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[REBOL] Why Wiev is still claimed to be free??? (was) Re: Yes, REBOL/Core is sti

From: belymt::saunalahti::fi at: 22-May-2001 23:33

Hi Holger, I have to admit you are really good writer.. But still please fix (or ask your web maintainer to fix) that Rebol/View entry on web page. That big bold FREE is still (however you bend sematics in your text) a direct lie (sorry for using such a nasty word). In now days world when almost everything is changing around in fast pace developers must have trust to tools they use for living. And trust of developers is one thing you can't afford lose.. Should I trust you? Are you still around in two years, or in five? I have used (since Commodore/escom/whatever went belly-up) various PC operating systems like OS2 warp (that was dropped by IBM) and BeOS 4.0-4.5 (development dropped) not to mention numerous application sw/hw I have purchased (on my own use and for company use)... I have learned NOT to trust companies blindly or easily, there are too many trying to get quick buck and then drop out without a warning...
>I would like to address a few issues that have come up in the recent >discussion >on REBOL's licensing policy. Hopefully this clarifies some things and better >explains our position and motivation. Sorry for the length of this mail.
It's good that you write these things down.. It would have been lot better you to think this all up before latest Rebol web site update. (most of sementic tackling removed.. )
>So please don't assume that your definition of "free" is shared by >everybody. I can >assure you that it is not.
Yes, Agree on this one. And you did not explain that your free is not free beforehand.. Long story and why? Because you assumed your definition of free was known and accepted... You can't win trust back just with long talks about your rights to define words.
>5. Flexibility > >I mentioned flexibility as the key for licensing. US$ 79.00 and US$ 99.00 are >examples and starting points for simple cases, e.g. a single Core/Pro or >View/Pro >license on one machine, no other business relations, licenses, no bulk >discounts, >no redistribution licensing etc.
There is no mention of ANY licensing alternatives on your web site.. Just $99/CPU on "FREE Rebol/View"
>These are NOT the only options. In addition to bulk discounts there is also >Runtime licensing (with per-client payments or with a one-time payment for >unlimited client licenses). There may be other options as well, such as >educational >licensing, support agreements and consulting agreements. We are also very >interested >in knowing what REBOL is used for in companies, and in some cases joint >ventures and/or >joint press releases may be interesting for everyone involved. If you are >interested >in licensing REBOL please talk to us and explain what you want to do. We >may be able >to work out a solution that is even better for everyone's business than >just plain >"free of charge" would be :-).
Ok.. I'll send you E-mail for potential use of Rebol/core (Although my Boss asked me to drop Rebol as 'a hopeless case' .. ) Joanna