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[REBOL] Re: REBOL & Flash/Shockwave

From: rebol-list2:seznam:cz at: 9-Dec-2002 20:37

Hello Carl, Thursday, December 5, 2002, 6:46:07 PM, you wrote: CaR> Cyphre writes:
>>>.... moreover this would push Rebol into >>>nowadays real multimedia spheres or even to 3D game and entertainment and >>>kill all current popular and monopolistic giants like Macromedia Flash, >>>Shockwave etc..
CaR> As an old multimedia guy myself (Amiga, American Multimedia, Videostream, CaR> Bay, ABC TV, CaR> PBS TV, etc.), there's nothing I'd rather see than REBOL/media! CaR> However, I'd like to ask the group: doesn't Flash totally dominate this CaR> area? What problems CaR> does Flash have that would allow REBOL to gain a foothold? Would anyone CaR> accept it? Today I spend all day working with the Flash. Flash is good for cartoons, but if you need to make complex application, it's like a hell. I'm working with Flash already several years but I always find myself lost in the deep structures... you have 2 lines of the action script in this movie, then you go to totaly other movie/button just to modify one line of code and so on. It's possible to do it if it's not too complex and if you don't need to work with movies, that are loaded from other files (it's neccesary if you don't want to have one huge file) I will try to make it short, if you make a mistake somewhere there is almost no change to find where, because you don't see any error messages, you only see that something is not working as should have... it's a hell, you need to searche all these movies and search where the problem can be... if you find it and you think your app. is working, you try to publish it as version MX just because you want to detect screen size.... it's working, but then you make a projector (exe file) and it's not working...aach... why? I still don't know and I think that it will be enough to stay with the version 5. About the MX UI try to put one checkbox to an empty movie and publish it, you will find out that it's 18kB .swf file -> The prototyping of user components seems to be so complicated even for me (I was not able to understand it yet) About Flash bitmaps.... I still don't know, why there is left and top pixel of the placed bitmap doubled! It;s almost imposible to get pixel precision for small bitmaps. If you don't need bitmaps and use more vector graphic, the speed is going rapidly down. About the embedded movies, I was trying to do it with mpg which has 240MB and my computer was totaly down. In the Flash doc. is written, that it's possible just to link movies (so they are not in the SWF) but I was not able to do it as well, maybe I had bad movie format. The QuickTime MOV which I have from Quicktime sample was refuced that it's a bad file. About connectivity, there is large limitation of it (from security reasons), you can use XMLSocket but only with ports >= 1024 so the is no chance to connect to telnet or irc as I can do it with Rebol. There is also security limitation to load movies from other domain then where the root movie is. What I like on Flash is that it's using only 7MB of my RAM even if I have really large scene (all the R-mud world). It must be cached somewhere. So... I think there is REAL chance for Rebol to get some place in the MM market. CaR> I'm open minded, but I need some feedback from the group on this one. CaR> Please keep it short CaR> and to the point so I can afford the time to read it. Thanks. hmm... it's not so short, sorry but I'm really frustrated of today's Flash work:( Hope, there will be one day Rebol/Media with Rebol which will be able to speak (as an old Amiga was able to) =( Oliva David )=======================( [oliva--david--seznam--cz] )== =( Earth/Europe/Czech_Republic/Brno )============================= =( coords: [lat: 49.22 long: 16.67] )=============================