Documention for: superenalotto.r
Created by: crazyaxe
on: 3-Jul-2009
Last updated by: crazyaxe on: 3-Jul-2009
Format: html
Downloaded on: 15-Apr-2024

The most important function in this program is "funz_estr", because 

this function extract 6 random number and sort them , and then verify 
they are all different.
It could be very useful:

funz_estr: func [] [
    prova: []
	until [
	    verifica: true
		prova: head prova
		clear prova
		loop 6 [
		      wait random 6
		    p1/data: p1/data + 0.08
		    show p1
			insert prova random 90
		sort prova
		forall  prova [
    		if  (index?  prova) = 6 [break]
			if (( first prova ) = ( second prova))  [ verifica: false ]
	prova: head prova
	return prova

prova: []
  is an empty array to fill with the correct extraction.

The function loop the extraction untill are serie of all different 
numbers are extracted.
Moreover it sort them.