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[REBOL] Re: setting a cookie

From: gjones05:mail:orion at: 7-Jun-2001 16:55

From: "Maarten Koopmans"
> Hi Scott, > > I have seen the script, and will have to modify it to use ssl or tls
since I
> use Command2 for a https interception. > > SO if anybody has a hint on the new http(s) schemes (RT anyone?),
please let
> me know....
Hi, Maarten, I have a preliminary patched http scheme for trying out. I modified the scheme to accept custom refinements of type cookie. With preliminary testing it works with 'read and 'open. It is currently designed only to pass cookie information back that is received (which is what it sounded like you wanted). Give it a whirl, if you want. Here is how it works: Save the code at the end in a file of your choosing, like my-http.r. Then when needed, load it with: do %/path/to/my-http.r Then when passed a cookie and it is saved in a word, like my-cookie, then represent as follows: page: read/custom http://www.mydom.dom/my-page.html reduce ['cookie mold my-cookie] Hopefully it will work. Watch for wrapped lines!!! --Scott Jones ;============= system/schemes/http: make object! [ scheme: 'HTTP host: none port-id: 80 user: none pass: none target: none path: none proxy: make object! [ host: none port-id: none user: none pass: none type: none bypass: none ] access: none allow: none buffer-size: none limit: none handler: make object! [ port-flags: 0 open-check: none close-check: none write-check: none init: func [ "Parse URL and/or check the port spec object" port "Unopened port spec" spec {Argument passed to open or make (a URL or port-spec)} /local scheme ][ if url? spec [net-utils/url-parser/parse-url port spec] scheme: port/scheme port/url: spec if none? port/host [ net-error reform ["No network server for" scheme "is specified"] ] if none? port/port-id [ net-error reform ["No port address for" scheme "is specified"] ] ] open-proto: func [ {Open the socket connection and confirm server response.} port "Initalized port spec" /sub-protocol subproto /secure /generic /locals sub-port data in-bypass find-bypass bp ][ if not sub-protocol [subproto: 'tcp] net-utils/net-log reduce ["Opening" to-string subproto "for" to-string port/scheme] if not system/options/quiet [print ["connecting to:" port/host]] find-bypass: func [host bypass /local x] [ if found? host [ foreach item bypass [ if any [ all [x: find/match/any host item tail? x] ] [return true] ] ] false ] in-bypass: func [host bypass /local item x] [ if any [none? bypass empty? bypass] [return false] if not tuple? load host [host: form system/words/read join dns:// host] either find-bypass host bypass [ true ] [ host: system/words/read join dns:// host find-bypass host bypass ] ] either all [ port/proxy/host bp: not in-bypass port/host port/proxy/bypass find [socks4 socks5 socks] port/proxy/type ] [ port/sub-port: net-utils/connect-proxy/sub-protocol port 'connect subproto ] [ sub-port: system/words/open/lines compose [ scheme: (to-lit-word subproto) host: either all [port/proxy/type = 'generic generic bp] [port/proxy/host] [port/proxy/host: none port/host] user: port/user pass: port/pass port-id: either all [port/proxy/type = 'generic generic bp] [port/proxy/port-id] [port/port-id] ] port/sub-port: sub-port ] if all [secure find [ssl tls] subproto] [system/words/set-modes port/sub-port [secure: true]] port/sub-port/timeout: port/timeout port/sub-port/user: port/user port/sub-port/pass: port/pass port/sub-port/path: port/path port/sub-port/target: port/target net-utils/confirm/multiline port/sub-port open-check port/state/flags: port/state/flags or port-flags ] open: func [ port "the port to open" /local http-packet http-command response-actions success error response-line target headers http-version post-data result generic-proxy? sub-protocol build-port send-and-check create-request][ port/locals: make object! [list: copy [] headers: none] generic-proxy?: all [port/proxy/type = 'generic not none? port/proxy/host] build-port: func [] [ sub-protocol: either port/scheme = 'https ['ssl] ['tcp] open-proto/sub-protocol/generic port sub-protocol port/url: rejoin [lowercase to-string port/scheme "://" port/host either port/port-id <> 80 [join #":" port/port-id] [copy ""] slash] if found? port/path [append port/url port/path] if found? port/target [append port/url port/target] if sub-protocol = 'ssl [ if generic-proxy? [ HTTP-Get-Header: make object! [ Host: join port/host any [all [port/port-id (port/port-id <> 80) join #":" port/port-id] #] ] user: get in port/proxy 'user pass: get in port/proxy 'pass if string? :user [ HTTP-Get-Header: make HTTP-Get-Header [ Proxy-Authorization: join "Basic " enbase join user [#":" pass] ] ] http-packet: reform ["CONNECT" HTTP-Get-Header/Host "HTTP/1.1^/"] append http-packet net-utils/export HTTP-Get-Header append http-packet "^/" net-utils/net-log http-packet insert port/sub-port http-packet continue-post/tunnel ] system/words/set-modes port/sub-port [secure: true] ] ] http-command: "GET" HTTP-Get-Header: make object! [ Accept: "*/*" Connection: "close" User-Agent: get in get in system/schemes port/scheme 'user-agent Host: join port/host any [all [port/port-id (port/port-id <> 80) join #":" port/port-id] #] ] HTTP-Header: make object! [ Date: Server: Last-Modified: Accept-Ranges: Content-Encoding: Content-Type: Content-Length: Location: Expires: Referer: Connection: Authorization: none ] create-request: func [/local target user pass u] [ http-version: "HTTP/1.0^/" all [port/user port/pass HTTP-Get-Header: make HTTP-Get-Header [Authorization: join "Basic " enbase join port/user [#":" port/pass]]] user: get in port/proxy 'user pass: get in port/proxy 'pass if all [generic-proxy? string? :user] [ HTTP-Get-Header: make HTTP-Get-Header [ Proxy-Authorization: join "Basic " enbase join user [#":" pass] ] ] if port/state/index > 0 [ http-version: "HTTP/1.1^/" HTTP-Get-Header: make HTTP-Get-Header [ Range: rejoin ["bytes=" port/state/index "-"] ] ] target: next mold to-file join (join "/" either found? port/path [port/path] [""]) either found? port/target [port/target] [""] cookie-data: none if all [block? port/state/custom cookie-data: find port/state/custom 'cookie][ encoded-data: copy cookie-data/2 HTTP-Get-Header: make HTTP-Get-Header append [ Cookie: encoded-data ] either block? cookie-data/3 [cookie-data/3] [[]] ] post-data: none if all [block? port/state/custom post-data: find port/state/custom 'post post-data/2] [ http-command: "POST" HTTP-Get-Header: make HTTP-Get-Header append [ Referer: either find port/url #"?" [head clear find copy port/url #"?"] [port/url] Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Length: length? post-data/2 ] either block? post-data/3 [post-data/3] [[]] post-data: post-data/2 ] http-packet: reform [http-command either generic-proxy? [port/url] [target] http-version] append http-packet net-utils/export HTTP-Get-Header append http-packet "^/" if post-data [append http-packet post-data] ] send-and-check: func [] [ net-utils/net-log http-packet insert port/sub-port http-packet continue-post ] continue-post: func [/tunnel] [ response-line: system/words/pick port/sub-port 1 net-utils/net-log response-line either none? response-line [do error] [ either none? result: select either tunnel [tunnel-actions] [response-actions] response-code: to-integer second parse response-line none [ do error] [ do get result] ] ] tunnel-actions: [ 200 tunnel-success ] response-actions: [ 100 continue-post 200 success 201 success 204 success 206 success 300 forward 301 forward 302 forward 304 success 407 proxyauth ] tunnel-success: [ while [(line: pick port/sub-port 1) <> ""] [net-log line] ] success: [ headers: make string! 500 while [(line: pick port/sub-port 1) <> ""] [append headers join line "^/"] port/locals/headers: headers: Parse-Header HTTP-Header headers port/size: 0 if querying [if headers/Content-Length [port/size: load headers/Content-Length]] if error? try [port/date: parse-header-date headers/Last-Modified] [port/date: none] port/status: 'file ] error: [ system/words/close port/sub-port net-error reform ["Error. Target url:" port/url "could not be retrieved. Server response:" response-line] ] forward: [ page: copy "" while [(str: pick port/sub-port 1) <> ""] [append page reduce [str newline]] headers: Parse-Header HTTP-Header page insert port/locals/list port/url either found? headers/Location [ either any [find/match headers/Location "http://" find/match headers/Location "https://"] [ port/path: port/target: port/port-id: none net-utils/URL-Parser/parse-url/set-scheme port to-url port/url: headers/Location port/port-id: any [port/port-id get in get in system/schemes port/scheme 'port-id] ] [ either (first headers/Location) = slash [port/path: none remove headers/Location] [either port/path [insert port/path "/"] [port/path: copy "/"]] port/target: headers/Location port/url: rejoin [lowercase to-string port/scheme "://" port/host either port/path [port/path] [""] either port/target [port/target] [""]] ] if find/case port/locals/list port/url [net-error reform ["Error. Target url:" port/url {could not be retrieved. Circular forwarding detected}]] system/words/close port/sub-port build-port create-request send-and-check ] [ do error] ] proxyauth: [ system/words/close port/sub-port either all [generic-proxy? (not string? get in port/proxy 'user)] [ port/proxy/user: system/schemes/http/proxy/user: port/proxy/user port/proxy/pass: system/schemes/http/proxy/pass: port/proxy/pass if not error? [result: get in system/schemes 'https] [ result/proxy/user: port/proxy/user result/proxy/pass: port/proxy/pass ] ] [ net-error reform ["Error. Target url:" port/url {could not be retrieved: Proxy authentication denied}] ] build-port create-request send-and-check ] build-port create-request send-and-check ] close: func [port][system/words/close port/sub-port] write: func [ "Default write operation called from buffer layer." port "An open port spec" data "Data to write" ][ net-utils/net-log ["low level write of " port/state/num bytes ] write-io port/sub-port data port/state/num ] read: func [ port "An open port spec" data "A buffer to use for the read" ][ net-utils/net-log ["low level read of " port/state/num bytes ] read-io port/sub-port data port/state/num ] get-sub-port: func [ port "An open port spec" ][ port/sub-port ] awake: func [ prot "An open port spec" ][ none ] get-modes: func [ port "An open port spec" modes "A mode block" ][ system/words/get-modes port/sub-port modes ] set-modes: func [ port "An open port spec" modes "A mode block" ][ system/words/set-modes port/sub-port modes ] querying: false query: func [port][ if not port/locals [ querying: true open port ] none ] ] status: none size: none date: none url: none sub-port: none locals: none state: none timeout: none local-ip: none local-service: none remote-service: none last-remote-service: none direction: none key: none strength: none algorithm: none block-chaining: none init-vector: none padding: none async-modes: none remote-ip: none local-port: none remote-port: none backlog: none device: none speed: none data-bits: none parity: none stop-bits: none rts-cts: true user-data: none awake: none passive: none cache-size: 5 user-agent: "REBOL" ]