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[REBOL] text-list-cover-up.r

From: jfdutcher1958::yahoo::com at: 5-Apr-2006 19:09

I offer the following script 'adapted' after considerable effort fom the original subject line script authored very admirably by R.v.d.Zee. Mr Zee makes a 'comment' in the script that hi-liting any line in a text-list (including the one at hand) hi-lites any and all duplicates in such a list. In my case this is especially offensive because the middle initial column has so many 'space' entries which are duplicates. I just wondered if anyone can see a way to make the 'hilites' function hilite exactly one horizontal row ?? ******************************************************* Rebol[Title: "sortresidents" Author: "R.v.d.Zee" Owner: "R.v.d.Zee" Rights: {Copyright (C) R.v.d.Zee 2006} Notes: { Overlapping text-lists are used to create the impression of a single text-list. The scroll bar of the last text list is covered by a scroller. The colors of the new scroller may easily be set. Column & font colors and other facets may also be easily changed. As with all text-lists, all duplicated items in a text-list will be highlighted. } ] port: open/seek %/c/vetssrc/dietsys/dsysmst.txt read-record: func [port record-size record-number] [ copy/part at port record-number - 1 * record-size + 1 record-size ] substr: func [record offset len] [ copy/part at record offset len ] repeat i 299 [ rec1: read-record port 2690 i sortBlock: [] y: 1 regnbr: substr rec1 y + 3 4 lname: substr rec1 y + 7 15 fname: substr rec1 y + 22 15 minit: substr rec1 y + 37 1 if (regnbr <> "XXXX") [ repend/only sortBlock [lname fname mold minit regnbr] ] ] listData: sort sortBlock dataLength: length? listData lnameData: make block! dataLength fnameData: make block! dataLength minitData: make block! dataLength regnbrData: make block! dataLength forskip listData 1 [ append lnameData pick listData/1 1 append fnameData pick listData/1 2 append minitData pick listData/1 3 append regnbrData pick listData/1 4 ] hiLites: func [data picked][ pickPoint: (length? data) - (length? find/only data picked) + 1 lname/picked: to-block mold pick lnameData pickPoint fname/picked: to-block mold pick fnameData pickPoint minit/picked: to-block mold pick minitData pickPoint regnbr/picked: to-block pick regnbrData pickPoint show [lname fname minit regnbr] listData: skip listData pickPoint - 1 oneLine/text: rejoin [pick listData/1 1 " " pick listData/1 2 " " pick listData/1 3 " " pick listData/1 4] show oneLine listData: head listData ] coverUp: layout [ backcolor 183.99.0 across space 0 style labels label font-color coffee indent 1 labels "Last Name" indent 118 labels "First Name" indent 122 labels "Mid Init" indent 30 labels "Reg Number" return style lists text-list coffee olive font-size 14 [ hiLites face/data face/picked/1 ] lname: lists 200x404 gold olive - 10 data lnameData indent -16 fname: lists 200x404 coffee - 50 olive data fnameData indent -16 minit: lists 100x404 coffee - 50 olive - 10 data minitData center indent -16 regnbr: lists 100x404 0.0.105 olive data regnbrData indent -16 scrollAll: scroller 16x404 brown + 50 brown [ lname/sn: fname/sn: minit/sn: regnbr/sn: round scrollAll/data * (length? listData) show [lname fname minit regnbr] ] return oneLine: field water water 536x30 font-size 17 center return btn "Quit" gold [quit] ] ;minit/iter/para/indent: regnbr/iter/para/indent: 10x2 ;lname/iter/para/indent: 20x2 scrollAll/speed: 20 ;the default is 20, this may speed up the scrolling of the text-lists view coverUp