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From: petr::krenzelok::trz::cz at: 1-Nov-2001 22:11

James Marsden wrote:
>>MS-Access is crap :-) >> > >Not so - for its intended purpose there is nothing as rapid that I have >found on the market and thats in 8 years of database development. >Sure its sucks in a few areas but I have yet to see a better IDE for a >database system. >Have you seen Access XP? >
No, I don't use such tools at all. I remember Access as opponent to Lotus Aproach. But - problem is, that I prefer stand-alone apps, not some installed bloated IDEs, with run-time support. I remember few years ago one customer leaving VO in favor of Access. Well, we laughed on the other end of phone - as those were the ppl calling themselves profi programmers ;-) Of course you can do many things with Aproach. But I somehow hate to use predefined templates. I don't like Windows dependency too. I mean - dependency upon product behavior - can you catch events in Aproach, so that enter or arrows will allow you to move between the fields and buttons, esc leaves screen, enter on browse enters form, etc.? I always have to laough, once I see primitive browser, featuring VCR like buttons for mouse click to go one record down, one record up, etc., as from user perspective, it is completyl nonsense ... Maybe I am just too much concentrated on "heavy" database stuff, where each unwanted user interaction with UI denerves our users ...
>>There is few tools/viewers to work with .dbf, very advanced ones. .DBF >>is however supported also by Excel, and natively supported by languages >>as Delphi, VO, Clipper, FoxPro, VB (IIRC, maybe indirectly), etc. >> >VB Support for .pdf is third party only. ;-) >
PDF? I was not talking pdf :-)
>>However - once you want to get to shared dbase app, better forget data >>integrity and speed. You will be probably better with some free or not >>so expensive SQL solutions - mySQL (lacking transactions, and so not >>suitable for us), or PostGres SQL. >> >MySQL since version 3.23 has supported transactions if you use the InnoDB >table format. Transaction support is guarenteed from mySQL 4.0 up (still in >alpha) >
I know about it. I just contacted my friend heavily using both solutions, and he still prefers postGress. I recomended him to look at alpha mySQL 4.0 and he told me it is sometimes unstable, and reading thru docs you could find things like "if this doesn't work, try to comment this .." etc. stuff ... But I agree, that in many cases, mySQL is great dbms ... btw: as for Linux, you could probably even try Sybase 11 or so, - it is free, and features e.g. stored procedures ... (or so I was told) as for Rebol, it would be good if mySQL or any other database could be run from one .exe with some parameters (path to databases, configs), to be portable without installation :-) -pekr-