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[REBOL] Re: simple editor for rebol

From: ronald:gruss:libertysurf at: 9-May-2001 0:22

Hi Rishi,
> Textpad really works great.. Can anyone send me > instructions on how to set up the syntax highlighting > stuff for rebol using textpad. > > rishi
Yes, I agree, Textpad works well whith Rebol ;-)) Take the script below and save it into your ../textpad/samples folder under rebol.syn filename In TextPad, choose Config/New Class Name : Rebol Members : *.r and follow the instructions To choose the highlighting colors Config/Prefs/Classes/Rebol/Color Tip : in Config/Prefs/Tools , add Rebol and you can run the script you are editing whith a stroke of keys (I use Alt+R) --> Config/Prefs/Keyboard/Tools/Rebol ...and choose what you like. Hope it helps.Have fun. Ronald Gruss "Newbie" 8<--- ; TextPad syntax definitions for Rebol ( ; JKenyon generated 30-Apr-2001 C=1 [Syntax] Namespace1 = 6 IgnoreCase = Yes InitKeyWordChars = A-Za-z_$ KeyWordChars = A-Za-z0-9_$ BracketChars = []() OperatorChars PreprocStart SyntaxStart SyntaxEnd CommentStartAlt SingleComment = ; SingleCommentEsc StringStart = { StringEnd = } StringsSpanLines = Yes StringAlt = " StringEsc = \ CharStart CharEnd CharEsc = \ [Keywords 1] * ** + - / // < <<> == =?
or xor [Keywords 2] abs absolute action? add and~ any-block? any-function? any-string? any-type? any-word? at back binary? bitset? block? change char? clear complement copy cp datatype? date? decimal? divide email? empty? equal? error? even? event? fifth file? find first fourth function? get-word? greater-or-equal? greater? hash? head head? image? index? insert integer? issue? last length? lesser-or-equal? lesser? library? list? lit-path? lit-word? logic? make max maximum min minimum money? multiply native? negate negative? next none? not-equal? number? object? odd? op? or~ pair? paren? path? pick poke port? positive? power random refinement? remainder remove routine? same? second select series? set-path? set-word? skip sort strict-equal? strict-not-equal? string? struct? subtract tag? tail tail? third time? to trim tuple? unset? url? word? xor~ zero? [Keywords 3] action! any-block! any-function! any-string! any-type! any-word! binary! bitset! block! char! datatype! date! decimal! email! error! event! file! function! get-word! hash! image! integer! issue! library! list! lit-path! lit-word! logic! money! native! none! number! object! op! pair! paren! path! port! refinement! routine! series! set-path! set-word! string! struct! symbol! tag! time! tuple! unset! url! word! [Keywords 4] alias all any arccosine arcsine arctangent bind break browse call caret-to-offset catch checksum close comment compose compress connected? cosine crypt-strength? debase decompress dehex detab dh-compute-key dh-generate-key dh-make-key difference disarm do dsa-generate-key dsa-make-key dsa-make-signature dsa-verify-signature either else enbase entab exclude exists-key? exit exp foreach form free get get-modes halt hide if in input? intersect load log-10 log-2 log-e loop lowercase maximum-of minimum-of mold not now offset-to-caret open parse prin print protect q query quit read read-io recycle reduce repeat return reverse rsa-encrypt rsa-generate-key rsa-make-key save script? secure set set-modes show sine size-text square-root tangent textinfo throw to-hex to-local-file to-rebol-file trace try type? union unique unprotect unset until update uppercase use value? wait while write write-io [Keywords 5] basic-syntax-header crlf font-fixed font-sans-serif font-serif list-words outstr val value [Keywords 6] ? ?? about alert alter append array ask boot-prefs build-tag center-face change-dir charset choose clean-path clear-fields confine confirm context cvs-date cvs-version decode-cgi decode-url deflag-face delete demo desk desktop dir? dirize dispatch do-boot do-events do-face do-face-alt does dump-face dump-pane echo editor emailer emit exists-thru? exists? extract find-by-type find-key-face find-window flag-face flag-face? flash focus for forall forever forskip found? func function get-net-info get-style has help hide-popup import-email in-window? info? inform input insert-event-func inside? join launch launch-thru layout license link-app? link? list-dir load-image load-prefs load-thru make-dir make-face modified? net-error offset? open-events outside? parse-email-addrs parse-header parse-header-date parse-xml path-thru probe protect-system read-net read-thru reboot reform rejoin remold remove-event-func rename repend replace request request-color request-date request-download request-file request-list request-pass request-text resend save-prefs save-user screen-offset? scroll-para send set-font set-net set-para set-style set-user set-user-name show-popup size? source span? split-path stylize switch throw-on-error to-binary to-bitset to-block to-char to-date to-decimal to-email to-event to-file to-get-word to-hash to-idate to-image to-integer to-issue to-list to-lit-path to-lit-word to-logic to-money to-none to-pair to-paren to-path to-refinement to-set-path to-set-word to-string to-tag to-time to-tuple to-url to-word unfocus uninstall unview upgrade Usage vbug view view-install view-prefs view? viewed? what what-dir win-offset? within? write-user return at space pad across below origin guide tab tabs indent style styles size sense backcolor do none 8<---