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[REBOL] SHELL cmd exec using CALL in View 1.3

From: gerardcote::sympatico::ca at: 11-Jan-2004 16:48

Hi list, While I continued to study the way the new View 1.3 integrates the CALL mechanism, I found what I will name some limitations (that were described however in the official REBOL DOC under the SHELL command. 1. The Call mechanism when used with the Windows OS forces the opened console window to close itself with a Quit as soon as the external command execution has completed. The user normally can't see what was displayed and can't play either with this console to edit/test further the global context resulting from the exec if he desires to do so. 2. The Call/output doesn't seem to create and fill the expected file with the results outputted when used - an empty file is created and nothing else. The test code used to exercise the Call is copied below. It is extracted from the complete joined my-easy-vid-coder.r script which is itself based from the original easy-vid.r script from Carl. TO START MY ORIGINAL SCRIPT: do %"/E/Installation de logiciel/REBOL Scripts/Tutorials/my-easy-vid-coder.r" THE NEW SCRIPT GENERATED BY THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT ABOVE (%my-easy-vid-coder.r) is : results: [this block has 5 elements] print fourth results print "" not-used: ask "Press Enter to leave" unset 'not-used NOTE: To stop the script while executed - before the exec is finisehd and the Console Window is closed - I added he last 3 lines above - I have not yet got the way to add them dynamically at the end of the word 'xcode which the original script uses to contain the above text - a copy is also created in %xcode.r before submitting it for execution using the CALL mechanism as follows : call/output "E:\Installation de logiciel\REBOL\View 1.3 - Betas testing\rebview1224031.exe -s xcode.r" %results.txt print read %results.txt NOTE: Here again I added an extra part (print read %resutlts.txt) to test the content of the created %results.txt file that normally would contain what appears as output on the Console window during the execution (The number 5 is displayed and should appear in the file too - I think !). Am I right with these conclusions or not ? Is there a way to circumvent any of these or not ? As it currently stands I don't see the real usefulness of having a script like easy-vid.r or any other script that would lauch another REBOL script during some CLICK and PLAY demo app - as I planned it initially... May be I 'm asking to much from REBOL for the time being and I'll have to wait until everything is in place ... Finally I think that if REBOL internally permitted to launch and EXEC of another copy of ITSELF to run a script that must be tested in a manner like this (that is from an easy-vid.r environment) this could be the optimal solution since when comparing the EXEC times on my slow machine, the original easy-vid.r code that doesn't rely upon the external SHELL mechanism for the CALL is the clear winner. I'm sure this is not new to advanced rebolers but it was a useful exercise to me after so long an absence. Since I can't go further in this direction, I'm now ready to pursue the next part of my personal plan, that is to help complete the OFFICIAL REBOL DOC with coding examples for each DICTIONARY word (as much as I can for now). I know many of them are already included in the DOC but too many are missing for me and I find it annoying and a lot of wasted time to guess using trial and error each time I need some new refinement just to catch how things really work everytime I need something that I consider would generally be so simple - if it were a bit more documented. I also recall everybody (Jason, Robert, ...) that I am also voluntary to help write/edit/review some part of the planned and coming doc - as much as I will be able to juggle with. After creating my small accompanying coding examples I hope I will be better prepared to help others in this way. Regards, Gerard