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[REBOL] Re: RebGUI or GLayout

From: petr:krenzelok:seznam:cz at: 20-Dec-2007 14:24

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch napsal(a):
> wow! > > such passion... and Glayout is at the core of all the dilemma :-) > > I won't reply to single mails, cause there are too many, but here is my > general (long) response: > > to Pekr (and onlookers ;-): > -------- > I'll start by saying that I'm not in any way under any sense of "attack". >
I am glad to hear that. You know me and I know you. But anyway, taky my appology, I should not start my email by "Enough already?" remark, that sounded probably rather harsh. As I have some 10 minutes to answer at max, I will try to keep my reply short. First and foremost - nothing is as important as personal health. I was close to such state too - the more I worked, the more energy I felt I have available. Worked 2 months from 8:00 am to 23:00 pm. Then I was saved by illness, was totally exhausted, but physically OK. But - two persons close to me, had not such luck. And one of them recovered from total burn-out for more than 2 years. I could not recognise him. I once asked - what do you feel? Why are you not trying to have more fun? And the answer was really depressing for me - "I feel I don't have energy even to smile, let alone having fun". So, I wish you relaxed time with your family. Now to some of your remarks (mentioning your product twice already, so your marketing might work actually :-) : - it is not absolutly true I haven't followed your development precisely. To be honest, I visited your pages nearly on monthly basis. But your development often followed one scenario - available soon, then you kind of disappeared for months with any info. Those kind of jokes went thru AltME too. But that is not important now, when your tools are available. - what is more important imo is, proper explanation and some real-life stuff to show, at least screenshots. They came lately, but explanation on your website is quite vague. In fact I think that what you have written here should just be cut off from this email and put to your website as kind of "Overview" page - really nice description :-) - I know some guys used 'slim for quite some time, I know about 'glayout usage, and I know about DevCon. I was not there (because of change of my jobs after 12 years, so I really could not come this year), but videos and altme were available. My conclusion is, that while you have cool stuff available, I am maybe too dumb to take it, and use it in rather sensible way. And I think that I might represent average REBOL and upon average IT knowledges. So, either I am dubm alone, or there is another supportive argument to try to better explain, what you have available, and how it could be used. - from points I mentioned above, that is why I mentioned RebGUI is better alternative. Not that it would not have its own bugs, like you write, but because it imo can be more easily followed by "average" REBOLler, is properly documented and more or less still supported and being maintained. Sometimes simply the best tool is not "best". We all know it from REBOL situation itself. I think REBOL is superior in some aspects, yet it is not succesfull yet. The answers lays IMO mainly in how things are (not) communicated. So as for R3, I know already that RT cares very much, on how to change the situation. It can be seen even from R3 block diagram itself - it frees RT's hands and allows for faster and more transparent development, sharing, etc. What I warn us from is to be dishonest, make impossible promisses, etc. I think that ppl will accept few months delay if properly communicated, rather than not knowing what is going on, what could they expect, etc. - users simply should feel "safe" about the tool in the first place imo. So much for my marketing-wanna-be thoughts :-) Cheers, Petr