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[REBOL] Re: [Bot] email command Bot

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 26-Mar-2004 13:34

>>It's a different problem, really. REBOL allows access to *all* of >>itself. So you get to see and manipulate *everything*. Some of us have >>gone down that road, exploring a lots of mechanisms that would be >>internal to other interpreters. >> >>What I am trying to say is that it is not reasonable to expect all parts >>of REBOL to be documented, simply because some parts are visible but >>essentially internal. The fact that some gurus have figured them out is >>a great accomplishment that results in nice libraries, but not something >>you should necessarily want to do yourself. >> >>It's one of the joys of having a fully accessible (reflexive) language. >> >> > >I see. However this "self access" to the interpreter seems a boomerang >thing, as it allows to make powerful scripts but also allows for "hacks" >that are not that simple to understand. IMHO at long people get >discouraged by what they can obtain from the standard "feature" vs those >that can be accomplished by the "hacked" ones. >
Yes, that is typical, sometimes a BIG problem for Rebol acceptance - I am only average programmer, but sometimes I look at even short script and am not able to understand easily and fast enough what it is supposed to do ....
> You see, Rebol has nothing >natively that can provide access to any DB or XML, so it seems to be quite >a self contained/isolated world. >
People have somewhat resolved this problems, but I see that using complex
>3rd part scripts to access a DB is somewhat a drawback with respect having >it natively integrated/supported. >The same goes for XML parsing and building features. >
but now I have to object. What is si complex about mySQL protocol? 10KB? Yes, it is third party, but excuse me - when in python or perl - aren't their even more general functions in separate modules you have to include/load/call/whatever? I do'nt see anything complex about "do %my-sql.r" at all ;-) /Command version contains direct mySQL access, but maybe DocKimble could compress his mysql.r into binary format, so you would not see its internals and only API would be left for you, which is plain simple - open, insert, copy, close :-) OK, I think I know what you consider being a trouble - such third party tools don't use unified way to certain areas which we try to address. That is why I asked for thing as Uniserve - multi-protocol plug-in architecture, so that ppl would not have to start over and over again building their protocols from scratch. I think Maarten tried to address that by some rebol library - the best scripts put into some toolset, which could be used by many .... other thing may be Maxim's Slim - module system - Robert asked us to try that on AltME world, and I will - maybe it can solve some dependency problems etc. The problem with Rebol community is, that each of us uses some slightly different aproach, and that we can't somehow agree upon some "standard", where others would use it and build upon it ...
>> > >No, I was speaking about the free Core version, which is the tools I have >been using since the beginning. I have not real use of View or Windows >only dll access features. >
Windows only? I may not understand ... under Linux you get access to .so libraries of course. But maybe you mean lack of real virtual machine in rebol for real cross platform code? -pekr-