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[REBOL] Re: [Fwd: Re: RSL: Rebol Standard Library]

From: agem:crosswinds at: 25-May-2001 2:16

Thread sound a lot to conventional to me. I think, first we should use rebol. So why this smart-server-stuff? Carl shows us allways: put some files on the server, download a maker-script, do it, voila, there is what you want. Let the client do the work :) then we use rebol.. Carl says all the time: perl & smalltalk & java && needs learning all the good stuff (class-hierachis, pan-archives etc pp) before going productive. Years.. To use rebol you need only rebol & inspiration. With a highly structured big library we compete with this languages in their best field: giving jobs to highly skilled experts instead of power to users.. And we use rebol.. One internal rebol-rule is: if you re-use code, copy it! Thats the way [make something![..]] works: it does not use pretty structured information(class/object-style). It copies the old script (oops, object) and the old may change how it likes. New too. Also the organisation object/word and dir/file is similar. So, if i recycle a good script, i use my own copy, »bloating« or not. Copy it to script-dir, done. No installation-magics, no update-problems. Like [make %script.r »«] Because i use rebol, which is extremely expressiv. Rebol-code is data. for example [find (pick in feel 'engage] block!)] is a good base to enhance/change the feel-behavior. As long as the source is frozen, its much better than common oops »parent super dancing« IMHO. But, would it be considered to be part of the backward-compatibility-list? And, do we want to be that compatibility-aware? Its like freesing yourself to the old solution while i could build much better this two years later. Bloat again.. compatibility/library-sensitiv stuff should be done by the most skilled people and on only one place. Currently that happens well: on . Last paragraph learned on slashdot ;-) Well, since we use rebol: Suggestion: script-database (oops, me? Yes:) - global index to »the world«: desktop can link pretty to scripts on different pages/servers. - good search-program there: fulltext, filenames, when posted, categories. hm. maybe we can index in future like related: [»has cgi?« 30% »clever argument handling« 67%] and use something like fuzzy logic for search? Presenting the user »all« known questions and getting his priorities for script-selection? - Unique global script-id's (checksums) if i want a script, i mean exactly that script! All others may break. - mirrors. If you want to mirror something send your indexes to the database. - Sophisticated diff. A colored diff tells much more to me than all version-infos. searching all projects on my machine and presenting me information about updates from the web with some gui-help to embed them. - some ranking/commenting for scripts and author? »script is broken, you need image by hand« »i like allans scripts. Give me stuff from him first« ..? i think »express« would do it more this way tahn with static early-iced library? hm. no cheap way to know :( and final, remember rebol means lightweight. If i really need that lot code cpan's/cvs's are meant for, first i check what i do wrong. chances are it's a thousand-wheeler.. Volker
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