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[REBOL] Re: Binding server ports to specific host IPs

From: brian:hawley at: 9-Aug-2002 18:41

At 09:45 AM 8/9/02 -0500, G. Scott Jones wrote:
>From: "Brian Hawley" > > My computer has several IP channels > > available to it: The ethernet card, > > localhost, and a couple VMware virtual > > networks. If I am setting up a > > server, how do I bind a listen port to just > > one or some of them, not all? > > I would like to set up local services that > > I would prefer not to be > > accessible to the outside world. I haven't > > found anything like this in > > the docs - they all seem to assume that > > all network channels are alike.
>Hi, Brian, > >I probably have more questions than answers, because I believe that the best >answer will depend on certain information. > >The implied risk of which I suspect that you are concerned is the risk of >external Internet access to your proposed REBOL server.
[ Huge amounts of useful information snipped :) ] I thank you for all of this information, but I've already gone through these steps. I do know about networking, I just forget the jargon terms for things :)
>The third but less desirable option is hooking your REBOL server >to the localhost address (
Actually, that is exactly one of the things that I want to do.
>Once your development machine is on a non-Internet-routable address, like >the 192.168.x.x range, then you can hook your server to a port for >listening, as seen at > > > >You should be able to specify the actual IP that you wish to use on your >machine, like: >server-port: open/lines tcp://
You should, but what you have just done is open a client port. A server port is opened from specs like tcp://:4321 . You are not given the opportunity to specify which of your server IPs to bind to, or if you are I am asking would like to know how. Say I have a 2k machine, with one NIC, running VMware. I would then have 4 IPs for that machine, each on a different subnet. This info is typical for a computer behind a NAT firewall. localhost (the NIC) (VMware host-only net) (VMware internal NAT) I would like to use something like this: open/custom tcp://:4321 [ips []] or perhaps even use the names specified when you get-modes port 'interfaces It should be possible, but I don't know the exact syntax.
>If your machine is directly addressable to the Internet, but you have a fire >wall installed, then in theory you only need to set the firewall to filter >out any external access to the desired port.
Most internal firewall software restricts on a program basis, not per-script. If you enable a port for one REBOL script you have enabled it for all of them. This is not my problem, though. I just want to set up local servers to handle non-REBOL standard protocols for client programs written in other languages. Seems simple enough to me... At 05:26 PM 8/9/02 +0200, Petr Krenzelok wrote:
>So once again, > >port: open tcp://:9005 >probe get-modes port 'interfaces
>Is that what you wanted?
No. I found that in the docs. What I want is to bind listen ports to only a subset of the IPs available on my machine. Get access hasn't helped me much there, I'm afraid :( Any ideas? Brian Hawley