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Welcome to the REBOL scripting language

If you know <language X>, but are new to REBOL...

Free your mind. REBOL will have many familiar concepts, or what look like familiar concepts, but it is quite different from most other languages you may have worked with. Yeah, I know you've heard that a million times before, and you're not going to believe me no matter what I say, so just dig in and decide for yourself.

Check out some demos. You should be pleasantly surprised at how little code it takes to build GUIs. There's a full 24-bit compositing engine under the hood and a cool graphics pipeline to boot. If you do text processing, it's great for that too; no reg-ex's, but it has something better (the PARSE function). Net stuff? you bet. Lots of protocols built in.

Look at the code here, check out the one-liners.  Hit  and the mailing list archive  too.

If you know nothing about programming, but want to learn...

REBOL is a great place to start. It has a nice shallow learning curve, so you can start doing things quickly, but you won't outgrow it anytime soon because it also has amazing depth. You may find that you get comfortable with the basic concepts very quickly and then feel like it seems like things get harder, instead of easier, for a while; that's normal. REBOL conceals its power very well but, as you dig in more, you'll start finding that there is a lot going on that you haven't bothered to learn about yet, and maybe never will. Lots of non-programmers enjoy tinkering with REBOL and creating things for themselves and friends, like people used to do with BASIC. REBOL is human friendly.

If you're trying to learn other languages at the same time as REBOL, be aware that it is quite different from languages like Java, C++, and Visual Basic. It's also different than Perl, Python, and Ruby. It is similar in ways to Lisp, Scheme, Forth, and Logo, but is neither a purely functional, symbolic, or object-oriented language. It is all those things and more. While that description might make you think that REBOL is a bit schizophrenic, don't worry, it is a very simple and elegant language with some amazing tricks up its sleeve.

If you know nothing about programming, and don't want to learn...

You're probably here because some programmer you manage wants to use REBOL for a project or two and you need to see what all the fuss is about. You may want to visit the main REBOL site ( to get more in-depth consumer information. There's plenty of technical stuff there as well. While you're here though, check out some of the demos and look at some code to get a feel for what REBOL looks like and what it can do.