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[REBOL] Re: 3d and Games

From: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 23-Oct-2001 17:01

Aaron Roberts wrote:
> I looked at the script you posted. I didn't get definable shapes though. I did make > out the crosses I believe, but otherwise I was confused. I pressed the + to increase > the resolution, but it didn't seem to change anything. >
A couple of things make it funny to look at: 1. You are starting out in the fog experiment, so the lower half of the screen is lightened. 2. A fish eye effect is making everything bent and shrunken at the edges. Correctable with proper mathematics. 3. The when the casting interval is too long it creates a layering effect. +res fixes that, but performances dwindles rapidly. 4. You looking at a very small image blown up 4 to 5 times, so at best it is grainy.
> You obviously know more than I do about Rebol and 3d. My theory was to maybe make a > simple 3d demo or game. Thoughts - > > - Take a square with a texture and rotate it in a circle, then split it into four > pieces and seperate them. Nothing really fancy. > - Make a game where two people are in a maze and must either get out or find each > other (networked would be nice) > - Do the above with only one person > - Other thoughts as above
What you were looking at is a stress test, and a older, slower version at that. A one person maze is very doable, but dont expect textures, they are just too much. Currently expect to be able to do a simple maze with different colored blocks that fade into darkness with distance. I am going to look at it soon to see if creatures can be added, but I dont give it good chances. With creatures (objects really) you can have all kinds of games. I might try another scheme other than ray casting, it would yield much better looking rooms and creatures, but I am not sure if rebol can go quite fast enough to do it. The more I think about it, I might just try that instead of upgrading the ray caster. As far as rotating a square, other method work better for that, ray casting is suited more for complex angles and distances.
> > Are you interested in doing something more? The matrix.r example mentioned > previously is about the most graphically intensive. I have seen another 3d demo > though, I believe it used spheres though. It was a tad slow, but it was very > impressive given what was going on. > > Regards, > Aaron >
As far as anything serious, I would suggest waiting for the 3d library Carl mentioned in the OS News article. While rebol is quite fast for a script language, it hardly touches C for these types of things, and does not access the specialized 3d instructions on modern graphic cards. --Ryan Ryan Cole Programmer Analyst 707-468-5400