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world-name: r3wp

Group: #Boron ... Open Source REBOL Clone [web-public]
Nope, but I wrote most of the R3 mezzanines and all of the recent 
changes to the R2 ones, and my contributions were either MIT licensed 
or contributed under the condition that they be open sourced under 
a permissive license - no copyright transfer agreed to. And the host 
code is in the open portion of R3 - I haven't seen any closed source.
Group: !REBOL2 Releases ... Discuss 2.x releases [web-public]
I have an old View 1.3.2 here on Ubuntu where echo takes a bit over 
100 ms, so the bigger delay may be a recent regression
Yes, and the most recent release is already in R3 chat. The installer 
can be fixed in an evening at most.
Carl, part of the goal of 2.7.8 is to replicate/reuse some of the 
R3 development infrastructure. Would it be possible to make a copy 
of the manual that you generated for R3 based on the Core 2.3 manual, 
for R2 this time? The same structure in an r2 directory minus the 
R3 changes would be best. Then we can change it for more recent R2 
changes, which shouldn't be as hard.
A whole bunch of VID documents have been uploaded and updated:

When last I heard there was a lot of new stuff ready for release. 
Every time I check there is more, such as the recent graphics fixes. 
Eventually it will be dalayed enough that the stuff that was being 
put off until the next couple releases will be done too. Afaik, 2.7.8 
could have been released a month ago, though the graphics fixes are 
great too.
Anton: regarding the DRAW fonts on Linux. The font redering is supported 
(at least it worked on all distros I had to use in recent 3 years 
or so). The essential problem is how to automatically get the paths 
to your Linux truetype fonts so you don't need to specify the font/name 
with absolute path as it is now....

If anyone knows about any efficient method how we could get path 
to the font files on Linux so it works on all distros let me know. 
Solving this issue would definitely improve the DRAW font usage a 
hopefully with MS recent october 22 announcement of the canning of 
XP we can finally forget that OS for install targets :)
There are other bugs in ODBC support as well, particularly in support 
for datatypes of recent MS SQL versions.
this is a K-Meleon Windows browser gift  - maybe sometimes smaller/faster 
is not better ... KMeleon is writing to a USB ext drive and IE8 is 
writing to an internal HD ... sometimes KM is writing the larger 
VIEW exe intact, sometimes not.  This may account for some recent 
"bad" ZIP's from my x-plane Flightsim community.  Yuch.  Most of 
 those x-p guys always zip up all their Win indexing .Thumb or hidden 
Mac files - and sometimes they have accumulated both from working 
on a Win "airplane" on their Mac. So I am used to annoying ZIP's 
for that hobby ... but this is TOO annoying.
Group: !REBOL3 Extensions ... REBOL 3 Extensions discussions [web-public]
Pekr, Carl already said in a recent blog that the ability to have 
extensions built into the host is already planned, and he is working 
on it.
Group: !REBOL3 GUI ... [web-public]
btw - what is the situation/plan with fonts? Initial (recent) VID3 
(View) font rendering was not sometimes too pleasant. Was it due 
to not so precise font metrics 'tex-size calculations, or was it 
due to not being able to use more advanced (licensed/patented) techniques? 
Is there any way of how to resolve this issue?
Graham in recent video card the GDI stack is not the most optimised 

they pushed walls to allow new things like the blu ray decoding to 
have a room and that have obviously an impact on the previous guys 
there and DX11 ...MicroSoft tod the whole word that GDI rendering 
was dead and that the only thing that matters was DX 11 rendering 
even for their widgets and desktop everyday rendering (aero)
I would stay with recent naming them - both names kind of represent 
a "container" kind of a meaning. It is a documentation thing imo.
Yes, Henrik, you are more familiar with the recent work on the R3 
GUI, please explain :)
But - I think that we can't change it in recent stage of development, 
so just regards it being my typical rant :-)
or at least small changelog?  :-) Is it difficult to provide in recent 
stage of development? E.g. when you release new version - what actually 
changed, what should be tested, etc.?
what do you mean by formalizing actors? Any problems with recent 
Yeah. The tree view on the left has been a good substitute for multiline 
tabs in recent preference dialogs.
I agree that the tree view has replaced multi-line tabs in recent 
The recent R3 builds have focused on core changes. The GUI has been 
developed separately.
You need to use the R3 version with the graphics APIs included - 
recent RT releases have been core only. Try http://www.rm-asset.com/code/downloads/files/rma-r3-build.zip
(which I got from http://www.rm-asset.com/code/downloads/).
preliminary peak
 = Carl did some recent revision? :-)
I really wonder, if R3 GUI sees ANY regular development? ;-) Half 
the styles don't work or don't work as expected :-) Recent R3 GUI 
status is, that it is not usable for more than simple dialog box 
:-) I hope that we can see some quick fixes? :-)
So much questions, great :)

I want freaking to change the color of the scroller
 - If not possible right now, it's bug and will be fixed.

How do I 
destylize" panel for e.g.?" - use material NONE

What is the correct way to call an actor?

 -  do-style FACE [object!] ACTOR [word!] DATA [any-type!] ; for example: 
 do-style face 'on-update none

how can I recognise, what arguments particular actors should obtain

 - good question. I have some ideas how to solve it, but right now 
 you should ask or study source :)

How can I properly attach scroller to progress bar?

 - In your case it should be auto-attached and 'attach shouldn't be 
 needed. Maybe 'attach doesn't work at the moment as the auto-attaching 
 of scrollers is actually a very bad thing that brings more problems 
 than it solves.So ATTACH is going to be reviewed and fixed when necessary.

I really wonder, if R3 GUI sees ANY regular development?

 - It does, but the developement does occur in areas you're probably 
 not interested in (GUI internals, TEXT-TABLE...)

Recent R3 GUI status is, that it is not usable for more than simple 
dialog box
 - Typical Pekrovina ;)
I would not mind, if style/options would be renamed to args or params. 
And if it will unify with reactors, then - why not? I know that other 
pov might be, that those really options, just inlined. So - you can 
have RMA voting, as now you imo clearly understand, why I had the 
problem with the recent naming. Maybe you will decide that it is 
fine as it is, it's your GUI after all :-)
Is drawing supported in recent GUI? I tried simple:

>> view make gob! [draw: [circle 100x100 30]]
** Script error: expected command! not circle
** Where: show-native show view
** Near: show-native gob
The file with the whole code should at least have a modified date 
that matches when it was last built, or match the most recent modified 
date of its component parts.
Yes, these are the boxmodel attributes, as named in the recent versions 
of the R3 GUI
hmm, there seems to be so much of colors, etc. I sometimes almost 
feel, that we overload GUI once again. In R2, there was a face. We 
introduced gob, as a means of having smaller object in memory. In 
fact, there is a face linked to each gob, no? And just print recent 
styles structure - it is now bigger than R2's face. And you also 
don't use 'intern for things which could be shared between the instances 
= wasting memory again?
Hi, guys

Once again, congratulations for the excellent work done.

As Rebolek suggested in ALTME, I have some modifications to submit 
(of course, to check from your side) for the next r3-gui release.

I must first mention that I just realized this morning that the r3.exe 
 pre-compiled version of march 11th was not working properly, bugging 
with some very simple text displays (probably an old version). That's 
the reason why I did not update the demo with the most recent r3-gui 
file. By the way, the  build date displayed by the exe remains the 
same whatever the real building date. I don't know how we could have 
an automatic update of the build version.

Rebuilding from your sources (march 11th) allowed the demo to work 
properly apart from some appearence differences (I have even seen 
some bugs solved compared to my demo version). However, I will wait 
for your next weekly release ;-) to update my demo.

Coming back to the propositions of modifications :

It seems that there are definitions problems, or incompatibilities
in r3-gui (around line 66)        
;-- circle: [pair! | number! | number!]    
circle: [pair! | pair! |number! | number!]

in r3-gui (around line 1729) 
;-- scale: [decimal! decimal!]  
scale: [pair!]

also, I overload the drawing style by this code :
stylize [
    drawing: sensor [
        about: "Simple scalar vector draw block. Can be clicked."
        tags: [input tab]
        facets: [
            init-size: 100x100
        options: [
            drawing: [block!]
            init-size: [pair!]

        actors: [
            on-make: [
            ;    if block? drw: face/facets/drawing [
            ;       bind face/gob/draw: copy drw face/facets]

            ;-- JC
            on-draw: [face/facets/drawing]

Concerning the discussion of this morning on groups and panels, I 
would also prefer to have a default horizontal arrangement, and only 
precise when vertical: group, panel, vgroup, vpanel. A side effect 
is that it would remain compatible with Carl's doc.

By the way, it seems that tight is vtight. Logically, it should be 

That's all for the moment. When debugging the last demos, I may find 
other issues.
Has there been any recent releases here?
I understand that you are focusing resources as much as possible, 
otoh it is a bit dangerous aproach - R3 GUI saw rather intense concept 
changes during last year. Anyone eventually willing to give it a 
try once time permits will think twice, as recent public release 
could be pretty much outdated in few weeks, API wise, etc. There 
should imo be a way, that upon some request or bunch of requests, 
public release is done e.g once in few months?
Group: !REBOL3 Host Kit ... [web-public]
I'm pretty sure I used the most recent Xcode available for Tiger, 
which seems to be 2.5.
Carl's disappearance also made me forget about those changes. But 
as he writes in his most recent R3 blog post "If I can find any other 
changes this weekend, I will merge them.", maybe they still are of 
any use.

Otherwise we'll see after the A111 release :)
Group: !REBOL3 Modules ... Get help with R3's module system [web-public]
(stupid typos in recent messages - bad keyboard or fingers, can't 
figure out which)
Group: !REBOL3 Source Control ... How to manage build process [web-public]
another (possibly simpler) option for recent git on ubuntu is to 
use third-party packages. just add 
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/git-core/ppa/ubuntulucid main

to /etc/apt/sources.list, replacing "lucid" with the name or your 
distro. then do an `apt-get update` and `apt-get install git-core`
git works fine on recent solaris, freebsd, openbsd. and even aix 
and hp/ux.
I have all those systems, minus the word "recent".
I try to stay about 3-5 years behind "recent" in order to make the 
code work over the greatest range of systems.
Now someone should really write some short docs. This is so complex 
and surely was not created for normal mortal, who just wants to download 
few source files and build a distro? So I downloaded Tortoise Git, 
naively thinking this is all I need. No, so I installed Git preview 
version (not full msysGit). Now - what should I do? I created a directory 
called host-kit, right pressed mouse, and chose "create repository 
here" or something like that. Now once again I press right mosue 
button, and try either git-clone, or Git sync, but it does nothing 
... I think my problem might be (apart from being too dumb and not 
willing to spend tonnes of my free time with such complex stuff):

- I am required to have some kind of account at target site

- I don't have it somehow linked with SSH stuff (did not choose to 
use my putty installation during the installation phase)

How do I get the actual copy of R3 Host Kit? There might be plenty 
users as me, willing just to download recent sources, and build, 
not to commit anything ...
I want to achieve following workflow:

- new files are added

- files with the same name replace old ones (no mater if I edited 

- non-used files which are not part of the distro anymore, are deleted 
(no matter if I edited them)

- files which are not part of previous nor recent distro (e.g. my 
testing scripts) stay untouched ....
Also, it should be noted, that although most developers often use 
the most recent versions of their OS, most "normal users" do  not.

Or, said another way: I have friends who run businesses that just 
support very old operating systems for very large companies... e.g. 
ATT as an example.
Group: !REBOL3 Proposals ... For discussion of feature proposals [web-public]
we still need to add an extra if before the length? all the time.

its funny because the recent discussion on naming and *? words has 
made me realize that the length? and many others could in fact be 
altered to support this idiom if its done consistently.
yes, in such a sense (expensive change), I understand.  

I will wait for brian to step up and get his opinion.  I know we've 
spoken about this somewhat before, but not as head-on, for myself... 
 With the recent talk about naming, IMHO it has put a new light on 
the possibility for this to be a bit more appreciated, adding ? at 
the end would now mean something concrete.

let it be known that I do like errors, I am not against errors, I 
have been putting less and less error recovery in my code to make 
sure it crashes and I fix bugs early.

its just that I can see many if not most ****? functions (my own 
included) being truthy and this is very usefull to facilitate  control 
flow.  This, as oposed to always putting error handlers in places 
where the error is only used as a negative reply, for which we can 
supply, IMHO, a reasonable value/standard.
Group: Red ... Red language group [web-public]
Aren't these also supported in recent GCC releases?
I think Steve Shireman has done TCP stacks in the past. 

My only recent thought, related to OS dependencies and such, was 
what it would be like if your only interface to files was a memory 
mapped file interface. Thinking about languages and desktop/server 
systems, not the embedded stuff.
Regression from a recent change, you should get a compilation error 
saying that x is missing a return value.
While it's true that Qt is more portable than GTK, I'm not sure it's 
significant. The only phone platform I know that uses it is Meego, 
but Nokia has sidetracked that. Samsung's own phone platform in Bada, 
for example, uses GTK. There's also recent DirectFB support in GTK, 
while the Qt port to DirectFB is obsolete
Yes. Though some levels of access require more recent versions of 
Android. Fully native apps require 2.3 or above.
Go for 2.0, and you'll cover almost everything. Certain Red facilities 
could require more recent versions, but between 2.0 and 2.2 there 
were mostly just features added, as far as native code is concerned. 
If you support pre-2.3, you might as well set the baseline as far 
back as 2.0.
Geomol, the recent exploits of SSL don't affect TLS (at least 1.1 
iirc). So yes, we need to implement TLS, but maybe not SSL.
Yes, there's some screenshots in recent tweets on http://twitter.com/red_lang
A few points releting to recent posts:

Nenad is already working fulltime on Red.

He has already accepted contributions to the Red/System compiler 
from both Andreas and Oldes.

Finding bugs by using Red/System will help speed the process of Red 
especially as Nenad's current design is to generate Red/System code 
from Red.
Group: SQLite ... C library embeddable DB [web-public].
Recent SQLite versions use memory differently, but it isn't that, 
Group: World ... For discussion of World language [web-public]
Q: Does World compile into bytecodes (a la java) or machine languages?

A: Into bytecodes for the virtual machine. Each VM instruction is 
32 bytes (256 bits) including data and register pointers.

Q: Can you do operators with more or less than 2 arguments?

A: Not yet. I've considered post-fix operators (1 argument), and 
it shouldn't be too hard to implement. To motivate me, I would like 
to figure out some really good examples. With more arguments, I can 
only think of the ternary operator ("THE ternary operator"). I'm 
not sure, World needs that.

Q: Is range! a series! type?

A: No, range! is a component datatype. It has two components just 
like pair!.

Q: What platforms are supported?

A: For now Mac OS X (64 bit), Linux (32 bit) and Windows (Win32). 
The code is very portable. It took me a few hours to port to Linux 
from OS X and just a few days to Windows.

Q: What platforms do you plan to support in the future?

A: It would be cool to see World on all thinkable platforms. I personally 
don't have time to support all. World is not a hobby project, and 
I'm open for business opportunities to support other platforms. The 
host depending code is open source. I mainly think 64-bit.

Q: I'm a little sorry to see the R2-style port model instead of the 
R3 style. Are all ports direct at least?

A: Yes, ports are direct (no buffering). The ports and networking 
are some of the most recent implemented. More work is needed in this 
area. I would like to keep it simple and fast, yet flexible so we're 
all happy.

Q: What in the world is going on with the World Programming Language? 
This looks like something that must have been under wraps for a long 
time. What's getting released?

A: I didn't speak up about this, until I was sure, there were no 
show-stoppers. The open alpha of World/Cortex is being released as 
executables for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows (Win32), as are the platform 
dependent sources and initial documentation. World implement 74 natives 
and more than 40 datatypes. The Cortex extension (cortex.w) implement 
100 or so mezzanine functions and some definitions. The REBOL extension 
(or REBOL dialect in rebol.w) implement close to 50 mezzanine functions 
(not all functionality) and some definitions.

Q: Did you do some speed benchmark? (R3 vs R2 vc World) ?
A: Yes:

(All tests under OS X using R2 v. and R3 v.

- A mandelbrot routine (heavy calculations using complex! arithmetic) 
is 6-7 times faster in World than code doing the same without complex! 
in R2 and 11-12 times faster than R3. If using same code, it's 2.5 
times faster in World than R2 and 4.2 times faster than R3.
- A simple WHILE loop like:
n: 1000000 while [0 < n: n - 1] []

is 1.8 times faster in World than in R2 and 2.8 times faster than 
in R3.

- I tested networking in two ways. One sending one byte back and 
forth between client and server task 100'000 times using PICK to 
get it, and another sending 1k bytes back and forth 10'000 times 
using COPY/PART to get it from the port. Both were around 3 times 
faster in World than in R2. (I didn't test this in R3.)

- I tested calling "clock" and "tanh" routines in the libc library. 
I called those routines 1'000'000 times in a loop and subtracted 
the time of the same loop without calling. Calling "clock" is 2.4 
times faster in World than in R2. Calling "tanh" (with argument 1.0) 
is 5.9 times faster in World than in R2. (I didn't test this in R3.)

(Some functions are mezzanines in World, which are natives in REBOL, 
so they'll in most cases be slower in World.)
llvm-gcc support has been dropped in the most recent LLVM release 
(3.0), so definitely use clang whenever you can.
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