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[ALLY] Re: List Processing Changes

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 20-Oct-2000 19:34

----- Original Message ----- From: Carl Sassenrath <[carl--pacific--net]> To: <[ally-list--rebol--com]> Sent: Friday, October 20, 2000 6:36 PM Subject: [ALLY] Re: List Processing Changes
> When I wrote SELMA, it was with the full intention that it would be open
source and that a community of interested people would pick it up and expand on it. It was an just example script.
> SELMA is not a product of REBOL Tech, it is a short script that served its
job for more than two years. It has processed more than 500'000 incoming email messages and 500'000'000 outgoing messages. It's message base is over a gigabyte of files. We ran five SELMA lists in parallel over a 128KB ISDN (at old building).
> Not bad for a few lines of REBOL code and a few hours of programming.
Why don't you use above for a little advert info then? Maybe small mention in some interview could attract few people looking at REBOL ...
> SELMA needs to be adopted by a group of folks who will give it the
attention and features it needs. It is yours make great. I have suggested this before. RT does not have time to work on it. We've got Core, Command, View, Link, Serve, Apache, and far too much other stuff to do.
> Larry Wall didn't write all the Perl applications of the world.
Well, something's wrong here. You sound so disappointed by my message, while it was not meant and it was not a complaint. I just asked the question, as if you would scan historically thru rebol mls, you would find out I was always interested in some kind of benchmarking, e.g. rebol (with tasking capabilities) as apache replacement, but don't know how to do tests myself ...
> So, tell me Petr: when was your last script contribution to the REBOL
community? Maybe SELMA should be your new project. Get busy. OK, as it sounds a little bit I am doing nothing more than just complaining, a little explanation here: First I could return you the question asking: "So, Carl, tell me, what was actually the last script contribution to the REBOL community by the community itself?" REBOL community hasn't proved itself yet. Look at, look at rebmail. A typical example of "failure"? I don't actually know of any other running community projects ... Now to myself. - I have problems of writing the code at all ;-) It's just two days I stopped and asked my brother - "hey - what am I good for? I just visit some meetings, organise ppl, analyse stuff, visit even more meetings ;-)" Sometimes I have really bad feelings I am useless at various places. But someone has to do the kind of work I am doing. So I have planned some meetings for the next week too. One of them, being e-commerce one. I prepared some very short material for my boss to be presented to management. Maybe I will lead e-commerce initiative in our company, maybe I will not, but hey, I am trying ... And if I will - there's also the chance for commercial usage of REBOL ... maybe .... I also plan to use REBOL for another (private) commercial initiative and you surely heard about it from your marketing people .... Should I mention I am preparing for the article? What about looking at feedback logs? There is not version of REBOL I wouldn't report bugs or comment in general. I also pay for the domain for the third year now, but it seems to me there's just 5 or so REBOL users in our country. BUT! - the situation can change. There's a lot of potential in REBOL. It's just not used in a right way. We are not attracting ppl from other camps, partly because we have little to offer them and they have to balance various factors (e.g. lotsa stuff written in other environments). However - after my last discussions with Dan, I am satisfied .... If you will go for dynamic components and per component pricing so we will be able to buy e.g. /library and /shell for for e.g. apache /core, it's great. It will even bring you some money, as you can charge much more for separate /Oracle than if /Oracle would be just hardwired inside of /Command together with other components. ... There is no single day (maybe except vacation) for me without learning rebol, testing rebol, programming rebol, teaching rebol ..... PS: my last two short scripts sent to the list yesterday and today show various progress bar styles as well as primitive gifanim utilisation ... Well, just teach your new SELMA replacement (don't remember the name) to accept attachements :-) -pekr-