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world-name: r3wp

Group: Syllable ... The free desktop and server operating system family [web-public]
Cheyenne and QuarterMaster are included, but their configuration 
is not complete yet. Should be easy to finish for someone already 
familiar with them, though
The third release of Syllable Server has been published. This is 
an important release, because it is the first one that focused on 
making the system actually usable as a server. A number of popular 
servers were added and configured, and also several innovative REBOL 
software stacks. Out of the imaginary box, Syllable Server is now 
ready for such things as accepting remote SSH log-ins over the network, 
running a web server on the Cheyenne REBOL server, running an FTP 
server and several more. Special attention has been paid to programmability, 
with support for developing Model-View-Controller web applications 
in QuarterMaster and networking applications with the REBOL/Services 
Service Oriented Architecture. The Genode Nitpicker windowing system 
is also included. Read the rest in the full changelog. An extensive 
manual was also written, which is easy to follow. As usual, both 
a BitTorrent download (preferred) and a regular download are available 
(80 MB 7-Zip archive). Please use the torrent if you can.
This release focuses on making the system usable for running a number 
of standard servers, and several innovative REBOL servers.

The development files of the system, program headers, static libraries 
and development documentation, were moved to a separate area in /system/development/ 
and are now shipped in a separate package. If you want to compile 
software on Syllable Server, you need to install and register this 
package. The development files need to match the system: you can't 
use a package of any other Syllable version. (You will also need 
to install the Developer's Delight package collection and possibly 
other packages.)

User directories were moved from /home/ to /users/. Resource packages 
are in the process of moving from /usr/ to /resources/. /resources/ 
is currently a symbolic link to /usr/ so that resource packages will 
work from both places during the migration.

Many fixes were made, including more fixes for the CUPS print server 
and GhostScript. Creation of extra user accounts is possible now.

Many packages were updated, including the Linux kernel, IPTables, 
the GCC libraries, OpenSSH, SDL and QEmu. DirectFB was not upgraded 
due to incompatibility with Links2.

CDRTools were included for burning CDs, and the NetCat networking 
tool and the Transmission BitTorrent client were added.

In addition to the Syllable-specific early initialisation scripts 
(in the early-init subdirectory of packages), the late initialisation 
scripts (in the init subdirectory of packages) are now also executed. 
Several more initialisation scripts from Linux From Scratch were 
also added. Some servers can be started with the LFS scripts, others 
with the Syllable scripts (this will be unified in later releases).

The OpenSSH server was configured and now runs by default. At the 
first system start, security keys are generated that identify the 

A collection of well-known root certificates from Certification Authorities 
was added to allow OpenSSL-based programs (such as OpenSSH) to establish 
the identity of destination points for network connections.

A MIME-types database was added in /etc/mime.types that is used by 
many programs, such as web servers, to identify the MIME types of 
files based on their file name extensions.

Several REBOL software stacks were added:

- The REBOL/Services Service Oriented Architecture.

- The UniServe network server framework.
- The Cheyenne Apache-class web server.
- A CAPTCHA library.
- A MySQL network protocol.

- The QuarterMaster web programming framework, based on a Model-View-Controller 
architecture. By default, it's configured to run on Cheyenne.

- The TINY library for parsing text, abstracting data access and 
building templates of generic text formats (including HTML). This 
library is an original creation and targets both ORCA and REBOL.

Configurations, including initialisation scripts, were added for 
the OpenSSH remote access server, the CUPS print server, the BIND 
domain name server, the Apache web server, the RSync file synchronisation 
server, the SaMBa Windows-compatible file server, the INetUtils FTP 
server and the VSFTP FTP server. Several of these are not included 
in the system, but need to be installed separately (the system is 
prepared for them). The sshd, cupsd and initd servers are started 
by default.

S3Cmd/S3Sync was included, a tool for accessing the Amazon Simple 
Storage Service (S3) and synchronising files with it.

As a demo, the Genode operating system framework, its Nitpicker windowing 
server (built on SDL) and its demonstration programs were included.
Cheyenne and QuarterMaster combined are 520 KB
It's running Cheyenne, possibly with QuarterMaster, FTP and an SSH 
It contains REBOL/View 2.7.7, Boron, ORCA, AltME, the development 
version of Cheyenne with WebSockets, QuarterMaster, REBOL/Services 
and some smaller things such as Doc's MySQL driver, all preconfigured
Many included software packages have been upgraded, including REBOL/Core 
(2.7.7), Cheyenne/UniServe (current development version with WebSockets) 
and QuarterMaster
Group: Web ... Everything web development related [web-public]
Did you consider QuarterMaster instead? I used to want to go with 
Magic!, but QM is a much more modern design
Group: Announce ... Announcements only - use Ann-reply to chat [web-public]
Introducing QuarterMaster: Yet Another Web Framework that I'm probably 
going to have to take time to document properly: http://www.ross-gill.com/QM/

In short, it is designed around the MVC pattern.  It is open source 
(license tbd).  Tries to be lightweight, but could use some work. 
 Tries to be as thin a wrapper to Rebol (/Core, /Base, whatever) 
while providing key functions for creating web sites/applications. 
 Includes a flat-file dbms out the box, which generally works.  Currently 
coded to work with Apache (needs mod-rewrite and 'request-uri' env 
variable), but should eventually be httpd agnostic.  Please try, 
please test.  I will answer all and every question (within reason). 
 All suggestions considered with an open mind...

Group: !QM
http://tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nlwas running on a combination 
of QuarterMaster and my own CMS. Over the past few weeks, I've extended 
the CMS enough to move the whole site to it
I'm still using QuarterMaster for sites where I need session and 
user management
Group: Rebol School ... Rebol School [web-public]
Look in the !QM QuarterMaster group here
Group: !REBOL3-OLD1 ... [web-public]
Janko;  It you are diving into Cheyenne RSP, make sure you give QuarterMaster 
a look see.  http://www.ross-gill.com/QM/

Chris, like Nenad, is counted among the unsung heroes of the world, 
in my humble opinion.
Group: !Cheyenne ... Discussions about the Cheyenne Web Server [web-public]
Cheering squad: Give us a "C", give us an "h" ... Go "Chris"  

On a more serious note.  I've offered to help design/beta trial REBOL 
Want Ads.  QuarterMaster seems

like a candidate for this.  There isn't any time pressure, as this 
will take a while, but what is your gut feel for Cheyenne support? 
 From reading !Cheyenne you seem to have got a workable solution 
to get at the REQUEST-URI functionality?  Or was that just me reading 
with rose-coloured glasses?

Just FYI, the very first cut is going to be a blog.r test.  But I 
think rebols would appreciate a little more.

Thanks again by the way.
Group: DevCon2008 (post-chatter) ... DevCon2008 [web-public]
Oops, and Chris, presenting about QuarterMaster - lots of "Q"s :)
Group: !REBOL3 ... [web-public]
I used QuarterMaster in the past year, but I can't take that and 
Cheyenne with me now that R3 finallt starts working