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world-name: r3wp

Group: SDK ... [web-public]
Graham: I was able to implement TLS1.0 protocol configured to use 
the TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA cipher-suite. All the mentioned algorithms 
were calculated using the  build-in Rebol2 encryption functionality. 
I had no problems regarding the compatibility. I haven't tried the 
cipher-suite with the AES enctryption though but my guess it will 
work as well.
Group: !REBOL3 ... [web-public]
To clarify the SSL stuff:

Since the SSL is a layer on top of TCP the idea was that R3 will 
have all the neccesary encryption algorithms (RSA,DH, DSA, RC4, SH256 
etc.) probably in form of embedded extension as part of the host-kit. 
These algorithms needs to be fast so they will be in C (probably 
ported from the R2 codebase if possible). Then the SSL/TLS protocol 
itself won't be written in C as it was in R2 but just done in R3 
script. This way the protocol code will be:
-smaller in size than the C version

-easier to maintain because it is Rebol language, for example we 
can add 'server mode', certificate validation (simmilar to web browsers) 
-crossplatform as much as Rebol script can be

So far I did simple TLS implementation in R2 to prove that concept. 
The prototype is ~20KB of rebol script and uses only the build in 
encryption ports in R2. It covers most of the TLS functionality that 
is written natively in in form of 'tls scheme. So the next step is 
to get the encryption math to R3 (which can be useful not only for 
SSL so it is definitely worth doing that) and then try how the prototype 
will behave.