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[REBOL] Re: joining strings

From: gregg:pointillistic at: 27-Jul-2009 19:08

Hi Şemseddin, ŞMB> What is the best way to join a block into a string with a separator? ŞMB> I prefer not to use loop if it is possible. ŞMB> b: ["a" "b" "1" "2"] ŞMB> t: concat b "-" ŞMB> == "a-b-1-2" You got a couple replies already, but I'll add mine. In the past, some of us have suggested that REJOIN would benefit from a /WITH refinement, allowing you to specify an optional delimiting value. Since REJOIN is a mezzanine, you could do that yourself. I did that myself, but now I almost always use the following DELIMIT function, combined with a REJOIN in front of it if need be. I've found it to be more useful, with the skip refinement and ability to handle strings directly. I also use simple wrappers to make the intent clear, handle copying, etc. e.g. make-csv: func [block [block!]] [rejoin delimit copy block #","] DELIMIT function: delimit: func [ "Insert a delimiter between series values." series [series!] "Series to delimit. Will be modified." value "The delimiter to insert between items." /skip ;<-- be sure to use system/words/skip in this func size [integer!] "The number of items between delimiters. Default is 1." ][ ; By default, delimiters go between each item. ; MAX catches zero and negative sizes. size: max 1 any [size 1] ; If we aren't going to insert any delimiters, just return the series. ; This check means FORSKIP should always give us a series result, ; rather than NONE, so we can safely inline HEAD with it. if size + 1 > length? series [return series] ; We don't want a delimiter at the beginning. series: system/words/skip series size ; Use size+n because we're inserting a delimiter on each pass, ; and need to skip over that as well. If we're inserting a ; series into a string, we have to skip the length of that ; series. i.e. the delimiter value is more than a single item ; we need to skip. size: size + any [ all [list? series 0] ; lists behave differently; no need to skip dlm. all [any-string? series series? value length? value] all [any-string? series length? form value] 1 ] head forskip series size [insert/only series value] ] HTH! -- Gregg