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[ALLY] Re: REBOL 2.5 Released

From: bo:rebol at: 28-Mar-2001 12:11

Mike, If you tell REBOL to DISARM ERROR, it converts it to an object. You will not see that object unless you MOLD it: print mold disarm error -or- probe disarm error Isn't there an easier way to associate a .r extension with an application? For instance, can't you delete any .r association from the registry and then just click on the .r file? At that point, doesn't a requester come up asking to associate an application with that extension? Maybe WinCE is different enough from Windows for the above to not work the same way, so it is just an idea. The 'pending' versions on the website don't have real version numbers. They are just place holders. PPC and StrongARM are two different processors. I don't believe a binary for one will work on the other. -Bo On 28-Mar-2001/18:45:53, [mike_riley_--hotmail--com] wrote:
>I have successfully executed the REBOL 2.5 release for the WinCE StrongARM >platform. Specifically, I am running it on a iPaq 3630 Pocket PC device >with the rebol.exe and rebol.r files placed into the \Windows directory. >However, I am having the following problems: > >1) REBOL for WinCE doesn't seem to handle the "error" keyword, such as the >following code snippet: > >if error? error: try [ my-func ] [ > print "Function failed." > disarm error > quit >] > >Is this a known issue or a bug specific to this platform? > >2) Using the Remote Registry Editor, I have attempted to associate .r files >with the rebol.exe program. I have added the following to the CE Registry: > >a) added a .r key to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT with the Default value >rebolfile. > >b) added a rebolfile key to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. > >c) added a DefaultIcon key to the rebolfile key with the Default value >\Windows\rebol.exe,0 > >d) added a Shell key to the rebolfile key. > >e) added a Open key to the Shell key. > >f) added a Command key to the Open key with the Default value >\Windows\rebol.exe %1 > >After doing so, I can click on a .r file and it launches the rebol.exe >program but does not load and execute the associated .r file. Is this also >a known issue, or is there an additional paramater I need to add to pass the >file name correctly? I also attempted to add the -s command line switch via >the Open key's default value ("\Windows\rebol.exe -s" %1), but this >combination failed to even execute the rebol program. Will a different >syntax work (such as "\Windows\rebol.exe" "-s" "%1")? > >Lastly, even though the version states 2.5, the download page indicates a >different version number for the 'pending' PPC 2.0 version (is that even a >valid version number? I thought PPC was introduced with v3.0, not 2.0), >stating If these problems are known, is a more functional PPC >v3.0 for StrongARM version expected to be released soon? > >Thanks! > >- Mike Riley > >>From: "Carl Sassenrath" <[carl--rebol--com]> >>Reply-To: [ally-list--rebol--com] >>To: <[ally-list--rebol--com]> >>Subject: [ALLY] REBOL 2.5 Released >>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 00:09:08 -0800 >> >>REBOL/Core 2.5 Released >> >>Contains hundreds of improvements and bug fixes. Highlights include: >> >>-New APOP (authenticated POP) and IMAP email protocols. >>-Fully revised HASH and LIST datatypes. More complete, consistent, >>reliable, >>and faster! >>-Multiple enhancements to file/network ports. >>-Extensive file/network port mode support, including Macintosh forks. >>-More support for asynchronous port operations. >>-All new SORT function with many new modes. >>-New and fixed command line options. >>-Cryptographically secure and hashed checksum generation. >>-New method of object merging and object access. >>-Useful extensions to data set operations. >>-Improvements to LOAD and MOLD functions. >>-Click here to download REBOL/Core 2.5 now! >> >>See for more info. >> >>-Carl >> >>-- >>To unsubscribe from this list, please send an email to >>[ally-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the >>subject, without the quotes. >> > >_________________________________________________________________ >Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at > >-- >To unsubscribe from this list, please send an email to >[ally-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the >subject, without the quotes. >
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