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World: r4wp

[!REBOL3] General discussion about REBOL 3

So better try running from a MinGW shell.
OK, I understood.
(Otherwise, if you absolutely don't want to use a MinGW shell, try 
using CD=.\ or CD=%CD%\ -- the trailing backslash is important.)
I didn't know the MinGW shell, I used it and it worls!
>> system/version
We could use a separate group to talk about building and porting 
R3. This group is getting a bit polluted.
I have a couple significant changes to make to TRANSCODE. Can all 
interested parties please review http://issue.cc/r3/1915and http://issue.cc/r3/1916
and comment what you think? AFIAK I have used TRANSCODE more than 
anyone else, but we're at the point where more opinions are needed. 
It's low-level, so most people won't be affected by this. They're 
not syntax changes, they're changes in its external behavior.
Brian -- !REBOL3 Building and Porting group created
Where is the GitHub Wiki?
It disappeared!
The http://www.rebol.com/r3/docs/index.htmlwiki is not good, you 
can't register or edit.... :-(
MaxV: I think you can edit. I would definitely not replace it with 
the Github one, at least not for docs, which are quite extensive. 
IIRC, you had to be registered on R3 Chat, and then when you got 
some level of access, you could edit docs. There is more to the R3 
Chat, than might be seen from the mostly ugly surface ...
Sorry, but I don't think so. 

A good wiki is a wiki where is easy to register and edit. The one 
on the Rebol.com is not a good wiki.

People will register and use GitHub, so a wiki must be on GitHub. 

If youlike, you may have an "offical" wiki in Rebol, but a living 
wiki is the GitHub.

I can copy all rebol wiki on GitHub, you you want; but please reactivate 
the GitHub wiki!

Don't do the same errors of Rebol 2, where there was a wall between 
people and reboltech.
MaxV: I will gladly let it to Carl to sort out. He was reshaping 
a wiki for nearly 3 months, and there are something like 75K pages 
of content. It is also kind of autogenerated/automated. So - do you 
want to do many things manually?
I'll do it in 24 hours, you have my word!
As Carl said, it's not tto difficult, if you know how to do it.
(a little bit fo wget, a little bit of rebol and my will)
Well, WIP wiki is imo OK, that's all I say. You are wrong if you 
think there are no editors, etc. Those are just higher rank users 
of R3 Chat IIRC. We imo need some consensus on this - do we move 
everything to Github? What about prebuilt products, marketing, etc.? 
What remains on REBOL.com then?
The problem is another, if someone want to add content, he can't. 

Look at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/REBOL_Programming, it's better 
of the rebol wiki sine everybosy can contribute.
The expert can continue to use the rebol wiki, but the big audience 
must be able to contribute with the GitHub wiki.
MaxV: "The http://www.rebol.com/r3/docs/index.htmlwiki is not good, 
you can't register or edit.... :-( " - that is actually not true. 
You *can* register if you want, just say so in here.
aha, sorry, the problem still persists...
Getting a implicit declaration warning while compiling (Ubuntu64) 
for strdup() line 86 and free() line 88 in src/os/posix/dev-stdio.c
Adding includes (stdlib.h and string.h) clears this.
I needed months about Rebol to understand what is altme and how to 
subscribe. Altme is not good. Rebol3 needs to be open also for documentation, 
needs also a public forum, linke Nick one. Please reopen the GitHub 
forum, Rebol 3 needs also common/occaional people tha wants to contribute.
This is open source, otherwise it will not reach a big audience.
MaxV - that's an old song - Altme will be used by those, who want 
to use it, easy as that, no? Yes, public forum should be available, 
but please let's ppl use what they like or are used to. Some of us 
simply prefer IM nature, so we will either use Altme or IRC. That 
does not mean, that we will not participate in a forum, or mailing 
list. I can bet, that if ML was still active, many of us here would 
contribute. I quite miss ML a bit :-)
I want that people will continue to use what they prefer, but Rebol 
misses all the common tools of open projects:
- public forum
- public wiki

The way to eneter in connection with others is too complicated by 
now. GitHub is making all a little easy, so why closing GitHub wiki? 
Leave it open, people will decide if usinig GitHub Wiki or the old 
complicated way to enter in the rebol community.
I don't say to close the Rebol wiki.
I wrote the page to build Rebol3 with mingw (it's complicated), and 
now it disappered! Someone who has a Mac could write his way to bouild 
that, and nobody heeds to ask to rebol.com, nobody has to prove to 
be an expert about Rebol.
Max, the problem is that most web tools actually suck... not because 
their developpers are bad... but because the web, as a platform sucks... 
in all regards.   its slow, super complex, apps break up every other 
month, and even the basic framework on which the web is layers was 
NEVER meant to be used like it, so even that is corrupted to start 
with.  Also, the apps we use keep changing from under our feet, which 
as a user we have NO control, and it gets very tiresome... it seems 
like every other time I log on to any of the bigger web sites, its 
changed, and I'm lost... again.

I have not seen a single altme-like product which I could chat in 
**real-time** with many people in groups as we do here.   its always 
either super slow, very slugish, insanely complex or insanely dumb. 

The only platform which has some appeal so far is the Stack Overflow 
engine, which has a pretty good architecture... but man would it 
be sooo much better if it wasn't built over web technologies...
Is the r3-gui available on the Saphirion site download section the 
most recent version? It's from March this year, and I seem to remember 
some activity on it after that point.
I see now that Robert mentioned last Sunday that they were working 
on getting the automated win32 builds going, so hopefully that will 
happen soon.
r3-gui is available. It's not the latest release but works. We are 
going to update it. I need to fix the web-site project as it's currently 
The win32 builds are working. We have a single EXE including View. 
Will be published too.
It's that we need to setup some infrastructure to handle it.
Hostile fork recovered the WIKI: https://github.com/hostilefork/r3-hf/wiki
 , so is someone needs isnformations or want to put informations, 
uses that link.
Use thet link https://github.com/hostilefork/r3-hf/wiki
Does anyone know if it would be possible to have Rebol included in 
Ubuntu now that it's open? I don't mean just to make a package available, 
but to have it be installed in the base system.
Maxim, I agree that AltME is a great platform, but it could be much 
better.  For instance, things like the Calendar and Checklists that 
work OK, but are not really polished and feature-rich yet.  But I 
think AltME could be made to look a lot better by borrowing from 
some concepts seen in Facebook and Google+, and maybe even have an 
almost-real-time bi-directional link to a web forum for people who 
need to access the groups from a web browser.

Another thing that I would really prefer would be to allow connection 
to multiple AltME worlds from within a single AltME window.

Hmm...if AltME was also open-sourced, we could start adding these 
features!  I have a more feature-rich calendar I could add right 
away. ;-)
AdrianS: R3 can now certainly get into the package repository. I 
think that having it included in the base install is unlikely, but 
it will only be an `apt-get install rebol3` away.
Bo, there is an OpenME project that is currently in limbo. Have you 
seen it?
Henrik, now that you mention it, I do recall that.  But wouldn't 
it be even better if we could have access to the current AltME source 
code and just work from there?  Unfortunately, OpenME may not be 
the best name because there is a trojan virus with the same name.

It would be great if there were some basic instructions for people 
wanting to try out the current latest version of OpenME in the Readme 
of the OpenME project on github.
Bo, possibly, but as I see it, AltME has some specific design flaws, 
such as dependency on world servers we have no control over. We decided 
not to let a trojan decide whether the name should be used or not.
For me Altme is almost unusable if not used on Windows. I miss a 
way how to customize it. Just 2 font size versions and hardcoded 
font is a big problem.
Andreas, do you know what a scripting language needs to have in order 
to be included by default? Is it just a matter of popularity?
I use Altme on my Macbook. AltMe has some flaws on the Mac but it 
certainly is not unusuable for me. Are you referring to Linux versions 
David? On the Mac it is  possible to zoom in easily if the sight 
is the problem.
Bo, along with open sourcing AltME, the R3 chat would be good to 
have opened as well. This has been asked of Carl on the blog (more 
than once), but the question keeps being ignored. Almost as if on 
purpose - might be possible that Carl is trying to figure out a way 
to monetize that side of Rebol.
I've had a number of face-to-face conversations with Carl recently, 
and I don't get that feeling at all.  I'm sure it's just a matter 
of time - Carl is highly pressed for time in his current job.  Plus, 
now he is spending a lot of time looking over the R3 code changes 
on git and merging them.
AdrianS: I think scripting languages are only part of the base installation 
if they are needed by some other part of the base installation.
But I'm not sure Ubuntu has a published or defined policy for what's 
included by default in  the base or desktop installations. I think 
it's a decision made by a board.