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Library member page for plegoff


Who I am ?!

Author: plegoff


1. Intro
2. Bio
3. Projects
4. Urls and Websites

1. Intro

My full user name is Philippe Le Goff and my userid is "plegoff". And I'm french ! I live near Paris.

2. Bio

After a pHd in Chemistry, and some researches in energy storage ( lithium batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors), I started to work in data processing in 1997. Initially for Bristol-Myers-Squibb, then Peugeot-Citroen, and now Orange. I'm working on a large projects (7-12 M€) in TelCos for Orange Business Services, as a project manager. I started to program as an hobby with Perl, but also with VB, php, SQL,... I discovered Rebol in 2002 with the book of O. Auverlot, and I found it very impressive. A true pearl. REBOL : *R*are, *E*legant, *B*asic, *O*riginal, *L*ight. What would I like for Rebol ? A module for Apache, the ability to wrap external libraries, and free ODBC ... a build-in library or dialect for inference rules, etc..

3. Projects

  • Some tools for parsing logs, etc...
  • EasyRebol ... a Windows installer with Apache, MySQL, Rebol built-in.
  • Experiments with View. (drag and drop, raycasting, ...)
  • a REBot : to verify ( alive ?) the state of tcp/udp port and http servers, and also snmp status (disk storage, etc.) on Sun E10K, and IBM eSeries.
  • Some french translations : All The CORE USER GUIDE translated en french. A major work, started in february, and finished in october 2005. Thanks to my main reviewer : Reboltof. A PDF version is available on the Rebol Documentation Project. (see, and every chapter could be find on Few corrections in the chapter about Changes are planned. Sources in MD, and HTML will be available for RT. Also, the french translation of Dockimbel's Uniserve documentation on web site. My preferred : My introduction to View (R2), on And also some docs on memory, SSL, HTTPs.

4. Urls and Websites

The REBOL foundation :

The RDP Project :

The "old" and first french REBOL Forum (archive) :

My site about Energy storage (very old , but still very visited) :

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