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[REBOL] Re: ANN: RIDE Beta Test

From: chalz:earthlink at: 11-Nov-2002 13:15

> Hi again,
> I have receieved a couple of questions multiple times, so here are some > more details on the RIDE beta...
Cool, thanks!
> You will not need to be connected all of the time, in fact only the > messaging reblets will require you to have a net connection active to use > them.
Okay. I was almost afraid one would have to stay connected with IOS in the background to use RIDE, considering the vast amount of resources you're proposing - help, objects, GUI, etc. It would strike me that the help files would take up the most space, considering REBOL's design and resultant size.
> I would like to have a little information on your background if you > would like to beta test so that I kow your experience level. (i.e. how long > have you been using REBOL, how long have you been programing and what > languages...)
Perfectly fair. I have to say I'm still rather a novice with REBOL. I've been using it more or less for about 2.5yrs now, I think. However, I don't use it constantly, and so I haven't progressed very far. I haven't coded a simple Hello World in /View yet - I tend to stick to /Core as most of the scripts I write end up being back-end and utility style. I can't say I write the most elegant REBOL. My mind still tends to work in a C style. I first started programming on a Commodore Vic20 when I was about 6 years old (I'm almost 25 right now). Eventually we ended up with a PC and I did GWBASIC and QBASIC, but it's been well over a decade since I touched them. My first real, analytical approach to coding came in the multi-user "MOO" environment roughly 7 years ago, and I continue to use it to this day, though I'd have to say I'm a high intermediate rather than expert or guru. My first semester of university focused around C and C++ for Unix environments, but most of that has faded from my mind, save for structure - which is why my REBOL tends to be big and over-spaced. (However, I prefer readability over condensed code.) I also dabbled in Java 1.1 and VRML 2.0 some 3 years ago, but didn't get far, and did some VB5 about 4 or 5yrs ago. I still say I'm a novice with REBOL, but not a newbie or beginner. However, I feel that I can bring a couple talents to the table not everyone else can. First, I've been trained as a proofer/editor in English. If I spot a typo, spelling error, or grammatical error, you'll know about it. If you wish me to be lax in my proofing, I can be very lax. If you wish me to be cranked right up to "Anal," I will criticize every word, format and punctuation which does not jive with me. I also have a tendancy to break things which no one else has. Often times, code which has been run successfully for months at a time will break under my hands under normal usage. Anyways, </bs>. Mostly, I desire to try out new software which interests me at every chance I can. I can give you suggestions on GUI and layout, spelling and wording in general. Despite what some people say about the color scheme on my personal homepage (neon green on black), I know what I like when I see it (I purposely chose that scheme), and can tell you what's horrid about it. I really would like to give this a shot. Right now I'm working on a project to index 13MB of mailing list archive .txt files, convert them into HTML, and provide an index of key words. Something with some more stomp than Notepad would be appreciated. I usually use NoteTab Pro, but am constantly alt-tabbing between it and about 3 other windows while doing REBOL code. So, there ya go. If you find me satisfactory, rock on. If not, no big deal, I'll wait until version 1.0.0 comes out ;) Thanks. --Charles