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[REBOL] Re: Opening a new blog about Rebol?

From: ale870:gm:ail at: 19-Nov-2007 11:23

Hello, I have to two points to be highlighted. [1] Amiga... well I love that computer! And I hate Commodore which was the main actor for Amiga failure in the market. I think, generally speaking, it a good concept to compare Rebol to other technologies, which failed in the time. Think to BeOS (great OS, I bought original version and upgrade, I studied it, and now... Palm and Be Inc. destroyed my job.. I have nothing in my hands :-( ) , OS/2 (same...), Commodore Amiga (sigh...), etc... I hope RT will not append Rebol to this list... [2] Interesting. I would nearly consider such opinion as total ignorance of
> facts. Yes, RT might be slow at development, but look at Python ... what > was new in 2.5 version? What is going to be in 3.0 version? >
Hello Petr, basically, you agree. So now, let's try to analyze why Python is used by Google, and why Guido Van Rossum (Python creator) now works in Google... and not Rebol. Let's analyze why Python scripts are heavily used in Linux distributions for configurations, etc.... and not Rebol. Let's analyze why the world, now, always talk about Ruby and not Rebol. Let's analyze why I opened a blog in italian language (and now I created a full featured tool containing blog, web site, forum, wiki), but nobody comments my articles, nobody send me an email, and why I received about 2500 visits in almost 5 months... It seems almost no italian people takes care about Rebol, but everybody know Ruby, Python, PHP, etc... I'm afraid for Rebol: I really like Rebol, and I'm spending time to promote it. Some times ago I wrote to Carl directly, after a brief contact taken with another his developer, and I tried to propose a collaboration with RT just to spread the word of Rebol. Since I really like Rebol, I wanted to try to become an Italian official representative (and maybe European), with trainings, official presentations, taking care to get contacts with some companies, etc... For me it would be a jump in the dark, but it could be a good "escape" from my normal job, and it could be a starting point to open a new Rebol office in Italy (and Europe). That one, even if for me was a risk, it could became a concrete advantage either for RT (official office in Europe) and for me (in the past I already got a company for 4 years). Result: Carl did not answer me, at all (until now). So in my mind there was only a concept, a thinking: "Carl does not care about Rebol publicity" (even if it could answer me a simple "no, thanks..."). But ok... this is the way the "father" of Rebol help its child (Rebol). On Nov 19, 2007 10:46 AM, Petr Krenzelok <> wrote:
> > > I am not sure. There were many promises from RT in the past already. And > > you know what happened... again and again.. > > If they do not keep them now, Rebol will be just an inhouse project/tool > > for maybe QTask. > > > > > > Interesting. I would nearly consider such opinion as total ignorance of > facts. Yes, RT might be slow at development, but look at Python ... what > was new in 2.5 version? What is going to be in 3.0 version? I regard it > being "cosmetic" upgrade in comparison to R3. Well, Python does not need > to change its architecture, because they have many things we lack. But - > R3 is total redesign. There is so many changes, that it is completly new > REBOL. What makes you think, that RT is doing all that design work to be > used for Qtask only? Well, in the past, we had no blogs. Nowadays, Carl > blogging or not, ppl are still disappointed. I would like to identify > the reason why. Maybe it is because development is mostly a closed > effort? Well, that could be it, ppl might feel excluded from > information. Carl knows it and imo that is why DevBase is currently in > heavy development - to allow full community release of R3, even in alpha > version. > > So, instead of stating "again and again", could you suggest us, what > could be done to improve situation? Apart from Carl's blog, there is > Henrik blogging too, there is rebolweek, we try to inform REBOL friend > around with the status. Well, what I suggested was - let's set > milestones, release as-is, feature freezing. I think that it is our > nature to accept even limited capabilities, than to wait undefined amout > of time for new thingy to appear. > > My belief is, that once DevBase is solid (and there is already tens of > small enhancements/fixes done and other in the pipeline, R3 will be > released. Once again, I don't speak for RT, it is just my observation ... > > Petr > > > AR > > > > -- > To unsubscribe from the list, just send an email to > lists at with unsubscribe as the subject. >
-- //Alessandro