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World: r4wp

[Community] discussion about Rebol/Rebol-related communities

I mentioned a little earlier the idea of posting a message containing 
links to all Rebol/Rebol-related community locations along with activity 
levels in each of these. This would be a weekly or bi-weekly posting 
at each location. The idea is to allow people to easily find out 
how active the other communities are at the moment if they happen 
to fall into any one of them as a result of a search, for example.

The content would be something like:
This is a periodic posting of community links along with activity 
levels for discussion dedicated to Rebol and Rebol-like languages. 
The intent is to bring a dispersed community together by providing 
the current list of places where the community gathers along with 
reasonably accurate activity indicators for each place. This list 
will be posted in each location weekly or bi-weekly so that anyone 
dropping by will not have to look far in order to learn where else 
things are happening.

Currently the activity stats are gathered manually and postings are 
also not automated. This will hopefully change as the requisite scripts 
to scrape and post automatically are developed. This updated list 
will eventually be available at http://rebol.comas the site is cleaned 
up post Rebol open sourcing. 

# Chats

## R3 Chat

This is the primary forum for Rebol 3.0. It runs from any Rebol console 
in a text mode, but a GUI version is planned.
- Run R3, type chat and follow the instructions (all platforms.)

- Type "help" for more information or visit R3 DevBase Chat Forum 

- To view public messages from any web browser go to RebDev mobile/phone 
interface (http://www.rebol.net/cgi-bin/rebdev-web.r).

- Problems? Please contact Rebol Technologies at (http://www.rebol.com/cgi-bin/feedback/post2.r).
Activity: 4 messages this month

## Rebol chat on Stack Overflow (http://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/291/rebol)

- Note that you will need a reputation of 20 in order to be able 
to post in the chat. 

- You can gain this minimal reputation (essentially a spam filter) 
by participating in the Stack Overflow group of sites. 
Activity: 380 messages this week

## AltME Worlds

A private instant messaging system where rebolers hang out 24/7. 
The current world dedicated to Rebol and Rebol-like language discussion 
is called REBOL4
- Get client at http://www.altme.com/download.html
- connect to the 'rebol-gate' world with user/pass, guest/guest
- request account on REBOL4 world in the REBOL4 request group

Web archives of public groups, first to last in the most active world, 
REBOL4, as well as the dormant world, REBOL3:
REBOL4 (http://www.rebol.org/aga-groups-index.r?world=r4wp)
Activity: 286 posts last 6 days
REBOL3 (http://www.rebol.org/aga-groups-index.r?world=r3wp)

# Forums

## Rebol Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/rebol)
A new special interest group for Facebook users.
Activity: 26 messages this month

## Rebol Google+ community (https://plus.google.com/communities/100845931109002755204)
Activity: 4 messages this month

## Rebol Google Group (https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/rebol)
Activity: 43 messages this month

## Synapse EHR Rebol Forum (http://synapse-ehr.com/community/forums/rebol.5)
A web-based forum for R2 and R3, provided by Synapse EHR
Activity: 13 messages this month

## RebelBB France (http://www.digicamsoft.com/cgi-bin/rebelBB.cgi)
A simple forum, written in Rebol, for French speakers.
Activity: 140 messages this month

## Nick's Rebol Forum (http://rebolforum.com/index.cgi)

A micro-forum (just a few lines of Rebol) hosted by Nick Antonaccio. 
(Note: the captcha question is first.)
Activity: 79 messages this month

# Q&A (Question & Answer)

## Stack Overflow questions on Rebol
Activity: 219 questions tagged
Activity: 2 questions tagged
Of course this should be on rebol.com, but that's currently not up-to-date 
and doesn't include activity levels. Any comments, additions, etc?
Suggested message title? I was thinking something like: Community 
Activity Report for <Date>
I've seen this kind of periodic, summary messages being posted on 
several mailing lists and find them helpful and not overly intrusive 
or spammy - thoughts?
Looks good ...
The only mailing list active is the f8bk one?
not sure - thought I remembered that the lists are defunct now. The 
Facebook spot is just a group - is there a mailing list somewhere 
there as well?
the AltME numbers are bogus though - I got those from the web archive 
which shows only the web-public activity (and a non-constant one 
at that, if you hit F5 repeatedly)
I'd like to get the true numbers
what is "f8bk"? You mean facebook? Fb is not a mailing list, I think. 


Also, the stackoverflow is not as active as it may look at the first 
sight. The reboltutorial's activity is sometimes quite "artificial", 
I would say.
Adrian, thanks for getting this restarted.
I think we should put this up on the rebol.net Wiki for a start. 
This will give us a convenient location to point to.
Actually, we had such a page before:
Should probably get that cleaned up.
Also, note an additional "chat" venue: IRC.

A few of us hang out in IRC in the channel #rebol on freenode (irc://chat.freenode.net, 
http://freenode.net). 128 messages in December. If you don't have 
an IRC client handy, freenode also provides a web-based client for 
quickly looking around: https://webchat.freenode.net/
I took the liberty of taking AdrianS's posting, reformatted it to 
Markdown (only minimal changes necessary), added IRC, reordered things 
slightly, and updated two few counts.

Here's a rendering of this updated Markdown document to HTML:

Here's the Markdown source of the updated document:
Ladislav, I agree about the level of activity not being as useful 
if the number of contributors is not specified, but for now this 
will have to do. The way to do this is through some reasonably smart 
scripting that can obtain a better breakdown of posts by user, either 
through scraping or some sort of API, if available.
GrahamC, Ladislav: are you ok with this group becoming web-public 
as is?

(For the record: I am ok with it.)
Thanks for the additions, Andreas. It was my intent to have this 
in Markdown or something like it to have it be easily posted to any 
web site that could accept such content.
obtain a better breakdown of posts by user

 - I do not criticize your findings, I do not even think it is needed 
 to know how many contributors there are; that was rather an observation 
 from me related to one "prolific" contributor
well, I actually think that this breakdown is useful myself because 
it's true that some people are just so much more 'prolific' than 
Thanks for reviving this Adrian.
I'm okay.  This summary though looks like it would be tedious to 
do.  Can it be scripted?
Group is now web public.
Andreas, your R3 binaries page looks really nice.  Might be worth 
putting up a link to the Android binary even though it's not built 
(yet) by your build farm just to have everything available in one 
place. I'm assuming Saphirion wouldn't mind if the right attribution 
is made.
Would it be worth putting what compiler switches were used for the 
builds? Do you think you'll want to provide debug builds at any point?
wrong group... ugh.
well, maybe not - you are providing pre-built binaries for the community!
Not sure where to post this.  Links on the R2 Desktop are broken, 
notably rebolforces.  Anybody have news of this?
There are many broken link on R2/Desktop for long time, unfortunately.
how the hell do we ask to be member of a bord in trello?  there is 
absolutely no menu anywhere to join or ask for membership..

if there is one its very well hidden... so I guess this is an official 
request to be part of the trello board
my user is moliad, on trello.
There's no functionality to request membership, as far as I know.
In any case, I added you.
thanks... its weird that there is no way to ask for board membership.
seems to defeat the purpose of social coding practices  :-)
Trello still has bugs
Yes can't connect to it at work, because it demands IE9 or higher 
or safari or chrome or firefox. None of those are any option. Sometimes 
I seriously doubt if all of these demands to the users system are 
really necessary.
Well, if you want to use 'web app'  which tries a bit to not  resemble 
just "HTML page" you have to always use the most updated browsers. 
I think this rule will hold for very long time :-)
You can use your Android, or better still, your IOS device to view 
For the moment at least we're pretty happy with it as a "collaboration" 
Arnold, you do know about the Red trello board??
Yes, got a message there saying my browser was not supported and 
I should upgrade my bosses computer.
Same reason I do not develop for Red, because Github does not support 
Snow Leopard any more, and my Mac cannot go further and I do not 
buy a new mac for  github. And the command line I consider too much 
trouble to learn.
What does snow leopard have to do with github?
You can use GUI tools ... such as Git GUI