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world-name: r4wp

Group: #Red ... Red language group [web-public]
I need to add support for Syllable, I have the right doc from Kaj 
for that, so no problem.

For Darwin, I would need the right stack layout description on starting 
a new process, I haven't found yet a recent and official description 
for that, just a lost page in google's cache from 2009: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:4zQ0NwtOKdsJ:blogs.embarcadero.com/eboling/2009/10/13/5620+MacOSX+stack+layout+on+start&cd=4&hl=fr&ct=clnk&gl=fr
A recent story about PayPal, with advice: http://elliotjaystocks.com/blog/good-riddance-paypal/
The reply from the PayPal CEO: http://ndy.gd/JJgB
Pekr: you should look at our more recent posts, the first string 
I posted had the wrong codes. The right string is:

Dobr^(FD) den sv^(011B)t
Doc, with recent discussions about Unicode, I wonder if we will have 
strong binary type, and myriads of to-* REBOL-like functions for 
various conversions between the types?
I think most SD problems are solved with recent boot loaders, anyway.
Or rather, our grandchildren might, barring further extensions of 
the copyright terms. I suppose that Ada Lovelace's work and maybe 
Jaquard loom programs have fallen into the public domain, but the 
rest of the public domain code was released to the public domain 
explicitly. Almost the entire history of computing is more recent 
than Steamboat Willy.
I was really careful to make extensions support mixed-language multi-modules. 
For that matter, with my recent patches it even supports same-language 
But Windows seems to be quite permissive in recent versions, so a 
GUI app can also be started from DOS console.
Actually, not all of the memories were bad. In recent years I was 
thinking of making sure R3 would run on a set of libraries that enables 
Windows apps on DOS, but at the moment I'm having trouble finding 
the link/name of those libraries.
Daniel, thanks for testing. The GTK error is recent; I reported it 
last week or so. But I didn't get the float error with it, which 
makes me think I need to add back FPU initialisation to it
Recent Red tweet: "All path datatypes (path!, lit-path!, set-path!, 
get-path!) implemented. "
In fact, what I think is, that Saphirion was really close to the 
GUI engine, which adressed most of what we wanted to solve by VID2 
to VID3 transition. It was just not polished. And because of that, 
ppl did not find it attractive enough to play with. And that's a 
real pity. Anyone doing native platform GUI will make me to close 
that demo at first sight, easy as that. Doc is in kind of difficult 
situation - as we can see, many former/recent rebollers are still 
interested in View like engine. The same reason why Doc dismissed 
LLVM in Carl's blog post, the same reason many will dismiss attempts 
to link to GTK, Enlightenment, etc - I don't want to use 5+MB crap 
@Doc : About the R2/R3/Red console enhancements, I've always missed 
the MS way to move/select  from left to right (on a word by word 
basis - MOVING on a word-by-word is CTRL+left / right Arrow and adding 
the SHIFT key in combination with the CTRL means SELECT - it's that 
simple) but going to the beginning or ending of the line is at least 
a welcome start ... if we want to go this way - and then going right 
or left on a character basis - as is for now!  And for right-handed 
ppl it would also be welcome to restore the old MS way of handling 
the current left-handed ppl to do CTRL-X / C / V  - which were CTRL-DEL 
or SHIFT-DEL / CTRL-Insert / SHIFT-Insert - but this kind of thing 
I can add myself when time comes ... it's just a matter of being 
more productive - it's far from being a "caprice des Dieux". For 
opponents : If you've never experimented it - you then never used 
it either on a regular basis and you can't catch why I regret this 
not being supported anymore in recent MS software too ... but this 
is deceptive either from them since it costs so few to leave it there 
in the first place. However I must admit that on my iPhone and other 
mobile tools I will miss it in anyway - until I code my own keyboard 
for this use too !!!
Bo - Most recent Red talk here (remastered, subtitled), current status: 
My first reaction was the same as Endo and Bolek, because I'm used 
to the way it is. I rarely have to alias a loop counter for access 
outside the loop, and I like the language being smart enough to help 
me, so I don't have to declare these things all the time, or worry 
about leakage.  However, my recent work on the idea of a new, general 
LOOP func (%mezz/new-loop.r here for those who didn't follow it) 
made me keenly aware of loop costs.

I've only had a few instances where it really mattered, but I've 
still almost always avoided FOR, for performance reasons.  Doc thinks 
things through carefully, and he has already said that FUNCTION could 
probably be smart enough to handle things for us, but we would have 
to consider how that works, to avoid environment dependent behavior. 
And how it affects very simple map/filter funcs. That is, do those 
one-liners now need /local specs.
Sadly the recent (March 2013) TextPad v7 release doesn't fix this 
I thought about it already as one of the ways to produce a shared 
lib, in some of my recent scripts there's already a `Type: 'dll` 
header field, but `library` is probably nicer. I will implement support 
for it when I'll find time as it's a minor feature.
BTW, Arnold's and XieQ's work, and my own recent struggling with 
1-based Red/System low-level issues are hints that I need to reconsider 
1-base vs 0-base indexing in Red/System. Low-level algorithms are 
not 1-base friendly.
Group: Announce ... Announcements only - use Ann-reply to chat [web-public]
I've updated the Red(/System) test binaries. Instructions are in 
my recent Syllable article:
Red has a new platform, Android for x86 processors, so I added it 
to the downloads of example programs:


The Android programs for both ARM and x86 include the recent fixes 
to the Red Android port, so they have a better chance of working 
now. I would still like someone to test them.

All example programs for other platforms have also been rebuilt with 
the latest Red enhancements and fixes.
Group: Ann-Reply ... Reply to Announce group [web-public]
until something is tested in court (in your country) its dangerous 
to assume.    Goggle's recent java API court issues shows how you 
can get in trouble over things which even seem pretty clear.
I created a "Licensing" group to move the licensing-related discussions 
to, so as to free up Ann-Reply again to discuss other more recent 
Group: Rebol School ... REBOL School [web-public]
Arnold, I've been using sound in a recent app with with 
no issues (on XP too). I use a version of Nick's code http://musiclessonz.com/rebol_tutorial.html.
Look for "play-sound"
Not really fair, you redefine the throw word and expect it to work 
as is ?

Your function got the same problem on my pc, except it occurs at 
the execution time.
** Script Error: Cannot use path on integer! value
** Where: tail-call
** Near: throw/name none 'tail-cal
or maybe you have a new version right now

(Actually I have problems with Altme to synchronize with some recent 
posts I can't see all of them currenly)
Group: !Syllable ... Syllable free operating system family [web-public]
0.6.7 has REBOL 3, a recent Boron and ORCA on board
If it's anything like the recent VirtualBox, you probably have to 
change the hardware emulation from a SATA disk controller to an ATA 
Group: Web ... Anything related to the WWW [web-public]
(from #Red) - Arnold, which version of Make Doc are you using? I've 
many iterations of MD that I've hacked away at over the years, perhaps 
I'll have something that will be easier to hack?  Most recent version 
I put together for the 'Notes For the Road' site, has some nice features 
- currently hacking at it again for a more ambitious QM project...
Group: !REBOL3 ... General discussion about REBOL 3 [web-public]
Is the r3-gui available on the Saphirion site download section the 
most recent version? It's from March this year, and I seem to remember 
some activity on it after that point.
In case anyone wants R3 builds from most recent source without going 
through the hassle of building itself:

- OSX x86: http://bolka.at/2012/rebol3/r3-2.5-845b60a0
- Win32 x86: http://bolka.at/2012/rebol3/r3-3.1-845b60a0.exe
- Linux x86: http://bolka.at/2012/rebol3/r3-4.4-845b60a0
Do you think that it is feasible to change the current zlib to a 
more recent version or something else that is better? Keep in mind 
that I would want that zip:// scheme to exist eventually, even if 
I have to write it myself.
Oh, I was getting it mixed up with the recent successful IDE launch 
on Kickstarter. Let me check.
What that pull request more recent than 24-Jan-2013?

world-name: r3wp

Group: Ann-Reply ... Reply to Announce group [web-public]
I used http://blogsearch.google.com/-- searched for REBOL and sorted 
by date to see the most recent.
Group: !AltME ... Discussion about AltME [web-public]
Until the recent REBOL.net crashes I assumed the IOS servers I was 
using had proper backup. I learned otherwise [If we want to continue 
this, we could swap to an IOS group]
Gabriele -- I think I have a more relaxed definition of distributed.

it should have been possible to recreate all the public stuff (as 
Brock says) by reclaiming more recent messags from some of the more 
trsuted clients.

Private messages would be a little harder -- but stil not impossible 
with the right recovery code.

**ALL** the data still existed somewhere. Altme failed to re-collect 

The present set up seems totally fragile.  Dependant on a single, 
central server. That's so 20th Century :-)
you do know if you click on the "M" the most recent is at the top...
I have two altme clients open on two computers (XP & RH)  on my desk 
right now and the last  message in the "tech news"  on XP is Prkr 
from May 26, the laso on the red hat is Reichart from a few minutes 
ago. both computers are on the same university subnet with fast connections. 
I have tried the dot trick, and stopping and restarting the altme 
on xp to try and force it to pick up the more recent messages
without sucuess.
It looks to me like new people who join this world are not automatically 
made members of private groups. In fact, they probably won't even 
know what private groups exist,

But, equally, the members of private groups have no easy way of telling 
who the recent world members are, so it is often hard to review them 
for potential membership.
Is there a way to resolve that?
Group: RAMBO ... The REBOL bug and enhancement database [web-public]
I've tried the recent linux alpha on Fedora Core 2 (redhat) and it 
works great - seems to be a debian base issue - has anyone tried 
it on a sarge build?  I've tested an old woody build and a new woody 
build with the same hang result.
[unknown: 10]:
With rebview (linux) im getting sometimes this during 
startup -> 
Type "desktop" to start desktop.
WARNING: CALL function enabled in this version.
To see most recent beta changes, type: changes?
>> REBOL console error (1)
REBOL console error (1)
REBOL console error (1)
REBOL console error (1)
REBOL console error (1)
Cal found a fun little bug with Select/Skip when using it on a string. 
 Here's the shortest code snippet that we've come up with to reproduce 
the problem.  Only copy and paste this into a console session that 
you don't mind killing cause it is going to lock up...  Tested on 
Win2K with the latest stable release, Command and recent betas...

select/skip {"<a><mm></mmmmf>"} "foo" 2
This is a rebol error message - "*** Boot Error %d" appears in a 
recent rebview.exe - but I think the error code 951 is being passed 
to rebol from an OS call.
Group: Core ... Discuss core issues [web-public]
sort/compare/all/skip  -- will crash earlier versions of REBOL...One 
reason not to use blocks.
It should work with recent versions.  Is that your problem, Petr?
recent versions will not complain in this case (GET accepts NONE 
(needs recent rebol for the [integer!]-part)
Group: Script Library ... REBOL.org: Script library and Mailing list archive [web-public]
I think Ingo means letting the ML know what's happening on REBOL.org. 
But isn't that the case already with the "[REBOL.org] Recent changes" 
As Reichart says somewhere, Altme REBOL3 is great for quick problem 
solving. But you have to find it first. Like most of the REBOLsphere 
it is close to invisible

(eg eFishAnt's recent serach for a REBOL hex editor. They exist: 
but can you find them?)

REBOL.org is just about the only exception to the invisibleness of 
the REBOLsphere -- try looking in Google for
   script library
as an example.
I haven't had time to review your recent handiwork, and may not until 
after next week. If you don't get any response, ping again here as 
a reminder, and thanks for all your hard work Brian.
Group: View ... discuss view related issues [web-public]
'line-list is only used on "long 'text" face (more than 200 chars 
IIRC). Be carefull with it.

'span was used in View 1.2.1 to set a pixel ratio (zoom) between 
'offset, 'size and correspondng real screen values. I think recent 
beta/alpha does not care of it.

'saved-area is considered if  value is 'true IIRC.

'action is checked by 'feel function, so can be used if 'feel does 
not care of.

'data depends of  'feel too.

'type could be used. Only 'layout or other VID functions use it AFAIK
Group: I'm new ... Ask any question, and a helpful person will try to answer. [web-public]
I know I've been around for a while, but it's been so long since 
I submitted anything to the REBOL.org script library that all the 
rules have changed. So I'm new again :(

What headers should I add to the script to integrate it into the 
script library? I'd like to BSD license it - how do I indicate that? 
Are there any other headers that are necessary? How do I indicate 
that a minimum version of REBOL is required (Core compatible, but 
I use a few recent features)?

This is related to an extended version of the compress-source function 
I made for the Canvas section.
Group: Make-doc ... moving forward [web-public]
ha displace them oki like in recent text editors yes why not but 
I don't have the most little idea of how to concretise this ...
Ashley thank you very mutch for the tips ;) I will work on special 
adaptation to MDP format requirement on the redering process. Option 
tu use makedoc 2  sure but in this case your cute MD2IDE will be 
deprecated and I  doesn't want that... MDP and MD2 have similar form 
but diferent kind of rendering processs. I don't want to make a monster 
application ... I want to make a quick usefull little GUI to write 
aesyly MDP formated programs with lot of automation like save on 
quit, recent file list, etc...
Group: PDF-Maker ... discuss Gabriele's pdf-maker [web-public]
do you think that /Encoding /Differences [
200 /Ccaron
232 /ccaron

doesn't work because it's PDF-1.3  and in that example it's PDF 1.6, 
maybe this is more recent feature?
Group: MySQL ... [web-public]
It looks like the MySQL driver he's using is too old for his MySQL 
server. He should try with the latest version for newer servers: 

I haven't made it official as it does not work for older servers 
IIRC, and I also never found the time to fully test it with more 
recent ones.  But it should work correctly.
Group: Syllable ... The free desktop and server operating system family [web-public]
ABrowse is based on a recent version of the KHTML rendering engine 
from KDE's Konqueror
Group: Linux ... [web-public] group for linux REBOL users
Did you see Tim Johnson's recent messages on the ML?
Group: CGI ... web server issues [web-public]
<<Which version of core should I use>>

Use the most recent Core version that is supported on Red Hat and 

That way. you'll hit the least code incompatibilites when testing 
Group: !Readmail ... a Rebol mail client [web-public]
Though many scripts in the Library are just one script file plus 
one documentation file. That doesn't need to be a package:

The documentation can be in Makedoc or Makedoc2 format (plus some 
other formats too, like Nicomdoc)
You would REALLY want to upgrade Exchange to the most recent version. 
 A lot has been improved in 6 years.
Nicolas, try this:
do http://www.rebol.cz/~cyphre/scripts/r2/toys/imap-cli.r

this is very simple CLI for access to google IMAP server (others 
should work too).

Once you run it you can just type at thh prompt IMAP commands. Snippet 
of example session:

Script: "IMAP CLI in REBOL" (none)
{* OK Gimap ready for requests from 27if531665fxm.20
IMAP>>login user pass

A0001 OK [user-:-gmail-:-com] authenticated (Success)
IMAP>>examine inbox
{* FLAGS (\Answered \Flagged \Draft \Deleted \Seen)
* 5989 EXISTS
* OK [UIDNEXT 70472]
A0002 OK [READ-ONLY] inbox selected. (Success)

Hope this can be useful...
Group: Web ... Everything web development related [web-public]
I still work faster on vi(m) than nvu.. have tried that in a recent 
project... old habits die hard
Group: Announce ... Announcements only - use Ann-reply to chat [web-public]
Graham, Brock and Sunanda pointed me to have posted a wrong URL pointing 
to old versions of the files.
So here are the working ones:



These really should point to the most recent files in version 0.1.8 
now. Sorry, Graham and Brock (and potentially others, too) for the 
confusion I caused.
Group: SDK ... [web-public]
That's the latest one I use officially. There was/is a 2.6 Core beta 
I think, more recent, but not View. A new official SDK is a highly 
requested item.
Graham, multiple data streams are how Mac files are stored on Windows 
servers. Also, some antivirus programs use the extra streams for 
storing checksum data, some viruses for storing their payload, the 
system for storing file metadata, and various applications for obscure 
reasons. Any file copy program that ignores multiple data streams 
does so at the user's peril. Since there are few such programs written 
in REBOL (Carl's recent blog post notwithstanding), the lack of data 
stream support in REBOL isn't much of a problem for now.
Not always, just in recent years.
Group: !RebGUI ... A lightweight alternative to VID [web-public]
hmm.  this recent version seems buggy.
The recent downloads just contain updates and not the images.
was it discussed here before? Why recent Rebgui version takes 15MB? 
Playing a bit with demo and it is now 19,5MB after few minutes of 
usage ...
Group: !Uniserve ... Creating Uniserve processes [web-public]
Uniserve is not usable with recent async Core. It use the "old" async 
port system.
I have a much more recent version of UniServe almost ready to release, 
but docs are not updated and some of the protocols are still alpha. 
But with the current interest in UniServe, I'm thinking about releasing 
a beta version here this week.
I tried to contact him few days ago, and asked him for some more 
recent version. I somehow believe, that if he really uses it for 
his own stuff, he has to have some things fixed already :-)
Yes, the most recent version is newer httpd service which is called 
Cheynne :)
on-write is dissabled in the recent versions. Why?
Group: XML ... xml related conversations [web-public]
More recent and up-to-date (and used by the french community) is 
RUn : http://rebol-unit.sourceforge.net/
Group: DevCon2005 ... DevCon 2005 [web-public]
So it should work in recent versions of most open-source players. 
MPlayer, VLC, theoretically even Syllable...
Group: rebcode ... Rebcode discussion [web-public]
An optimizer does just the opposite: It converts the literal offset 
to a kind of virtual label statement (the difference being that the 
virtual one takes no space in the code); then after code insertions 
or deletes have happened, it changes the offsets to their new values, 
just like rerunning the fixup phase of the assembler. Of course optimizations 
like this can get a little more complicated when you have branch 
targets calculated at runtime - this was probably why they added 
BRAB and removed BRAW in the recent release, replacing general branch 
calculations with a simple lookup table.
Group: RT Q&A ... [RT Q&A] Questions and Answers to REBOL Technologies [web-public]
Hi .... with recent Rebcode releases, we can see that internally 
new Core is marked as 2.7 and View is marked as 1.4 Is it just working 
"title" or will those products be marked as that? And if so, can 
we know, what other changes will go for 1.4 View release target? 
Will there be any AGG fixes/additions (to support SVG RebGUI progress), 
or even VID changes? I still think, that VID is missing few fine 
styles as tab, group-box, better list as was introduced on IOS Developer's 
server, (eventually tree, menu), to allow novices to start using 
VID/View more productively. Any chance RT can tell us, what is the 
plan for 1.4 release?
Q: What does the world on Nov-15-2005 look like?

A: Our main goal is to get REBOL into the hands of more users, not 
just programmers and techies.... by the millions over time.  By doing 
that, we create a market for not only handy free REBOL apps, but 
also for commercial apps and entire businesses that are related to 

Q: Given that  window transparency is OS specific, will there be 
a dialect that covers both Windows, Linux and 40+ other OS?  In other 
words, does RT plan on continued support of so many languages, or 
are we entering a new era of specific OS support?

A: Our plan is to make that a window option that is part of the face/options 
for a window.  If an OS does not support this mode, then the option 
will be ignored, but the application will still be fully functional.

Q: I hope it is still valid that cooperation with RT is possible. 
I mean - last few weeks I play with some Win32 functions (thanks 
to Gregg) and I would like we would have proper app behavior in multi-monitor/multi-desktop 
environments .... so I wonder if any SIGs will be created, some ppl 
will be invited to participate, comment etc., or if RT is gonna cook 
it all themselves?

A: Yes, there are many such special interest projects currently going 
on. (Most of them are occurring via private projects in AltME and 
IOS.)  These days 90% of REBOL changes are done in cooperation with 
the REBOL community.

Q: Hi .... with recent Rebcode releases, we can see that internally 
new Core is marked as 2.7 and View is marked as 1.4 Is it just working 
"title" or will those products be marked as that? And if so, can 
we know, what other changes will go for 1.4 View release target? 
Will there be any AGG fixes/additions (to support SVG RebGUI progress), 
or even VID changes? I still think, that VID is missing few fine 
styles as tab, group-box, better list as was introduced on IOS Developer's 
server, (eventually tree, menu), to allow novices to start using 
VID/View more productively. Any chance RT can tell us, what is the 
plan for 1.4 release?

A: Regarding 2.7 and 1.4 question: we change the revision numbers 
(the second number) whenever there is a major change in REBOL that 
may be unstable.  The /core 2.7 kernel (that is in /view 1.4 as well) 
adds new datatypes to REBOL, and they are the first datatypes added 
in several years, so we consider this to be a major change, and marked 
it that way.
Yes, we do plan to be making a few AGG fixes very soon.

Oh, and regarding VID: we plan to be making very big changes there. 
More to come soon.

Q: Could you add struct! support to /Core?

I keep on having situations that would be made much easier by struct! 
when I don't need libraries. For instance, conversions from external 
binary data encodings to internal REBOL values, say for file formats, 
network protocols and so on. Now rebcode has added other forms of 
strong typing like the type-specific opcodes and the vectors. Having 
structs with their constrained field types, their specific data layouts, 
would be a perfect match for the low level operations of rebcode. 
They would be helpful later when implementing your own data types 
as well.

A: On structs: yes, we will enable this feature on core, but it should 
only be used for lower level code.  Objects are more powerful.

Q: Could you add an APPLY opcode to rebcode?

    apply: ["Apply function or path to arguments, save result" word! 
    word! | path! block!]

In rebcode:
    apply x f [arg1 arg2 ...]
Is equivalent to this in REBOL:
    x: do f arg1 arg2 ...

The advantage to doing function calls this way is that the arity 
of the opcode is fixed, even if the arity of the function called 
can't be known ahead of time. The value assigned to the function 
word could be either a function or a path, or for efficiency you 
could have a seperate opcode APPLYP for path values (I'd prefer just 
one opcode for generality but it's your call).

A: I'm not sure what is meant by the path for it. You mean for refinements?
That may actually slow down the apply interface.
Web-public already ---- True, but only for a month or three, depending 
on the Q&A rate.

shows only the most recent 300 messages.....Many web-public groups 
have "lost" a lot of valuable discussions that way. A more permanent 
and Google-friendly home is needed for much of this.
Group: Windows/COM Support ... [web-public]
Robert, on a recent project my app creates an xml file formatted 
with xml that Excel understands. It's a hassle but you can make very 
pretty spreadsheets that do just about all the formatting (so it's 
a far cry from CSV). I start with creatinga very small excel spreadsheet 
then saving as an xml file. Then I check out how they do the formatting. 
You can create multiple tabbed spreadsheets very easily this way. 
Doesn't do graphs though.
Group: Tech News ... Interesting technology [web-public]
A recent CDC study shows that less than a third of U.S. hospitals 
use electronic medical records, a situation that had dangerous repercussions 
in the chaos following Hurricane Katrina. It won't be easy--or cheap--to 
establish a secure, nationwide network that puts test results and 
prescriptions online, and allows national disease trends to be tracked. 
President Bush has proposed a $125 million budget for 2006 to develop 
EMR programs.
Pekr, I guess my reaction was due to this comment "Good old Jaime 
adheres to hype :-)", this is simply  not true. I recommended Rails 
because I liked the productivity boost that I got in a recent project, 
not because of its popularity.  I  have read about different Programming 
Languages and found that  each one  has its strengths and its weaknesses. 
But independent of this you can always learn a new technique that 
will expand your horizons..
OpenGL 3 announced - recent news on OSNews.com
I remember when Pentiums were the new Black, it was said the Colossus 
emulator (in C under windows, I guess) was far slower than the real 
thing (specialist hardware designed for the task on a war economy 

Looks like better languages, more modern hardware and (crucially) 
more recent algorithms means the Colossus can be finally retired:

I see that UNICON ( the language ) if yet to move to UNICODE in spite 
of its strong string handling and back-tracking features (co-routines, 

There are remarkable similarities to REBOL ( ignoring its use of 
keywords such as &pos )
A recent variant is converge from Lawrence Tratt

Of course there is a big ISP named UNICON and someone has a DSL named 

There is supposed to be a MAC version of ICON called PRO ICON ... 
I couldn't find it

My latest urban myth: that the name REBOL evolved from IDOL, the 
ICON pre-processor ( SNOBOL, ICON, IDOL, REBOL )
Group: !REBOL3-OLD1 ... [web-public]
Volker - then any new concept addition will ruin rebol for you, as 
you will have to learn it ... View is gonna be overhauled too - changes 
to face and who knows what .... from recent blogs, I can only see 
positives in getting them. I have a trust in Carl and that he is 
going to do those things in sensitive way ...
Group: Postscript ... Emitting Postscript from REBOL [web-public]
But remember they'll only see the most recent 300 messages.

So the more popular a group is, the less the public can see of it.

Maybe we need a [web-archive] flag too for groups that will be published 
in full [reply in chat as this is off-topic for postscript)
Group: Plugin-2 ... Browser Plugins [web-public]
Is there any point in the REBOl.org Script Library supporting the 
plugin any more?

There are 15 scripts that are tagged as runable in the plugin. But 
none of them do in recent browers.
Group: !Cheyenne ... Discussions about the Cheyenne Web Server [web-public]
Thanks for your code, I'll give it a try. Btw, IE has 85% market 
share (according to a recent article on osnews.com).
Marteen: for static 1ko files on a recent hardware, it should be 
around  500+ req/s.
Sorry, no diff file list. You can update just the files having a 
more recent timestamp.
Group: DevCon2007 ... DevCon 2007 [web-public]
only that, at least with recent 2.6+ linux threading, processes are 
far more expensive to create and to switch between
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[unknown: 9]:
Good reasons, and I agree, the best way to do this.
We nee da universal XML export import with ID compare.  

In other words, CureCode needs to be able to export itself as XML 
It needs to import XML (Easy)

It needs to import XML and update the old XML keying on some ID value. 
 Not so easy.

Once done, building things like RSS feeds with just the top 10 recent 
changes becomes easy.

Also, then we can sync Qtask and CureCode.  There are a lot of cool 
side effects though…

-	We have an integrated file share, so you can link to screen shots.
-	Qtask has the ability to have conversation about each issue.
-	You can throw your issues onto a calendar view.

I know this is not your concern right now, but this is the direction 
we are going in, and need to learn how to best allow this type of 
integration.  Much as you have made one thing to test another, we 
have the same problem constantly.
That's a bug in RSP framework fixed in a more recent Cheyenne version. 
I'll upgrade CureCode's server tonight.
When I did a search for "return", I got duplicate entries in the 
results. If it matters, I was on the "Recent Changes" preset beforehand.
When I first go in as anonymous, the filter used is the last one 
I was using (usually "Recent Changes"), but the one displayed in 
the Filter box is the first one ("Most Recent Reports"). I like the 
last-filter-used behavior, and wish the Filter box reflected it.
I would like to propose some enhancements:

- having to manually always select particular ticket-view category 
and project name in changelog section, becomes kind of denerving, 
once you have to do it several times a day

- hence I propose to extend user-profile settings, where we can preselect 
such things. If it is more complicated effort, I vote to change default 
ticket view from "my tickets" to "most recent reports" one
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Hi James,

I've got 20 rooms set up already that I use to do live online music 
lessons on a daily basis.  I think the existing format of those rooms 
could work very well as they stand.  I'll create a special room just 
for Rebol Devcon.  I'd like to show you what I've got, to see if 
it'd work for your needs.  The audio/video conference software works 
on PC/Mac/Linux, in any browser that has a fairly recent version 
of the flash plugin installed (I believe version 6 onward will work 
- 8+ will definitely work).  Aside from flash, there's no installation 
required to use the system - just go to the designated web page. 
 It will allow anyone in the room to take turns jumping onto the 
mic/camera to speak (admin can ban unwanted users), there's a text 
chat, and I've got a really simple way of sharing screen shots already 
installed in the existing room setup.  It should take only a minute 
or 2 to show presenters how it works...

I've being doing daily live online music lessons as a part of my 
commercial music lesson business for the past 4.5 years, and this 
system is the most stable and simple that I'm aware of.  It'll work 
through just about any router/firewall configuration, and it's dead 
simple to use - visitors just go the url, and they'll hear and see 
the speaker.  If they want to be seen on camera and speak, they just 
need to have a web cam and microphone installed and working.  If 
flash is running in the browser, it'll work immediately, no download 
or installs to do.

There's a video that I send to students which explains a little about 


The online lesson page for my business, which has basic info about 
web cams, microphones, and headphones, is here:


Please let me know if you have any questions :)

> If someone will email me personally, I can start putting together 

> suggestions about how to organize and manage the presentation. 
 I need

> to get an idea of what sort of software components will be needed: 

> white board, text chat, file sharing, 1-to-many/many-to-many video 

> conferencing, etc...  I'd also need to get a close estimate beforehand

> of the number of people attending, to make sure I prepare enough 

> bandwidth and available connections for the live event (If you'd 

> I've got a little Rebol sign-up script that I use in my business 

> let people sign up for events, you're welcome to use that if you'd 

> like, to help organize things).  Please let me know whenever you 
get a 
> chance!
> - Nick Antonaccoio
anything that runs recent flash plugin
If we try to make this a bi-yearly event, atleast one virtual and 
another live event (or both virtual), it might make it better suited 
for people to prepare for and show some of their recent work, finished 
or not.  The talks don't have to be major pieces or an hour plus 
in length, but could simply demonstrate a concept of interest to 
a group of newbies or some of the advanced rebolers, 15 - 30 minutes. 
  I'd really like to see some simple demos of Max's work and Oldes 
Flash dialectt o see these tools "make a difference", not to mention 
countless others.
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