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Created by: carl
on: 11-Jan-2005
Last updated by: carl on: 11-Jan-2005
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Blog.r - The REBOL Blogger

1. Blog.r Feature Summary:

  1. Allows remote blogging via html forms.
  2. Automatically builds main blog page.
  3. Creates a dated index to all blogs.
  4. Creates links to and between blogs.
  5. Use your website's standard page template.
  6. Supports ranked seaches on blogs.
  7. Provides a handy blog-content backup method.
  8. Provides a form for feedback (but feedback system is not a standard part of this blog.r script).
  9. No database engine is needed.
  10. Optionally generates static blog pages. [V1.3.0]
  11. Supports multiple blogs on same site. [V1.3.0]
  12. Updated to use MakeDoc 2.5 [V1.3.2]

2. Installation:

  1. Upload this script to your CGI script directory.
  2. Verify that you have a copy of REBOL/Core on your server.
  3. Add a top line to point to REBOL/Core. Something like: #!/usr/bin/rebol -cs
  4. Change permissions (chmod 755) for blog.r to let it run.
  5. Test it from a browser. If it has errors, you may need to create the blog-dir dir and blog-reads file manually then give them proper permissions (chmod 777 or 666). Be careful.

3. Where to Get More Information

For more information on REBOL CGI go to