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world-name: r3wp

Group: Announce ... Announcements only - use Ann-reply to chat [web-public]
run the script. it needs some mb  sprites, which i get from another 
website. http://reinerstileset.4players.de/T_dino_green.zipand http://reinerstileset.4players.de/Tblue knight.zip 

when you run it, it makes a %sprites/ - folder in its dir. unzip 
the sprites in folders, %T_dino_green.zip in T_dino_green/ etc. and 
put these folders in the %sprites/-folder .

click "zum spiel" and avoid the dino.. (or, ctrl+cursor  swings sword 
Group: Rebol School ... Rebol School [web-public]
Vlad, Good to know that there is other people involved in old computers 
I'm always coding for MSX computers . 

Last year, with Rebol, i tried to simluate the PSG AY family (sound 
processor of MSX) and  an old game (GALAGA).

I think Rebol is perfect to construct toolsets for that purpose (graphics/maps/patterns/sprites 
editors, asm preprocessor).
(see http://www.rebol.org/search.r?find=guest2&form=yes)
Group: Rebol/Flash dialect ... content related to Rebol/Flash dialect [web-public]
Was just checking it a little bit, and it looks that the mtasc is 
pretty complicated. First action script I wanted to compile using 
mtasc was not compiled successfully:) The biggest difference is, 
that the mtasc is only ActionScript compiler, but in my dialect one 
can compile everything (shapes, sprites, images, sound). You must 
use swfmill or how they call it to compile such a things (and it's 
using XML so I thing it's not much useful for making complete application 
in it (as I do).
First of all, I must say, that there are two main parts of the dialect, 
one which are related to making shapes and sprites in the timelines 
(processed by rswf/tag-rules) and actions (in doAction and DoInitAction 
tags and as a part of Actions subtag in placing sprites and in button 
events) - This is processed by rswf/actions-parser
I would like to create something like a rebol/flash vid in a future. 
and what I can say is, that I don't like the visual IDE too much 
for coding. All the actions on different frames and in different