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[REBOL] Re: Problem: Talking from Rebol to Rebol via socket

From: robert:muench:robertmuench at: 22-Feb-2009 14:50

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA384 Hi, I made some small steps forward. At least I can send a message and get an answer. But only once, I want this to run in a loop on the server and the client side. My actual code now is: === Server rebol [] c-port: 12345 listen: open/direct/no-wait join tcp://: c-port waitports: [listen] print "Listening:" ; wait until something happens connection: wait waitports if same? connection listen [ print [tab "Connected"] c-client: first connection forever [ print [tab "Read message from c-side"] print copy c-client print [tab "Send answer to c-side"] insert c-client "r-side" ] ] === Client rebol [] connection: open/direct/no-wait tcp://localhost:12345 forever [ print "Sending to Rebol server" insert connection "r-side-client" print "Receiving from Rebol server" prin tab while [data: copy connection] [prin data] print newline ] === Problem The client side can only send once because it get stuck in the WHILE loop always getting some data from the server. The server loops, doesn't read anything from the client and immediately sends out the next message to the client. Is there a way that I can WAIT to "read a message" or "send a message"? I'm missing a way to control/react on the communication direction flow. - -- Robert M. M=FCnch Management and IT freelancer -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: PGP Desktop 9.9.1 (Build 287) Charset: iso-8859-15 wsBVAwUBSaFYJnSQa/BbHGLwAQnnwQf6AmlifawzCwI7bKXPXpXvGeCoac0L2DJC VlA5+BNzwCg/OXjFkD07mN+WDV6yM2zXDWy/HzaK6IPyz3GHmdw/DVU29kp6RqE+ zcn7nRwXPx3edfRbet4lWlBoU4HrHGMsZDTPSSBf0+y1s6chSaLuzGVrnF2hsVgd REHUhKHlUDA234CWtJaoNXLpHqdXtN+adkRXu0BuPJ92QyKDifQ7/dPU4GRBKGQ9 AQBnBfRmvlPTQZAJfWETP2xX+4uFMhx4jfxpNVKGCIrebWIdqCaq6e3OXBeRSAPS zyr7GmJLeNQD1mxeHkOMFEReG75Hy2JsUtpU7ogfRgPj3Iqn7N9jIA== =owqz -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----