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[REBOL] Re: RebGUI or GLayout

From: moliad::gmail at: 21-Dec-2007 23:18

On Dec 21, 2007 6:55 PM, Giuseppe Chillemi <> wrote:
> It is now 22 years I am in the computer business. I started when I was > twelve and now I am thirty tree and I have seen a lot of projects and > companies going up and down, disappearing or resisting in this world.
hehe a lot like me started at 8, (am now 32) :-)
> The > worst part of my experience was seeing people leaving communities and > abandoning very good project they have started because personal factor > accurred: depressions, lack of motivation, bad response from some people > in > the community...
yep... giving stuff is fun, but when its not well received (for ANY reason) its tough to find motivation to continue doing so frequently. for example, some of my stuff is pretty advanced, and there are quickstarts on the net...but very few people have asked specific questions... so will I try and write more documentation... why? people don't seem to remember that writing docs is 3 times more time consuming than coding. -one line for each line of code which explains what and why -another for how (specs, refs, etc) -another for when (examples, tutorials) It is really important to me to see the people from the human point of view
> to keep them high, healthy, motivated and happy to be part of something > bigger.
I agree. You are too an example of these words: it's me who called you a Guru and I
> consider you this way as some other people around there. You have good > projects but you are an human and you have your own limits. Instead of > attacking you it would be better to cooperate with you and your project. > This is what I call "the positive spirit of the community". > > > -STEEL: > > -SLIM: > > -GLayout: > > -Liquid: > > -GLOB(unreleased): > > liquidGL(unreleased publicly): > > remark: > > They are a golden treasures.
thanks! :-)
> I would like to see them hosted on sourceforge
there might be something on the way which is rebol specific... I won't say more... not everything is going on in the spotlight. and people cooperating into merging LIST-VIEW and RebGui together with your
> projects. You have written it is possible. I write: why don't people > cooperate ?
RebGui and VID don't cooperate very well, they are separate engines, but henrik's stuff is VID based. he and I have spoken, but time considerations makes these cooperations harder to track sometimes. each revision of one or the other, may break the interrelating apis... so unless there is actual demand, for actual projects, which someone really is putting time into, they stay as "fun" projects.
> > TO GIUSEPPE: > > It's me ! > > > ------- > > thank you for the genuine and honest interest. I will upload > > the latest version of all of my stuff for you on > > tomorrow, and I will add liquidGL and glob too. > > I'll download them shortly and start studing them.
Sorry, I was not able to put my stuff online. I had a bit of spare time yesterday, but then, (murphy's law) my heating broke down, so I had to put my evening fixing that instead (its -15C in Montreal, Canada these days, with 45cm of snow already!) I'll do my best to find a bit of time to at least put glayout and liquid's latest versions online, and will add liquidGL too. sometime during the week-end.
> I will develop the project as soon as the new year starts. >
cool, after new year, my schedule is freeing itself up so I'll be in a good position to give you quick help and support, even quick fixes when you need them. :-)
> We can also use remark, which is infact much like a wiki > dilalect concept, but extensible and scriptable (outside of > the page). Pages contain only content, and all the page and > site stuff is added on the fly, even the menus are programatic.
Please, could you point me to the Remark project so I could start to learn
> it ?
remark is fully documented (reference wise) ... on the steel site. just as an example of how documentation isn't always the boon it is reported as being hehehe. but again, any issues, questions to get you started... ask away :-)
> > > Today I feel like I've been given a > > measure of recognition, and during my resting period, nothing > > could be better for my (mental) healing. > > Stay away as much as you need. As I have written I know the problem and > sometime happens that the person involved won't come back into the places > and projects were the problem arised. Hope this won't be the situation but > if it will be it has been nice to have you here and I will be happy to > know > you are having fun elsewere.
oh, don't worry, all of my REBOL code is my life work, it stems from an architecture I envisioned when I was 18... darn... already 14 years ago this december! I'm not about to let it die :-) All of these tools are wrapped up into some greater scheme which has started to take shape. so, I'll do my best to put things up online (on for now). you (or any one else) can always ask questions at any time. I just spoke to Graham, and have agreed to take a chance at building some form of progressive tutorial. I'll use GLayout for starters, and we'll see where that takes us. I'd do my best at making one step per week or two. user feedback will definitely increase the longevity and frequency of the project, so if any of you have any queries, ideas, suggestions, PLEASE shoot them my way (on this list). ciao! -MAx