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From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 22-May-2001 16:02

[Robbo1Mark--aol--com] wrote:
> PEKR / EVERYBODY > > PEKR my comments were NOT meant to be accusing > against any specific individuals & certainly > NOT you personally. I like you and agree with > about 99% of the comments you make on this list.
It was not so personal as it could seem to be, I am OK :-) While I can agree with all you said - there is simply the fact of another POV, as you said. Of course that RT can do whatever they want with their product. But I think most ppl complain here, just because they DO CARE of Rebol and its future. We use several various tools here at work, and I really don't care if I pay for them or not. But I like Rebol so much that I will better express what do I really think - and I think that the way as it is now, RT itself hurts their profits! We don't have wide enough userbase .. yet. If Rebol would be used by some 10 mil. ppl, XX books were written about it, XX Rebol based products sold, then OK, let's charge for it. But first - let's find some way how to spread Rebol to the masses. RT switched back from tool development company and decided to go with /Express. Just few weeks before /Express was ready we saw sudden strategy change back towards the tools. Now /Express sleeps somewhere on product page, with no further advertising ... So if we are talking tools once again, why to abandon /Apache for e.g.? Do you think that someone will develop some site building tool based upon CGI? Without database access? Bear in mind please, that most of such tools come from hobbyists first. How do we support them? By selling them 350 USD /Command? Average sallary here in Czech Republic is some 500 - 600 USD, and I can imagine countries where the situation is even worse. DocKimbel for e.g. decided to stop FastCGI /Pro based development, because /Command will provide it. Someone mentioned RT failure to discuss involved userbase before they decide to do some strategic change. I would like to add, that we a) never heard from CEO (and I though we are kind of community like Amiga Inc. has) b) never heard about what is planned for future - all we know is - "there is plan" :-) I just hope RT + Eight Inc. finds some way to make rebol more popular and widespread ... ... but enough of complaints - RT has now some feedback to read and decide their further steps .... going to study "Rugby" script - seems promissing :-) -pekr-