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world-name: r3wp

Group: Ann-Reply ... Reply to Announce group [web-public]
probably not, but why not outline the planned future? R3 is alpha, 
and it should be treated as such. R3 adds nice stuff - unicode, modules, 
control of boot sequence, devices, codecs, etc. Robert might face 
the questions of recent REBOL status anyway ....
I downloaded the archive before the retraction and it does have very 
recent source files in it ...
Group: !AltME ... Discussion about AltME [web-public]
You may recall a recent tweet of his finding a lot of Amiga relics 
in his basement .. so he's going to sell them
I manually removed altme from my Ubuntu netbook today as 1.1.29 would 
neither connect nor uninstall  -  is it worth trying again with a 
more recent release, or should I just use this ole windoze box (with 
1.2.25) and spare myself  the aggravation?
Is anyone using AltMe from linux (like a recent Ubuntu)? I moved 
to linux for 90% of things but I can't run altme there, and rebol 
view crashes also. I didn't look into depth of why..
It works fairly well on recent Ubuntu, although the fonts are better 
on some other distros
you made me banned from that fake rebol school  group you are so 
proud of but the truth is henrik tha recent  rebol project submited 
to rtebol.org are just toys far from a cheyene!
Group: Core ... Discuss core issues [web-public]
The recursive calls limit used to be quite low (150-200 calls), has 
that limit been extended in recent 2.7.x versions?
with the recent change of issue  to word base type, this becomes 
even more usefull.
Hmm, rambo only goes to 4402 for me here. Most recent doesn't show 
your ticket.
Group: View ... discuss view related issues [web-public]
i haven't checked the recent versions... but browse used to just 
call /usr/bin/netscape (or variants of that) on unix.
not that I've added anything in recent years
Darn..  =P   I was taking it as, for polygon, the line would be the 
first color and the inside would be the second.

Are there any more recent draw docs, then, so I don't get overly 
confused like this time?
Also, while Carl was the original creator or REBOL, he isn't the 
only creator. A lot of the work was delegated or done for hire by 
others, and (especially for recent releases) most of those others 
are still here to answer questions and help people.
Group: Announce ... Announcements only - use Ann-reply to chat [web-public]
you can watch rebol.com changes here - http://www.rebol.com/recent.html
Group: !RebGUI ... A lightweight alternative to VID [web-public]
you will find it in the RebGUI directory on xpeers

 ... got it the first time, just making sure I was looking at the 
 most current version. FYI, tooltips had me baffled for a long time 
 (they worked for you, consumed tons of CPU for me) until I realized 
 they were only a problem with the new tab-panel implementation ... 
 which now stores all tabs in a pane and uses the show? attribute 
 to work out which one is visible or not (the original stored hidden 
 tabs in a data block). The fix was simple, change the tooltip code 
 to ignore faces with show?: false.

strip tree widget from drop-tree

 ... the tree widget I'm working on is similar to text-list but with 
 leading triangles (indented by level) that toggle between sideways 
 (close leaf) and down (open leaf). Not sure whether Cyphre's one 
 is based on the same [simple] concept.

Can we somehow align while you do RebGUI 2?

 ... as discussed previously (see post from 10-Mar), with the key 
 points being:

 1) Use (and possible extension) of global UI settings (colors, sizes, 
 effects, behaviors) in %rebgui-ctx.r

 2) Widgets should define a 'rebind func if they need to change a 
 statically bound UI setting (e.g. color)
	3) Use the new tab-panel widget

and a fourth:

 4) Layout uses 'tip (not 'tooltip) to specify the widget's tip string!

Note that the current build has had most widget-specific exceptions 
removed, especially from %rebgui-edit.r; and that /dialog (hence 
popup) code has been rewritten to support true modal dialogs (that 
can in turn call additional modal dialogs). The later improvements 
are courtesy of recent REBOL/VIew popup changes.
%create-distribution.r should make the widget merge pretty easy.

Recent changes hopefully make the %area.r caret error trap redundant 
(if not, I'll add that in with the next build)
What extra refinements do you have for display?
That is recent...(and good to hear from you)
ana  button call for anamonitor wich helps me to debugging and no 
my list-view don't works anymore with recent rebgi version (it was 
done with rebgui 0.36 ... )
I am trying to adapt Cyphre's old grid to recent RebGUI requirements. 
I got myself past color adaptation, so actually I can get it displayed, 
internally it returns correctly API function results, but I need 
to adapt to event handling. I am facing two problems:

- editing, double-click etc do not work
- during some actions as resizing I get following error:

** Script Error: action has no refinement called on-click
** Where: set-data
** Near: face/action/on-click face

I looked into: help ctx-rebgui/widgets/grid/action, but those funcs 
are not set. Is there any need to set those function for particular 
widget? I looked at some other styles as e.g. button, but button 
is not using its face/action/on-click either, so I am a bit confused 
It was a recent change, don't remember when it happened exactly.
MaxV,  this works perfectly for me on Ubuntu 10.04.1, using your 
rebol.deb installer - I ran Ubuntu directly from the CD created using 
the most recent Ubuntu download, installed REBOL using your Ubuntu 
package, and ran this script.  Perhaps your version of RebGUI is 
different than mine?  This version loads rebgui.r from an http:// 

rebol []
do http://re-bol.com/rebgui.r
font1: make face/font [
    name: "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont/FreeSans.ttf"
    size: 11
    style: [italic bold]
example: compose [
    font (font1)
    pen red
    text "Hello World!"
display "Example" [
    style 20x20 data [
        box snow 100x100 effect [
            draw example
I downloaded the source codes for RebGUI but it looks it is not the 
latest version.

Many of the functions & styles are totally different in rebgui-92396.zip 
(source from codeplex) and in B117 (from dobeash website).
Is there any more recent version somewhere?
Group: !REBOL3-OLD1 ... [web-public]
Note; with the recent blog post; this basic-test-engine.r  may wel 
become part of the build-basic-test-engine-scripts.r reflective test 
generator.  As Carl points out; these are not better than human written. 
 They may cover more bases but still require a lot of attention to 
detail.   My interest in all this is mainly to keep Carl and RT away 
from the potato peeling work, freeing them for building new things. 
This works in recent versions of REBOL:
   somefunc: func [x] [print pick series/:x]
note the ":" before the "x"
Yup. There is a lot to learn there, and the number one lesson is 
this: they did it with what was there already, no plugins. If we 
want REBOL in web browsers, we are going to have to look somewhere 
other than Google for inspiration. Still, some of their recent behavior 
has some clues. Look at Gears - they are clearly recognizing that 
networks aren't reliable or fast enough to count on consistency. 
That's why they are promoting local storage.
He posted this Monday, and am not sure it would hurt to publish it:

Delay in upload caused by:

1. Resize needed some more work.  That has been done, and it is much 
better.  We will probably see a few more bugs, and may still want 
to make some general adjustments.  The main idea of resize has changed 
from earlier VID releases. I will write a DocBase page on it to explain 
how it works and why I changed it. 

2. A few styles broke in recent changes. These need to be fixed. 
Should only take a few hours.

3. A few weeks ago, when making larger changes, I removed some of 
the compound styles. I want to add back at least one or two, probably 
LIST for text lists at minimum.
Graham - as far as my understanding goes, it actually can be released 
without the finished Core. Maybe few fixes to View kernel will be 
needed (especially if we want Unicoded display), but it can be imo 
released with recent Core.
What happened to the stuff Carl was working on to increasing the 
power of the GUI by making it more webpage-like - by incorporating 
services into the widgets? I have not heard any recent talk of these 
I think we're doing pretty well on catching bugs and getting things 
redone and simplified that are too hard to work with. Carl needs 
a lot of convincing in this department, and will ask me if there 
isn't a different way to do the same thing. He needs convincing that 
his code or methods are too hard to work with, but when there is 
a change, it's usually a great one, such as the recent addition of 
multiple draw blocks for the same style.

So I think he will want to interfere, unless it's a component that 
I wrote that works flawlessly, is perhaps 4-5 lines of code and I 
didn't mention any problems in developing it. :-)

We're two people catching bugs a little faster than Carl can fix 
them. When the situation becomes opposite, then probably there will 
be another release or more people added.
Henrik - do we have anything like "anchor"? I do remember, from Romano' 
s styleset resizing model, that you could anchor your element to 
some other, and it stayed that way. Maybe it is not needed with recent 
resizing model?
I suggested to Carl to consider KDE 4 aproach. It was in development 
few years, and it seeemed like there is no end to this. So the team 
decided to cut some features for 4.1 and later, mark recent state 
as 4.0, and release it. They were criticised, but I do understand 
their motives. Those are mainly psychological - release, and never 
look back. Use current one. Are there bugs? OK, let's fix them, and 
go ahead ...
kib2, go to http://curecode.org/rebol3/view-tickets.rsp

and filte by "Recent changes". The gray entries are the changes.
Good, because Carl has shifted his priorities for now to helping 
me by fixing errors that are blocking me. He asked me to change all 
of my worst pet peeves in CureCode to urgent last night, and he accepted 
almost all of my recent work in DevBase. GATHER hasn't made it in 
yet though - I am explaining its need to him now.
I had another request to join R3 discussion. Couldn't some interim 
solution being made, e.g. refusing names with special chars? Returning 
error would be enough for ppl to know they ought to choose different 
name, no? Because - recent solution was meant to be interim one, 
but it typically became permanent one, without any resolution of 
when actually it gets fixed ...
Just wanted to look-up some info about ReBin, as it is mentioned 
in recent March R3 plan, and found out following article:


Pity it is almost 4.5 year old one. Hopefully we get it in upcoming 
months, as some features were really planned for ... sooooooo long 
Recent Flash releases are the thing to beat. If we aren't at least 
as secure as Flash, consider R3 to be malware.
Henrik:<I can only emphasize the importance of submitting Curecode 

If you look at some very recent bug reports (numbers 700 -- 799), 
over half of them have been resolved, often within days
    46 built and/or tested (ie fixed) 
     8 dismissed (not actual bugs)

There seems no better time to report R3 problems than now!

The rest are Reviewed, Deferred or Waiting.....So still on the action 
These functions have been part of the recent debate over series! 
and its types...
It's a recent bug fix. Wait, isn't STRICT-EQUAL? supposed to be EQUIVALENT? 
plus a datatype check? Then if EQUIVALENT? already does zone math 
I vote that STRICT-EQUAL? do zone math and SAME? do precise equivalence.
Most of Fork's recent complaint about tag! in R3 came down to not 
making the distinction between "join" (JOIN and REJOIN) and "adjoin" 
(AJOIN). If he had been around for the discussion that led to the 
creation of the AJOIN function it woldn't have been a problem :(
Carl asked me to ask, what is general opinion to my suggestion - 
to remove parse /all refinement altogether. Current proposal is to 
swith parse by default to /all mode for block rules, and to recent 
default behaviour for string rule. As for myself I don't mind compatibility, 
so I prefer removing /all refinement and switching pase internally 
to /all mode ....
I would wait 6-12 months at least with using R3 in production apps, 
particularly if you are betting on advanced high level things like 
GUI. Development could start now, but R3 is not near feature freeze 
yet. Many moving targets and bugs remain. Cyphre is supposed to give 
the graphics engine another overhaul. We are also missing many docs 
for painless porting of R3 to other OS'es.

BTW: Carl has mentioned before that some things are needed for beta. 
I'm not sure the recent blog post is a good indication that R3 is 
anywhere near beta. I read it more like "this is a necessary 3.0 
Just edited the parse proposals, based on recent discussions. Added 
a STAY proposal, renamed EITHER 2 to THEN, added the controversy 
to the priorities section.
Cyphre is waiting for the C code alignment. He does not have recent 
sources for View. If I understand him correctly, he has to wait for 
the Host code release ...
it's an willing change of the design from Carl, long time ago.
It's not recent.
Brian: I judge situation upon recent experience! Networking protocols 
are NOT delivered by anyone for something like 3 years. So "it can 
be" means nothing for me, especially for the low-level C code of 
certain quality. How many C coders do we have here? How many of them 
are able to write the code, which would be accepted by Carl to be 
included in official distro?
If we did not get single networking protocol in 3 years, no single 
fix to http protocol (and we are talking mezzanine level here), WHEN 
do you expect, that feature like SSL/TLS, https could appear for 
R3? That is my only worry here. I am not agains the delivery by some 
"third party", I am just worried judging by recent experience ...
guys, to make things clear for me - recent efforts - if someone reports, 
that R3 compiles on system XY, does it mean that we are able to build 
R3 on such a platform = it is build and usable on such a platform? 
Or are we reporting that Carl is able to compile just DLL on a target 
Group: !Cheyenne ... Discussions about the Cheyenne Web Server [web-public]
I wonder if the /lines is a recent refinement or if I just never 
noticed it.
BTW.. did any of you see the recent discussions about Unicorn ( a 
pure Unix philosophy webserver - that uses pool of processes .. etc.. 
very interesting blogposts in any manner, I can find links if anyone 
is interested. It reminded me a little on cheyenne too, although 
Unicorn has no async I think)
I had a problem to start the recent cheyenne version as a service 
after encapping.
I got always crash.logs that it could not find some files.
After manually copying the files it works.
Can it be that in .cache.efs the new features are not included?
It seems that the PID file location recent change was a bad move, 
/var/run is by default only writable by root...To workaround that, 
user should create a sub-folder as root and then chown it to the 
application user to allow it to write PID files there : http://serverfault.com/questions/159334/what-permission-to-write-pid-file-in-var-run
Also, the version I have still says "> Catched Error <" which might 
read better as "> Caught Error <". That may be in recent versions.
I do see the asymmetry on our server. I have also had cases, though, 
where the number of workers went above eight or to zero. I'm not 
sure if that is still happening with the recent version
SQLite use to have issues handling concurrent writes (data corruption 
could happen), I don't know if recent versions improved that or not.
If you upgraded from a really older version, you might get some issues 
with the libraries loading from app-init.r as DO behaviour was changed 
in more recent versions.
Right, I should also recompile it with a more recent version of msvcrt 
library I guess.
Group: !CureCode ... web-based bugtracking tool [web-public]
I sort by recent changes, comments show up as such changes. But not 
comment modifications though.
About server failures, my server is pretty solid (SSD drives, recent 
hw) and full DB backups are done every day by a batch script on a 
remote  machine (my local home server, a Eeebox ;-)).
I've changed the format of the GUID field in RSS feeds, so you'll 
get duplicate entries for the recent changes, just ignore them or 
delete the old ones.
Group: !REBOL3 Priorities ... Project priorities discussion [web-public]
So far, that is - see recent blogs for details.
Group: !REBOL3 Schemes ... Implementors guide [web-public]
The .rlp version is more than 2 years old, the .r is more recent 
and works.
but that would be _my_ answer to your recent read/as concerns
All the recent scheme work makes me want to jump in and see if we 
can make a nice scheme dialect. :-)
that's gone in the recent rev anyway
the most recent version doesn't currently fetch messages, yes
Ok, good... then I'll start with IMAP... since it's more recent.
Kaj - you misunderstood. What BrianH imo means is just general note, 
not any recent activity :-) Last R3 activity of Carl is almost 3 
months old imo ...
Group: !REBOL3 GUI ... [web-public]
BrianH: there are more changes planned, no? Like adding layers, etc. 
Henrik summed it up somewhere, maybe he can repost. And as far as 
I remember - the changes might influence your code, so I am not sure 
if it is good to do any GUI related work in recent VID state ...
Many recent operating systems support multitouch, including Mac OS 
X, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Ubuntu 
(since version 7.10), Google's Android, Palm's webOS and Xandros. 
Application frameworks such as MT4j (Multi-touch for Java) and PyMT, 
a Python module that supports multitouch, have also been developed.
I wonder what would be needed for transition effects, as e.g. PowerPoint 
has ... to slide away screen or its elements in various ways. There 
is some basic effect -fly-out - in recent R3 gui demo, but dunno 
if it is interchangeable
those things you mention (more styles) can be done even in recent 
VID state? Do you regard architecture being stable? E.g. - I remember 
you (and me too) did not like max-size. But it is basis of Carl's 
resizing model calculation. So no fear of later changes on your side?
With recent alphas, Is there a way to run GUI scripts with no console 
window open? I guess not ...
The morphic AA looks nicer though I wouldn't see any big difference 
if the pictures were shown separately to me. Also I haven't found 
any details..just couple of screenshot comparions with Inkscape. 
The author is not mentioning a word about preformance etc. As Pekr 
said AGG have already good quality and imo there will be 'slight' 
visual difference between Morphic unless you start comparing pixels.

Also don't forget there is not only antialiasing in play. AGG uses 
very vell written vector graphic 'framework' packed with features. 
All the new algorithms presented in recent years are still missing 
that part.

But I agree. If Morphic(or whatever else) will offer faster&better 
quality AA it should be possible to write custom rasterizer/renderer 
module(simmilar as the special Flash rasterizer) so it can be used 
inside AGG framework.
Group: !REBOL3 ... [web-public]
There is an unheard of (for RT) transparence of work done on the 
website (http://www.rebol.com/recent.html). A cynic might think, 
though, that it can surely be only a matter of time until that page 
is locked down and protected and whatnot.
Why is REBOL3/Docs Recent changes subpage protected by password? 
This page is essential to me, as well as recent changes page on wiki. 
This is the only way to find out, if there is something new happening 
Does anyone know, if protecting R3 Docs Recent changes site is intentional? 
It served me well to look into new stuff.
The only news is recent Twitter post: "AltME.com website, DNS, WNS, 
and various other changes quite disruptive today, but should settle 
down soon."
Note that the ticket was marked as a problem, not dismissed (yet). 
The problem was explained in the comments, and more thoroughly now 
in my more recent reply there.
The Core version was released experimentally a few days; View is 
more recent.
Interesting idea, Graham. It's not that dissimilar to the recent 
proposal that EMPTY? take none. CureCode it :)
So, has there been *any* recent physical progress on R3 in recent 
weeks ?
Yup, there is no point to reporting task! bugs yet, they all get 
deferred. But not deferred very long, if recent indications are true 
extra == "plus". In a recent CC bug Carl for example mentioned having 
LAST? in core and moving SINGLE? to plus, if it is still wanted.
Main changes so far, relative to my recent work:

- A different code style which Carl thinks will be easier to read 
and maintain (mostly using CASE/all).

- Some of the more awkward repeating code patterns have been split 
out into functions, which in some cases will be made native.

- The API of LOAD has been simplified, though is more flexible. Its 
behavior with no options is the same, but some options have changed.

- Some functions are renamed, and some code has been moved from function 
to function (this was expected).

- The sys and lib contexts take the role previously planned for the 
exports context and module-tools mixin, though the usage is the same.

- Fewer functions will be exported into lib than I was expecting. 
The short names of the lib and sys contexts enable this.
Those first three were tricks that I couldn't do, because I don't 
set the standard APIs and don't write the natives. But the core semantics 
are quite similar to my recent work.
What are the registered filetypes in the more recent builds? What 
is the consequence of a file type being registered? Is there any 
No, core works for me for now, and all of my contributions in the 
recent round have been mezzanine, and native testing. I'll start 
working on the higher-level host kit code more when the lower-level 
code I have been working on is done.
I'm sure that you had other objectives as well when you got involved 
in the most recent parse project 6 or 7 months after it started. 
Were you involved in the first round of parse proposals about 6 years 
ago? I remember Gabriele making a page for them after they had been 
discussed for a while, but not whether the initial discussions were 
here or on the mailing list.
Your recent work on the project has been much appreciated.
Pharo Smalltalk implements two methods as    isNaN    but has no 
such class  and  I no longer see NotANumber in Cincom Visual Works 
Smalltalk so that covers a new Smalltalk implementation ( Pharo )and 
a very mature implementation ( VW ).  Two recent languages to check: 
might be Falcon and Io ( falcon is not yet 1.0 at falconpl.org )
It's probably time to reactivate my Git hostkit mirror, and update 
it with those recent sources ...
As for #1434 (and your most recent code example), I would prefer 
to have lit-words and lit-paths be consistently active values (the 
way lit-words are in R3 now) for the same reasons you proposed #1881 
and #1882. This means having them convert to word and path when they 
are evaluated instead of just gotten. But if you would prefer them 
to be a special case like parens (the way lit-paths are in R3 now), 
that would work for me too as long as that is the case for both lit-words 
and lit-paths - it would make them a little easier to work with.
This is by far the longest period of Carl's disappearance, IIRC. 
The reasons we can only speculate about - some personal/family difficulcies, 
burn-out to the REBOL topic, new daily job, which does not   left 
you with much energy and free time to do some other stuff, REBOL 

We tried to get Carl's answer on R3 Chat, only with sporadic answer 
of recent Carl's job. But no answers to "what's next" for the REBOL. 
The reasons might be various again - Carl is willing to proceed, 
he just dosn't have time/energy. He is most probably not willing 
to open-source the project either, which gets us into kind of schizophrenic 
situation - no open-source, no progress either. If Carl would know 
the answer to what's next for REBOL question, he would already share 
it with us. But he did not do so, yet, which is a bit disappointing 
of course.

As for a phone call - I don't know - I would not call him, as it 
could get him into feeling, that we push him to give us an answer, 
which he might not have right now. But - I think that call from some 
friend, e.g. Reichart, would be accepted differently. But then - 
we can't push anyone to do anything, and from few weeks old discussion 
I think that Reichart does not necessarily feel urge to do such a 
thing, which is OK too.

So ... we wait ... and RED progresses at least, so hopefully in the 
end, there is still the chance that we will see the light in the 
end of the tunnel :-)
Group: Core ... Discuss core issues [web-public]
Andreas, the recent SQL standards call this operation MERGE, partly 
because UPSERT sounds terrible.
Ladislav, does not POKE DATA parameter already accept argument of 
any type ?  ( I checked only Rebol3 alpha 76 (not most recent) and 
Group: !REBOL3 Proposals ... For discussion of feature proposals [web-public]
So even the FOREACH workaround would be enough to prompt a change 
now. For that matter, the most recent module system rewrite was specifically 
for that reason. The new module system doesn't do anything that the 
pre-108 rewrite didn't do, but it is easier to use. Easy by default 
is the top priority.
isn't this a recent change?
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