Documention for: black-text.r
Created by: btiffin
on: 25-Apr-2007
Last updated by: btiffin on: 28-Apr-2007
Format: html
Downloaded on: 24-Jan-2022

Usage document for %black-text.r

1. Introduction to %black-text.r
2. Using %black-text.r
3. Credits

1. Introduction to %black-text.r

This library script shows off some of REBOL's VID code.

This script will read REBOL's home page from and display it as black text on a white background, or backdrop in VID dialect.

The output is raw HTML, and takes up more space than most screens can display, so it will look cut off.
Don't worry, this is just an example. Not a pretty example, but no worries.

For anyone new to REBOL, yes, this is all it takes to do a graphical layout.

2. Using %black-text.r

Another simple usage, just DO it.

 >>do %black-text.r

After looking at the rough looking HTML, use the system close icon,
usually a graphical X in the top right corner, to close the application.

3. Credits