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From: How is Rebol Different? web page.

 REBOL was designed to solve one of the fundamental problems in computing: 
 the exchange and interpretation of information between distributed 
 computer systems.

This is a small attempt first to see some of the W3C. web languages 
that are standards to be treated as DSLs. Every programming language 
that's nessecary to view web pages will be considered as a DSL. Any 
formatted syntactic computer language really. Lets start off small 
shall we.

Every language as a DSL should be transcoded to be exchanged and 
interpretated between other DSLs in Rebol 

as a Dialect Object Model. Passed from language to language then 
distributed between computer programs. 

There is no need to compile or dowload/run dependacies. Each language 
in its text form is distributed as A Rebol DOM. No language needs 
a complete interpretation to be used as a DOM, but how much code 
can be transcoded will be designated as a Dialect of its DSL.

In technical terms, REBOL is a meta-circular language. That is, REBOL 
acts as its own meta language.

In my technical terms:

A DOM (Dialect Object Model) is the meta-circular model language 
that are interpreted and acted on by other languages. Then returned 
as a Dialect of code.

A Dialect is how much of a given DSL (A supported language of a DOM 
that can be used by Rebol code)that can become a DOM.

So with the Rebol-DOM so far, you can use rebol code, json, html, 
css and js arrays or objects. Take a look at the my-dialect code. 
It could have been closely  written as any of the above mentioned 
languages, interacted with the DOM functions and returned as html 
and or VID code for now.

It's not really meant to try to use the DOM, it's just meant to be 
interacted against in stead of multiple languages trying to communicates 
in and out of Rebol code.

In order to be a supported DSL language it must be very closely read 
without code, data, or formatting changes. The DSL must closely resemble 
its data.

It should be able to be loaded by a DOM, acted upon, and returned 
as its Domain specific language that is able to be loaded/interpreted 
by other programs or languages without changes.