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[REBOL] Re: informal /View desktop survey

From: jason:cunliffe:verizon at: 8-Sep-2002 17:12

Hi Brett Thanks for your reply..
> <Blue sky> > "Desktop" in my mind should point to a common working space for disparate > items. It would be interesting to investigate how different rebsites could > offer up resources to the desktop such that the user via the desktop could > combine them in different ways. E.g if rebsites offer "web services" how > could the desktop enable a user to connect different services together? > </blue sky>
Yes Nice idea.
> As far as status items go the still present reality of dial-up constrains > certain possibilities. > > The google issue is interesting. Some of my rebsite content on > is already the source for generated website HTML. I aim to > make all content on available via HTML and View/Desktop. > Maybe some sort of generalised rebsite to HTML generator could made. > Interestingly, if a production REBOL browser plugin was available it would > likely work against View/Desktop.
Yes there is ummm contradictory irony to it. rebsites are hard to search either from google, or from rebol. That's not right. I have not yet found a decent rebol technique with google. For example, how do you best search for a script named "test.r" or "index.r" ?
> Overall I think the View/Desktop needs somehow to be incorporated into > people's daily routines. Right now you could probably divide up Desktop into > three major territories - RT, Sites, Library. "Library" because it allows > community additions and downloads is probably the closet thing to a service > in Desktop right now. Maybe desktop needs more "services", but which perhaps > are built on top/via community collaboration. This is where your suggestions > of annotate and share come in, I'm just suggestnig an overall name and a > place to plug em in conceptually. So these services things like: > "Knowledge Base" - searchable archive (distributed hopefully). > "Online Expert" - e.g chat to a really keen contributor(s). > "Code Works" - build an app in real time with others.
Yes that's good. I was thinking simple metadata blocks included in rebsites coudl be harnessed in all sorts of ways, IF Desktop was smarter about looking for them and acting on them. This is influenced by my ongoing experiments with Vanilla. The structure is very simple: content is stored as 'snips' in /space every .snip file has a matcnhign invisible .metadata file The default Vanilla uses a small seta of metdata elements for all snips, stored in a block. Thsee include number oc accesses, the creator and last-editor id etc.. But is is very easy to add custom fields to the block and write extensions to use them. Typically these would be invisble 'dyansnips', little rebol scripts stored moduelarly /apps and exposed to to the rest of the system via a simple syntax: {brett.list-snips-by-metafield:ideas} That will call a Vanilla dynascript %apps/brett/list-snips-by-metafield.r and passit a value "ideas". This example script would search though all block in all the .metadata files looking for a field called ideas: Then it would reurn linked HTML list for display of the snips matching those. This is very easy to do. Thanks to REBOL set and get is trivial and very fast. I can imagine applying the same technique to Desktop and rebsites. AS you say so that "somehow to be incorporated into people's daily routines"
> It would probably be easier to build these on top of IOS, if IOS became more > widely spread. But while that is true, much of the look and feel can be the > same.
I have still not gotten to grips with IOS. So manybe I am reinventing some wheels here//
> My comments are a bit disjointed but I wanted throw in my AUD$0.05 in so > there you have em/it :^)
No thank you. All comments are welcome. ./Jason