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[REBOL] Re: open? opened? close? closed? for schemes and ports

From: rebolinth:nodep:dds:nl at: 20-Aug-2002 23:18

Hello Gregg, So when I understand correclty then Rebol does not have a function that displays all the extra words created after boot-up, which is by itself currious because i would expect that Rebol is using a buffer where it keeps its extra added words! objects! etc... Yes, as you say, that leaves me searching all the words but then again how do i know what was opened or closed or created befor I entered the console...Or even..when i execute a script from within the console i would love to see a summery of what it all created on words! objects! etc... I cant emagine this does not exist because this way you take out the control ...MMmm... Right now im trying to discover the meaning of the state: object! when a port is opened, I see some differences in flags and func when a port is closed or opened.. Perhaps a rebol guru could explain me the details of the state object! ? Ill keep on rebolstrugling... thanks for the reply.. (R)egards, Norman. -- Conversation/lunch: "How do you Eat your Rebol in the Morning?" Citeren Gregg Irwin <[greggirwin--mindspring--com]>: -> Hi Norman, -> -> Paul Tretter came up with a way to see if a port is open I think. Paul, -> you -> around? -> -> As far as checking which words are ports (if I understand your request), -> you -> can iterate over the global words to find them, but that won't find them -> if -> they live inside a context. You can also find objects and iterate into -> them, -> but the best approach will depend on what you actually want to accomplish. -> -> Try: "help tuple!" at the console and you will see that it finds all the -> tuple! values. You can use SOURCE on HELP as well to see how it works. -> Here's a basic example: -> -> find-words: func [test-fn words /local result] [ -> result: make block! 50 -> foreach w words [ -> if test-fn try [get to-lit-word :w] [append result :w] -> ] -> sort result -> ] -> find-words :tuple? first system/words -> find-words :integer? first system/words -> find-words :object? first system/words -> -> HTH! -> -> --Gregg -> -> -- -> To unsubscribe from this list, please send an email to -> [rebol-request--rebol--com] with "unsubscribe" in the -> subject, without the quotes. -> ->