: 0 ;space for file ; these are the lengths of the info spaces: 0 ;space for size ; found later spaced: 0 ;space for date spacet: 0 ;space for type ] do space spacer: [ spacerf: make string! 0 ; these are the spacers, the spacers: make string! 0 ; # of spaces to print between columns spacerd: make string! 0 spacert: make string! 0 ] do spacer getinfo: func [] [ foreach file dircontents [ info: info? file ; get the info size: mold info/size ; change the info to type! string date: mold info/date type: mold info/type append dirinfo reduce [scriptnum file size date type] ; you need this block order later! scriptnum: scriptnum + 1 ;increment scriptnum with each new file if (length? file) > spacef [spacef: (length? file)] ;find maximum if (length? size) > spaces [spaces: (length? size)] ;length of all if (length? date) > spaced [spaced: (length? date)] ;info if (length? type) > spacet [spacet: (length? type)] ]; end of foreach ];end of getinfo function printinfo: func [] [ print ["Contents of " what-dir] ; print the path of the listed directory foreach [scriptnum file size date type] dirinfo [ loop (spacef - (length? file)) [append spacerf " "] ;make the loop (spaces - (length? size)) [append spacers " "] ;spacers for the loop (spaced - (length? date)) [append spacerd " "] ;columns the loop (spacet - (length? type)) [append spacert " "] ;correct length ; You can specify any order you want by modifying the line below ; Use the pattern 'info' spacer, ; --------- alway put scriptnum first for simplicity, it is an integer!--- do [print [scriptnum type spacert file spacerf size spacers date]] do spacer ; reset the spacers to zero length ];end of foreach do space ; reset the info lengths ]; end of printinfo function whatnow: func [] [ print [newline] if verbose [ if what-dir <> origdir [print ["Enter a <c> to change to" what-dir ", or" ]] print "enter <number> to change to that directory or run that script, or" print "enter <cl> to convert that script to the local line terminator or" print "enter <u> to go up one directory, or" print "enter a <m> to make a new directory, or <d> to delete a file or directory or" print "hit <enter> to exit ls, <q> to quit this REBOL console " ] answer: load ask "What would you like to do? :>>" if (type? answer) = block! [; this is the 'enter nothing' - stay in original directory change-dir origdir ] if (type? answer) = integer! [; I know this could be done with a select - pick combo how? foreach [scriptnum file size date type] dirinfo [ if scriptnum = answer [ if type = "directory" [ change-dir file do [print ["Changing path to" file]] directory: 'file cls ls ] if type = "file" [do file] ls ] ;end of if ];end of foreach ] if (type? answer) = word! [ do (select wordcases (form answer)) ] ]; end of whatnow function wordcases: [; request action c [print ["Changing path to" what-dir]] q [quit] u [change-dir %../ directory: what-dir print ["Changing path to" what-dir] cls ls ] m [newdir: load ask "Name of new directory? :>>" make-dir newdir ls ] d [del: load ask "Name of file to delete? :>>" delete del ls ] cl [cl ; do the convert-lines script ls ] ] ;{convert-lines function if you don't have it ; Title: "Convert file to local Line terminator" ; file: %convert-lines.r ; date: 25-May-2000/15:23:45-4:00 ;} ; ;cl: func [ ; {Convert a file's line terminators to the local line terminator, detab, and trim/auto ; Usage cl <%file> (file is optional, you will be prompted) ; } ; ;file [any-type!] "file or nothing"] [ ; if (not value? 'file) [ ; file: to-file ask "What file do you want to convert? :>> " ; ] ; write file trim/auto detab read file ;] ;***** end set-up ;***** main function***** ls: func [ { List the sorted contents of a directory, with file info, in columns. Usage: ls or ls %/your/directory/here/ } [catch] directory [any-type!] "directory to list or nothing" ]; end of spec block [; body block origdir: what-dir ; store the original directory so can change it back ; you need to change to user's asked dir because ; info? lines don't seem to work from another dir dirinfo: make block! [] ; set up block to hold info scriptnum: make integer! 1 ; set up counter for numbering the directory contents listed ;setcurrentdir dircontents: throw-on-error [ if value? 'directory [change-dir :directory] ; remember to change back to origdir at end read %. ] dircontents: sort dircontents getinfo printinfo whatnow ];end ls body block *****script ends***** ------Original Message------ From: [ryanc--iesco-dms--com] To: [list--rebol--com] Sent: September 19, 2000 9:56:53 PM GMT Subject: [REBOL] file chooser in rebol/view Re: Good question... I am (slowly and relucantly) working on one for the time being. The ETA? Dont get your hopes up, I may just ---- can the idea. Alternatively I will probably have a console picker done very shortly, free for all to use. --Ryan [rishi--picostar--com] wrote:
> Will REBOL/View eventually support a graphical file-browser? > > Rishi
-- Ryan Cole Programmer Analyst 707-468-5400 We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. --Buddha