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world-name: r4wp

Group: Ann-Reply ... Reply to Announce group [web-public]
@ ENDO: I think that error is something related to RebGUI . However 
it's no so easy to create. If you have suggestions to eliminate it, 
I'm here.

@Arnold: there is a rebol editor with syntax hilghting, it's http://trac.assembla.com/shadwolforge/wiki
, I think to incorporete it someway.
Nope, I don't think it is related to RebGUI (or it is indirectly).
The wierd thing is, it happens just in this case:

Run RebolIDE, Help -> Shape -> Execute the LAST example, Close windows, 
click on Help ---> Error.

If you open some other documents first, or run another example in 
Shape document, or do anything else, then this error doesn't appear 
Probably there are so much nameless widget that RebGui loose control 
and mistake the blocks. If you find a solution, let me know.
Cool that all downloads worked flawlesly (RebGUI and the docs.)
I said you, too many nameless faces. It's something related to RebGUI. 
Rebol can't understand if a face block is new or the same already 
used. If VID had tab panel, I' would use only VID.
Group: Rebol School ... REBOL School [web-public]
Perhaps it helps to learn about the mechanisms: There are several 
ways to generate a dynamic UI:

The LAYOUT function works by creating an object tree, a tree of faces 
that are simply ordinary objects. When passing this to the VIEW function, 
a layout is displayed. The layout function is part of VID and is 
as such a high level function. VIEW is a low level function to interpret 
the face tree.

The face tree consists of objects that contain other objects through 
the FACE/PANE word. If the FACE/PANE contains an object, that object 
is a single face, that is displayed inside the parent face. If the 
PANE contains a block, that block may contain multiple objects that 
are simply multiple faces. As such, a typical window is a face with 
a FACE/PANE that is a block that contains other objects.

Graphically, the face is represented by a region on the screen that 
has the size and offset, possibly an effect, such as coloring, blur 
or mirroring or a text attached to it, and image or other faces that 
are only visible inside that region.

A window is also a face.

To navigate to the parent face from a face, use the FACE&/PARENT-FACE 
word. Note that FACE/PARENT-FACE is many times not set by VID, which 
is sometimes problematic.

You can manipulate the face tree by adding removing objects dynamically 
and calling the SHOW function. You can also change values in existing 
face objects in the tree, such as for resizing or moving the faces 
and then calling SHOW again. You can also build a face tree entirely 
by hand, and this is usually the starting point for different layout 
engines, such as RebGUI, that simply build face trees in their own 

The prototype face is FACE, which is a minimum requirement face for 
the View engine. The prototype face for a VID face, which contains 
a few more words, is SYSTEM/VIEW/VID/VID-FACE, which is the minimum 
requirement face for VID.

One condition for the face tree is to not use the same object in 
multiple locations. The VIEW or SHOW function will return an error 
if that is the case.

A simpler way is also to generate a new face tree every time you 
want to change the layout. Although this is slightly more computationally 
heavy, it allows you to manipulate the block that was passed to the 
LAYOUT function instead of manipulating the face tree directly. This 
technique is best used, when the face tree changes dramatically by 
each manipulation.

Another important concept is the DRAW engine which is a separate 
entity in REBOL2. It can be called to draw on an image bitmap, using 
the DRAW function or as in effect for a face object, by adding a 
parameter in the VID dialect block or by changing the FACE/EFFECT 
word. DRAW is used by calling a dialect. if you just want to use 
fields, buttons and simple user interface designs, you may not need 
to use DRAW.
For a complete package that has a tree view (rather than a separate 
component), try rebGUI:
Does anyone know where I can find the '%gui.r' in the 'do %gui.r' 
line of this program?


I have searched Christopher Ross-Gill's website and don't see it 
or where to find it.
Group: !REBOL3 ... General discussion about REBOL 3 [web-public]
About excuses - there are imo no excuses. As I said - we are just 
few, and ppl are busy with other things too. As for those really 
needing GUI right now (it's not me for e.g.), I think, that some 
ppl prefer what they know R2 VID, RebGUI, just because of typical 
entry barrier. There is nothing wrong with R3-GUI imo, and from what 
I studied in the past, it is much better system than R2. Sometimes, 
it is difficult to find out real reasons, why ppl react this way, 
or that way, I just dunno ...
Group: !R3 Building and Porting ... [web-public]
There are plenty of possibilities here. 

Either port VID and have to deal with it's flaws and the history 
with it
or go the path of the RebGUI
or redo VID 

I have read somewhere that Carl expected someone to come up with 
something better than VID. 

I like VID yet it has its oddities, like when positioning elements 
using 'at. It could be improved in some of its behaviours, if you 
import it you may be hindered by this aspect, and it may get harder 
than restarting with a restricted base set of widgets.

world-name: r3wp

Group: Script Library ... REBOL.org: Script library and Mailing list archive [web-public]
If you want to promote your glayout .. you need to change the license 
.  See rebgui's license.
How many people use the Desktop Librarian?   If not, why?  If so, 

And if the answer to the first question is more than 1, who would 
be up for a documented experiment in REBOL/Agile team development? 
 It would be starting from a 60%ish completed RebGUI app with big 
big plans (and a potential complete rewrite to fit with a could-be-soon 
Revault).  There are definite and defineable 'pieces' involved.

R2 mind.  See; I dropped the ball a few months back and need a reason 
slash motivation to restart as rebol.org is too valuable a resource 
to not.  :)
Group: I'm new ... Ask any question, and a helpful person will try to answer. [web-public]
Simple blocks mappings: I looked in the maillist, but did not find 
for such a simple case.  I am trying to devise a function to map 
values from rebDB to the user UI in rebGui.  So I need to map the 
respective values in two blocks, as in a: [a b c d e] and b: [1 2 
3 4 5], thinking that a foreach would do the mapping.  To no avail?
z: []
foreach [i j] [a b] [append z [i j]]
I want [a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 e 5]

I would need two foreach, side by side, not to embed one in the other. 
This does not work, but the idea is there.
>> z: []
== []
>> foreach i a foreach j b [append z [i j]]
== 5
>> :z
== [i j i j i j i j i j] -> ?What is the formula?
Group: Linux ... [web-public] group for linux REBOL users
Also, you have demostrated this by releasing RebDB and RebGUI. Which 
I believe are components of some of your commercial applications.
Correct. In this case I bundle various "free" components (RebDB, 
SQLite, RebGUI, AbiWord, etc) into a *solution* that people are prepared 
to pay for. My customers know the individual components are freely 
available, what they are paying for is a working application "distro".
Group: !RebGUI ... A lightweight alternative to VID [web-public]
It could be a good idea to insert here all the futur widgets we want 
to see in REBGUI ;)
Louis, agree totally. Witness the confusion between Anton and myself 
in the View group about what a facet is (and throw into the mix View 
facets, VID facets and Style facets). I also don't like the close 
visual and phonetic similarity between face and facet ... it's just 
too easy to mistype / misread (with a single "t" to distinguish the 
two). Another term to consider:

	Feel, behaviour, action or event handler?

The very first section of the document will be a concepts / terminology 
section which will have a simple table that maps View terms / concepts 
to their RebGUI equivilents. Thereafter the RebGUI terms will be 
*consistently* used.
and i hope rebGUI will integrate new widgets that doesn't exist in 
common VID engine so
Reading this page http://www.dobeash.com/it/rebgui/facets/
I see you have put a "?" for edge/image.
You can simply use an image as an edge :
bug: the last widget in a rebgui layout determine the width of the 
face - if the last widget is narrow, the window is narrow.

fix: in %display.r, you have to keep track of the maximum x value:

- near "xy: origin-size" you can initialize a 'max-width: "max-width: 

- in parse loop, just after xy update "xy/x: xy/x + last-face/size/x", 
you can update the 'max-width: "max-width: max max-width xy/x"

- after (outside) the parse, near where the y size is last updated 
"xy/y: xy/y + last-face/size/y", you can set the x size to be the 
'max-width: "xy/x: max-width"
Latest release, incorporating all the above changes, available at: 

Documentation also significantly expanded to include:

	- Latest REBOL/View facet observations
	- Glossary of terms
	- Licencing section
	- RebGUI Display User's Guide
	- RebGUI Widget Designer's Guide

Get it here: http://www.dobeash.com/it/rebgui/

My intention with RebGUI is to foster a community project that can 
deliver a credible alternative to VID, with my role being one of 
project leader / sponsor. The licence stuff is just to clarify my 
legal position and the rights of contributors and users. I'm looking 
at how to enable co-operative development (using IOS) but this can 
wait until the base design has stabilized. It's just too easy to 
fork efforts at this stage. All of this is still Alpha so if there 
is anything you disagree with (technical, documentation or legal) 
then please raise it here and I'll do my best to accommodate your 

I want this whole process to be as open as possible, but without 
the pitfalls of "design by committee" where nothing gets done! ;)

May be you can add to the 'effect definition that any effect can 
be used. Not only 'bezel, 'bevel and so on
RebGUI uses the standard View face (25 facets) and 'data is not used 
by REBOL/View. VID extends this face by an additional 22 facets:


and provides 'user-data as it uses the 'data facet itself. RebGUI 
widgets use 'data as the "interface" attribute (e.g. setting a progress 
bar's value) and may define additional facets for internal use on 
a widget by widget basis. The idea is to make best use of the 25 
available View facets and not have every widget using 47 facets regardless 
of whether it needs to or not! ;)
Latest release available at: http://www.dobeash.com/files/RebGUI-013.zip

Check out the new tab-panel widget and updated View facets document.
In http://www.dobeash.com/it/rebgui/widgets.html, 

in Feel function templates, there's missing the 'move event in engage.
It's used for dragging actions in a layout.
Here a vertical splitter widget using it :
Following documents updated to reflect latest changes / feedback:

 RebGUI Display User's Guide	- new layout refinement plus widget descriptions 
	RebGUI Widget Designer's Guide	- init attribute added
	REBOL/View Facet Summary		- various
you can try the examples supplied with rebgui:
thanks, will try it. Debeasch, it is Ashley, right? If RebGUI will 
be of the same quality as RebDB, it is surelly gonna be cool. Ashley 
is very good and precise designer, his code is nice. Other such folk 
is DocKimbel, his mySQL code was pleasure to study :-)
the main web page is

there's more information there on Ashley's project - a nice doc on 
/View engine growing with RebGUI progression.
OK, now I am confused with some of RebGUI concepts ... on one hand 
I do agree, that some of cross-style shared code was not eventually 
so good, I think that widgets shoud provide kind of full functionality 
... I can't see any automatic scrollers for e.g.
If I imagine more complex style as e.g. grid, with Romano's system 
you had ability to create resize groups, to anchor something to different 
face etc. But then RebGUI seems to follow different target then I 
thought. I want full OS compliancy in behavior ...
Nah, RebGUI is simply a minimilistic, holistic approach where you 
don't any thing more then is needed and what you add is self sufficient. 
(at least that's my take on it...)
Vincent: rate suggestion ... done (overlooked in 0.1.3)

Robert: Will the splitter be integrated into the next release? ... 

Pekr: "I want full OS compliancy in behavior" ... which OS and what 

Ammon: "RebGUI is ..." ... spot on, and I like that sentence so much 
I'll add it in some shape or form to the main page ;)
For VID 1.3, the spec was to be close to XP while maintaining open-endedness 
for custom and legacy projects (Surfnet Detective is imo an XP-alike 
that 1.3 may have ended up as).  As RebGUI is more focussed (and 
streamlined) than VID, I would recommend working toward a neutral 
style optimised for the kind of UIs that RebGUI is designed for.
Pekr and every one have to understand that starting a sutch project 
from scratch (white page) is a true challenge.In french scene we 
have an example of a heavy skinnable widgets library that became 
deprecated because several reason in witch there is no one to take 
in charge the continuity of the lib and that's pretty difficult to 
make a relevent work while we don't know what could be the VID futures. 
This library is interdependent of VID so while we don't know how 
Carl plan to extend it in futur it's hard to make up plans to maintain 
it.  The name of this lib is libskins v3 witch was made by Etienne 
Alaurent.. What I want for RebGUI  is that every one can participate 
on it apporting  he's hown ideas to it but conserving the main project 
lines. I think Ashley is totally in this mood and try yet to make 
documentation around RebGUI concepts. In futur one posible idea to 
simplify the documentation elaboration could be to use the rebol 
french scene douwiki.Every people that creates a modification significant 
to RebGUI would write the related documentation directly to the dokuwiki 
this way the documentation task that had to make Ashley would be 
lighter. Ithink as Ashley have the "code vision" he must take in 
charge the code merging and releasing (that's yet what he do actually 
;) ). If we want RebGUI to be maintained and constently adapted we 
must  work as a team. This allow us to have more knowlege and more 
inovent ideas in the topic ;)
Latest release available at: http://www.dobeash.com/files/RebGUI-014.zip

Highlights include:

	- Several new widgets (15 in total now)
	- A simple WinXP-like look (not final, just something to model)
	- New %tour.r script to view all widgets in action
	- ESC to return to the console (for Graham)
	- Numerous minor improvements and fixes
	- Documentation update (the Display User's Guide in particular)
Interesting, and I'm certainly open to new ways of doing things ... 
but two marks against it for me are:

	1) It's overly complex [for RebGUI]
	2) I tend to design like I write - left to right, top to bottom

Nice concept though.
you can start be texting the contribution code I submit you then 
try to find a relevent way to adapt it to rebgui  ;)
Latest release available at: http://www.dobeash.com/files/RebGUI-015.zip

Highlights include:

	- New LED widget
	- Tweaked check, splitter and tab-panel widgets
	- Basic edit feel added to area and field widgets
	- Resizing is now fully recursive
	- Added a light-weight request-file function for Win32/SDK use
	- Numerous minor improvements and fixes
	- Documentation update (the Display User's Guide in particular)
I'm jealous of all the rebGUI group support   ;-)
good work Ashley, providing decent support is essential...
I'm collecting ideas on this topic once it will do the job conveniently 
I will adapt it to rebgui standard ;)
Latest release available at: http://www.dobeash.com/files/RebGUI-016.zip

Highlights include:

	- New bar, group-box and toolbar widgets
	- Removed icon and text+ widgets
	- Added accessor functions
	- Added pad keyword
	- text and size attribute handling improved
	- Numerous minor improvements and fixes
	- Documentation update
	- Added a simple install example
The styles that I have up on REBOL.org are built with on a similar 
concept to RebGUI if and you want, we can just minimize the facets 
and plug them into RebGUI...
Oh, RebGUI...  http://www.dobeash.com/it/rebgui/
to rebgui
Ashley, on this page: http://www.dobeash.com/it/rebgui/display.html
 What does this mean? "Unless otherwise specified, text size reverts 
to 200x9999 if the string contains a newline."
Yes, I've been looking closer at display.r and finding that there 
are actually many things that are going to make it slightly difficult. 
 For example, my popup code use Insert-Event-Func which doesn't work 
with RebGUI...
RebGUI starts to look nice. As it is still in its beginning, I would 
like to vote for area change. That is pretty uncommon that ctrl + 
del or ctrl + backspace deletes text, unless the text is hilighted 
imo ....
I'm probably doing something wrong here, but I get an error when 
I try do %gui.r:

Script: "RebGUI system" (25-Mar-2005)
** Script Error: Word show is protected, cannot modify
** Where: context

** Near: set 'show func [face [object! block!]] [show* face recycle]
Sounds like you have protect-system on (usually a good idea)
and rebgui wants to reuse a system word (usually a bad idea).

unprotect 'show
to give rebgui permission to overwrite
Thanks for the suggestion. RebGUI is really nice!
I 'm starting an intent to port to rebGUI an improved version of 
ctx-menu from cyphre :)
but first thing the adaptation of the Ctx-menu as all your actual 
widgets in it arre trully piece of art work I intent to do the same 
way with cyphre"s ctx-menu port to REBGUI :)
RebGUI 0.1.6 (b) version that includes cyphre's ctx-menu is done 
;) Well it was added as it and as I'm less an artist than Ashley 
I let it functionnal as it was mainly designed by cyphre. I add a 
little trick and some code to it to make it more resemblant to a 
common menu and add the possibility to draw text starting from left... 
I hope Ashley or others could take some amount of their precious 
time to see it and enhance this very first implementation to make 
it even more in the mood of RebGUI
you can grab it from here http://shadwolf.free.fr/RebGUI-016-cyphremenu.zip
Latest release available at: http://www.dobeash.com/files/RebGUI-017.zip

Highlights include:

	- New title-group and radio-group widgets
	- no-space keyword renamed to tight
	- Added indent keyword
	- Install example moved into title-group %tour.r example

 - RebGUI is now #include aware (you can run it or encap it with zero 
	- Display User's Guide updated to reflect previous changes
very nice work as usual I have one little impprovement that I would 
like to add to my ctx-menu adaptation to RebGUI is the size calculation 
instead of passing to it staticly it would be better to calculate 
in relation with the parent-face and be able to use the resize on 
Really impressive progress! My hat's off to Ashley and the RebGUI 
Graham some indulgence please menu in rebgui are very alpha stage 
vefor sunday I don"t even know  what could be the result of having 
it to rebogui and if it was workable with older non AGG capable rebol/view 
when I see it was relatively close in code motion to rebgui I started 
to wanted hardly to port it and better it a little (the famous lefted 
option ... to quick developed to convince every one  ;)
I never really like the implicit usage of FACE and other words in 
VID. Especially if not documented and those words are not very obvious 
to guess. I see that RebGUI uses the same approach:
	slider	[action [show-data p face/data]]

What about this?
	slider	[action [show-data p slider/data]]

This shows what kind of object we (implicitly) use.
Isolation/encapsulation of particular styles (widgets) functionality 
may mean simplyfying the situation, as we can see with RebGUI, althought 
it is not as feature (widget) complete as VID is ...
What I am really pedant upon is proper system-like "behavior". I 
mean mainly keyboard .... I would like RebGUI having good tabbing 
functionality, even nested one (although now I don't know if other 
IDEs you program your apps in allow it, but imo yes) - imagine having 
table/grid on your screen, but also few fields and buttons. I want 
to shift focus to grid, and then I want arrow keys, insert, delete 
key to work in terms of grid, not whole form. Then there should be 
kind of "escape key", which will jump-off the grid and focus will 
be on whole form ...

 1) Widget observations: all noted. LED is the read-only functional 
 equivalent of 'check used for things like system status displays, 

 2) Tabbing (basic version) is slated for 0.1.8, more advanced features 
 will have to wait until the base widget set is complete.

 3) DATA is a required structural element to ensure widget specific 
 initialization is performed by init *not* the display function.

 4) Implicit face usage has two big advantages: a) allows you to cut 
 and paste code between widgets; b) different widgets can share the 
 same code.

 5) RebGUI still lacks a few of the more complex list / table / menu 
 / treeview type widgets.

 6) Re: new projects. RebGUI is still ALPHA and the basic design may 
 fluctuate as the requirements of more complex widgets becomes clearer. 
 I wouldn't be building any commercial applications based on it quite 
 yet (not until it goes beta at least).


 1) Also remember that VID was created against a much earlier version 
 of View, and that it is only recently that View functionality has 
 stabilized. One example of this is the extensive use of 'draw by 
 RebGUI compared to VID.

 2) Tabbing, like key mapping, is less of a technical issue than a 
 convention issue; but my aim is to be able to "drive" all RebGUI 
 widgets both with and without a mouse (although the priority is to 
 get the mouse behavior right first).
in all cases REBGUI is a good enhancement yet to VID :)
apporting code to any project is hard I understand this but a first 
step (what I try to do ) is to apport yet existing bunch of code 
that are fitted to REBGUI Ashley takes then the role of merger and 
last adapter. I hope this free some time for him  to focus on work 
of the engine.
that rebgui is good and if RT think it can even improve it . That 
could be good for them to retake it and improve changing it more 
profundly then substituate it in the VM since retake the VID and 
then rework it completly...
so we need to improve rebgui to dialectise it but I am affraid this 
apport a slower renderer and a more  consumtion
Global Event System: looks like 'menu has to use it, and I don't 
know if we have a real alternative. One thing I've added to 0.1.8 
is a 'keep function that lets you specify what widgets you wish to 
use and sets to none everything not used by those widgets ... so 
if more complex widgets require global events then so be it.

Contributed code: I prefer simple code (that may need to be enhanced) 
over complex code (that may have to be pruned).

Multi-tasking: The RebGUI engine is 90% where it needs to be so I'm 
spending most of my time on widget integration at the moment.

View 2.0: We have to work with what we have, although I have made 
a concession to the future [AGG] with regards to RebGUI's use of 
draw in preference to image + effects.

Dialectise RebGUI: It would be relatively easy to make the specification 
more VID-like by having each attribute specified with a distinct 
datatype (and moving duplicate datatypes such as an 'offset pair 
to a keyword such as 'at) but you pay a big price in code complexity 
and efficiency; and I'm not convinced that inferred attributes ("this 
is a 3-part tuple so it must be a color, while this is a 4-part tuple 
so it must be a span") make code legibility and maintenance any easier.

None of this is to say I can't be convinced otherwise, this is why 
RebGUI is still ALPHA. ;)
Contributed code: sure but yet existing amazing thing wasn't thinked 
to be added to RebGUI so If we want a good time average and retake 
yet existing widget. I think it can be seen as an omage to those 
ppl that spent lot of time try to implement this widgets. If we find 
a way to include them it's like we have a parternity and a real look 
over what exists in the rebol free community that"s a king of concretisation 
and that allow us to improve faster I don't think pruning ctx-menu 
is slower that redone the work from scratch ;). And As I say earlier 
that shows our consern and attention to what exists in rebol free 
community ;). Like "Thank you man you give us this widget now look 
what we can do with how it grow and how it became self dependent. 
If your still want to apport to it or have some ideas on it to share 
with us your very welcome" :)
Carl me too that's why I'm support REbGUI and I was claiming for 
a such ambisious project since many time ;)
REbGUI has a simplicity in it that most of other intens doesn't have 
that's a good point to hope for futur  improvements ;)
Maxim, how about using RebGUI as a base? Or are you already looking 
into this?
Group: PowerPack ... discussions about RP [web-public]
Some candidates *right now* are:
- mysql://
-Rugby (of course ;-)
-cgi + cookie libs
-async http://
Have a chat, if you haven't already, to Robert about the RPC as there 
may be some overlap in efforts. I'm more than happy to work with 
you to ensure RebGUI fits the proposed model (from both a code and 
documentation perspective). Some things to consider:

	- Coding standard(s)
	- Documentation standard(s)
	- Optimization methodology
	- Testing methodology
	- REBOL baseline (I'd aim for 1.3 - forget the past)

I've said this to a few people on AltME already, but for this type 
of project to succeed it needs four things:

 1) Technology (including a sound & easily understood conceptual basis)
	2) Documentation (good documentation is better than good code)
	3) Momentum (a sense that things are happening)

 4) Community (an environment where people are encouraged to contribute)

Getting all four right is *hard* work. *My* definition of success 
for a project is to be able to answer YES to the following two questions:

	1) Does it work?
	2) Is it used?
Note that RP will be bundling all those good (proven?) libs and make 
them accessible from one place. Your rebgui, but also mysql:// are 
excellent examples. But imagine your new to REBOL, wouldn't it be 
nice if there were a link on rebol.net /.com that gave you immediate 
access to these libs?
And libraries must be compatible. The current running RebGUI projects 
is a good example. Feedback loop is fast, releases are done often 
(thanks to Ashley) and momentum is raising.
Group: Rebol School ... Rebol School [web-public]
[unknown: 9]:
Would much rather render to RebGUI for example.
you may look into RebGUI project - consumes less memory (mostly non-issue 
on PC), provides more styles, resizing, more proper behavior to styles, 
try to go thru demo AND look into tour.r source - you will see how 
nicely readable the gui part is - you don't need to go into internals 
too much ...
RebGUI, something new to me. In fact, we probabably just need an 
interface to enter data and start some process and show the results. 
Maybe draw a graph with the results - that would be great. Will look 
into it. Tks.
Group: Rebol/Flash dialect ... content related to Rebol/Flash dialect [web-public]
If I can throw my two cents here. Terry is right to complain, because 
you can feel he cares, it's not destructive criticism. Pekr is saying 
he's a realist, but to me he sounds more like a dreamer (no offense).Flash 
is a Virtual Machine that lives in the browser. Rebol is a VM that 
lives on several OSes. Flash VM is present on 99% of the browsers. 
Rebol VM is not present  on browsers (plugin doesn't count because 
last time I tried it wouldn't install, and last version is more than 
a year old), and it is present on OSes of a small number of creative 
developers and hobbyists. If I had to develop a commercial app for 
the web, Flash and Flex give me extensive documentation, and a whole 
framework. Rebol can't compete with Adobe, and should not. Last week, 
I developed a GUI in Rebol and Rebgui that would have taken me four 
times longer in any other graphical toolkit, and I had a knack at 
it. But this app is for internal use. Rebol is a great language, 
and I would like to see it evolve as a computer language, not as 
a throw it all in kind of gizmo. It should go Open Source, because 
RT doesn't have the means to provide versions for all platforms. 
Where is the rebol for NetBSD? Last version is 2001. If RT hasn't 
the resources, let the developers do it. I want to run rebol on an 
internet tablet. I had wanted to run rebol on a palm (not anymore 
because Palm is deas, sort of). But the Nokia tablet run debian linux. 
There is no reason for the unabailability of rebol. It is just a 
matter of building it and packaging it. Who has the time for this? 
Plenty of people, they're just not at RT, because there people are 
busy with more important things (like developing the product).
Group: RT Q&A ... [RT Q&A] Questions and Answers to REBOL Technologies [web-public]
Hi .... with recent Rebcode releases, we can see that internally 
new Core is marked as 2.7 and View is marked as 1.4 Is it just working 
"title" or will those products be marked as that? And if so, can 
we know, what other changes will go for 1.4 View release target? 
Will there be any AGG fixes/additions (to support SVG RebGUI progress), 
or even VID changes? I still think, that VID is missing few fine 
styles as tab, group-box, better list as was introduced on IOS Developer's 
server, (eventually tree, menu), to allow novices to start using 
VID/View more productively. Any chance RT can tell us, what is the 
plan for 1.4 release?
Q: What does the world on Nov-15-2005 look like?

A: Our main goal is to get REBOL into the hands of more users, not 
just programmers and techies.... by the millions over time.  By doing 
that, we create a market for not only handy free REBOL apps, but 
also for commercial apps and entire businesses that are related to 

Q: Given that  window transparency is OS specific, will there be 
a dialect that covers both Windows, Linux and 40+ other OS?  In other 
words, does RT plan on continued support of so many languages, or 
are we entering a new era of specific OS support?

A: Our plan is to make that a window option that is part of the face/options 
for a window.  If an OS does not support this mode, then the option 
will be ignored, but the application will still be fully functional.

Q: I hope it is still valid that cooperation with RT is possible. 
I mean - last few weeks I play with some Win32 functions (thanks 
to Gregg) and I would like we would have proper app behavior in multi-monitor/multi-desktop 
environments .... so I wonder if any SIGs will be created, some ppl 
will be invited to participate, comment etc., or if RT is gonna cook 
it all themselves?

A: Yes, there are many such special interest projects currently going 
on. (Most of them are occurring via private projects in AltME and 
IOS.)  These days 90% of REBOL changes are done in cooperation with 
the REBOL community.

Q: Hi .... with recent Rebcode releases, we can see that internally 
new Core is marked as 2.7 and View is marked as 1.4 Is it just working 
"title" or will those products be marked as that? And if so, can 
we know, what other changes will go for 1.4 View release target? 
Will there be any AGG fixes/additions (to support SVG RebGUI progress), 
or even VID changes? I still think, that VID is missing few fine 
styles as tab, group-box, better list as was introduced on IOS Developer's 
server, (eventually tree, menu), to allow novices to start using 
VID/View more productively. Any chance RT can tell us, what is the 
plan for 1.4 release?

A: Regarding 2.7 and 1.4 question: we change the revision numbers 
(the second number) whenever there is a major change in REBOL that 
may be unstable.  The /core 2.7 kernel (that is in /view 1.4 as well) 
adds new datatypes to REBOL, and they are the first datatypes added 
in several years, so we consider this to be a major change, and marked 
it that way.
Yes, we do plan to be making a few AGG fixes very soon.

Oh, and regarding VID: we plan to be making very big changes there. 
More to come soon.

Q: Could you add struct! support to /Core?

I keep on having situations that would be made much easier by struct! 
when I don't need libraries. For instance, conversions from external 
binary data encodings to internal REBOL values, say for file formats, 
network protocols and so on. Now rebcode has added other forms of 
strong typing like the type-specific opcodes and the vectors. Having 
structs with their constrained field types, their specific data layouts, 
would be a perfect match for the low level operations of rebcode. 
They would be helpful later when implementing your own data types 
as well.

A: On structs: yes, we will enable this feature on core, but it should 
only be used for lower level code.  Objects are more powerful.

Q: Could you add an APPLY opcode to rebcode?

    apply: ["Apply function or path to arguments, save result" word! 
    word! | path! block!]

In rebcode:
    apply x f [arg1 arg2 ...]
Is equivalent to this in REBOL:
    x: do f arg1 arg2 ...

The advantage to doing function calls this way is that the arity 
of the opcode is fixed, even if the arity of the function called 
can't be known ahead of time. The value assigned to the function 
word could be either a function or a path, or for efficiency you 
could have a seperate opcode APPLYP for path values (I'd prefer just 
one opcode for generality but it's your call).

A: I'm not sure what is meant by the path for it. You mean for refinements?
That may actually slow down the apply interface.
Group: Windows/COM Support ... [web-public]
That ouwl defeat the purpose; the idea is that the system works for 
all apps and that the apps themselves do not need to do anything 
to have it. Wrapping the API and then building it into every single 
app is not a feasible option. Do you think it's possible to adapt 
the Vid and RebGUI dialects to integrate with the SPeech API so everything 
built with those at least would work? (don't know much about how 
dialects work yet)
While maintaining the flexibility of VID/rebGuI ?
If you write VID/RebGUI like dialect with binding to Windows native 
GUI why not? :)
Pekr: You can create and control any windows dialog if you have the 
API available. (and this can be applied to any other OS feature). 
So it is possible to create native GUI controlable at the higher 
level of some dialect(simmilar to VID/Rebgui). People who are making 
common apps don't need to access it at face level but ofcourse such 
system would be based on face-like objects with methods related to 
Windows GUI elements etc.
for me, RebGUI, look-wise, is very Windows like .... yet some of 
us, including you, Graham, complained that it looks dull, and if 
it could be prettified .... :-)
Group: !RebDB ... REBOL Pseudo-Relational Database [web-public]
From !RebGUI group.
I am trying to update my RebDB database with a level of indirection,
as I am using a block of 39 colunms names and 
the corresponding 39 entry-fields from ReBGui.

Shortening those blocks for the example's sake, I do try to update 
the DB with the following command:

Let's say that exColumns: [name surname dob phone] and exValues: 
["Doe" "Jane" "1990-01-01" "418-840-4040"].

Then >> db-update/where exDB (exColumns) (exValues) compose ['rowid 
= (to-id)] do not work, nor variants I know.
>> db-create exDB exColumns == true

>> db-insert exDB ["Foe" "Joe" "1991-01-01" "514-480-8080"] == true
>> db-commit exDB == true

Then what is a working update, as those do not work with indirection 
in column & values spec and rowid?
to-id: 1

Variant1 >> db-update/where exDB exColumns exValues compose [rowid 
= to-id]
== ** User Error: Invalid or duplicate column

Variant2 >> db-update/where exDB (exColumns) (exValues) compose [rowid 
= to-id]

== ** Script Error: db-update expected columns argument of type: 
word block

Variant3 >> do [ db-update/where exDB exColumns exValues compose 
[rowid = to-id] ]
== ** User Error: Invalid or duplicate column

Variant4 >> reduce [ db-update/where exDB exColumns exValues compose 
[rowid = to-id] ]
== ** User Error: Invalid or duplicate column

Variant5 >> reduce [ db-update/where exDB (exColumns) (exValues) 
compose [rowid = to-id] ]

== ** Script Error: db-update expected columns argument of type: 
word block

The more I go, the more I am frustrated into the word/value distinction.
What is the resiliently simple answer to my show stopper?
Well.  Is there any way to obtain the rowid (physical row order number) 
of a selected entry, or deleted or updated entry?  I am trying to 
devise a way to navigate into the database, from the initial point 
of a query or of an update.  But with delete operations, the first 
column, id, is not allways in sequence.  >> db-select id bottinDB 
 == [1 2 3 4 7 8 9 10]  >> db-select rowid bottinDB == [1 2 3 4 5 
6 7 8].  And, as much as I can, I want to keep the historical order 
of entry, as it gives me information.  It may be usefull to know 
that I did read a book or meet a person before another. The rowid 
gives a hint to that.  All and all, parametrizing the update and 
obtaining the rowid are stoping me to complete my small everyday 
application.  By the way, I do not see any example of 'demo' applications 
with RebDB and RebGui.  A little help with mine could give birth 
to one.  I should say that, design wise, RebGui is a great decision, 
to favor simplicity.  You adress there some needs never covered by 
other systems: the myriads of simple applets everybody needs but 
were unable to ask.  After a couple of  weekends, I have got 400 
lines of codes and am almost done.  And I am not a programmer. So 
I figure out how efficient it is for you guys. Thanks.
Another option is to select the rowid(s) you are after:

	id: db-select/where rowid table [...]

then perform the operations you want:

	db-update/where ... compose [ ... (id) ...]

BTW, thanks for the feedback on both RebDB/RebGUI ... always good 
to know where folks are having both success and problems. More demos/tutorials 
are on the ever growing ToDo list. ;)
I've only used MySQL a little, and quite a while ago, but I _think_ 
update (without where) affected the entire table there. Could be 
wrong though :)

Anyhow, I really love RebDB (And RebGUI also). It's really easy to 
use, and my program would probably be alot messier if I wrote my 
own data management functions :P
Group: SQLite ... C library embeddable DB [web-public].
Now at work - one more note, Ashley - my typical app design is as 
follows - application directory containing exe or modules, .cfg files, 
\system subdirectory, which contains other subdirectories as \cyphre-styles, 
\rebgui, \rebdb, \sqlite, according to usage, and \data subdirectory 
... so I am not sure that by default the driver should create the 
directory, as in the contrary when I want simply to have my data 
in \data dir, I don't want the driver to automatically create \my-db-name 
subdir ....
Is the linking between SQLite and RebGUI already implemented? In 
that if I get back a result set, that I can use it directly to fill 
a list or drop-down list? Or load a result set into a form?
Yes, just use CONNECT/flat and the driver will return all values 
in a single block which RebGUI can use directly in lists and tables 
(no conversion required).
Next question, before I start using SQLit and RebGUI now. How do 
you handle the identification of table rows? Do you display the record 
ID or can the record ID be a hidden entry?
I display the record ID (which maps to a unique entity ID such as 
patient#, order#, ect) and which the end-user is usually interested 
in seeing anyway (as it ties in to their other systems). If you want 
to hide the column in RebGUI then just give it a width specification 
of 0 and ensure it is not the last column.
Group: !GLayout ... ask questions and now get answers about GLayout. [web-public]
Maxim answered on the Mailing List about GLayout vs RebGUI describing 
GLayout. I suppose I will have to take a look at his project too.
Group: !Liquid ... any questions about liquid dataflow core. [web-public]
the trouble with toolkits like wxWidgets imo is, that those allow 
mostly traditional widgets, kind of RebGUI ones. Not free form faces 
with draw facitilies etc.
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