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World: r4wp

[!Syllable] Syllable free operating system family

Hey, should there not be a R3/view? I only can start r3 from terminal.
R3/View only works on Windows and Amiga
Dragging moves a file. Hold Control to copy or Alt to make a symlink
We don't want to hide the delete function under another key combination
The documentation is generated by my CMS (in REBOL). We maintain 
the source files in AltME
Bas does the Dutch translations, but he stopped halfway. I would 
love you to help with them. Do you want access to the Syllable AltME 
If I can work on them off-line, I have some hours on a train left 
coming week.
No dragging with the trackpad. CD can play, no sound probably a wrong 
driver, under Haiku is it like Auvia 6
Closing down the system is not possible with media player active. 
Once mediaplayer is quit the system ends with it.
OK now. I plugged in a real mouse. The scroll wheel doesn't work, 
but that wasnot promised. I can drag and drop files now. Also I could 
pull up the volume of both volume and CD controls and now I have 
sound sound.
Sound works, found the wallpaperChanger too. The Switcher should 
be on by default people like seeing they have more than one desktop.
Plugging in the mouse (non-usb port) seems conflicting with mounting 
my usb mp3 player. Unplugging the mouse made my mp3 player disks 
visible again.Well it is not consequent in this. After another try 
it took me some time to mount it because it didn't show up. After 
mounting I plugged in the mouse again. For else I cannot copy files. 
It worked. System hangs up on me or doesn't respond copying the 20th 
mp3. Enough testing for today.
Maybe my 1Ghz Pentium from 2001 is too old for this work. :)
Hung applications can prevent the system from shutting down:
I've never heard of a scroll wheel not working before. What kind 
of mice is it?
A 1 GHz machine is very powerful for Syllable, but it sounds like 
you may be hitting the bugs in the USB 2 driver. Do you have USB 
1 ports that you could try?
Of course you can work off-line on files in AltME. I'll mail you 
account info
Are there any plans to port syllable to raspberry pi?
It seems to me that a major obstacle to operating system adoption 
is the difficulty of partitioning a hard drive, and potentially losing 
all the data from the other operating system partition. Raspberry 
pi is a $35 ARM system with an SD card designed to teach people how 
to program. It's an embedded system, so syllable would shine because 
it is light weight. One of these systems is powerful enough to output 
1080p video and extremely small.
I agree. It's tough to port Syllable Desktop to a different CPU architecture, 
but I'm considering porting Syllable Server
I was beginning to despair, but I finally got the Enlightenment canvas 
library working on Syllable Desktop :-)
I got some of the examples of the Edje layout engine to work
Kaj, not sure if it's of use to you, but I dug out the timings from 
the last time I built Qt (on a Linux host, 4 months ago):

$ ./configure -opensource -nomake examples -nomake demos -nomake 
docs -nomake translations
5 minutes

$ make -j2
34 minutes

That was on a moderate dual-core machine with 2GB ram and spinning 
disks. Not sure how much make could parallelise, but for a single-core 
machine roughly twice the build time will be a reasonable worst case 
estimation. I guess that otherwise the configure-to-build time ratio 
will still be roughly the same.
(Sorry, ~2 months ago.)
I'm starting to get the GUI build to work, and it takes a few hours 
here, but Syllable Desktop can't use the second core on this machine, 
and compiling is roughly half the speed as on Linux, anyway, so that's 
roughly consistent with your timing
The configuration can be sped up a bit by using -fast if you are 
using -nomake like that on significant parts
The QtQUI shared library I have right now is 12.5 MB
Yes, ~13M for the libQtGui shlib here as well.
The installed QMake I end up with for Qt 4.8.2 is almost 5 MB
That's good footprint, isn't it? Not following the discussion - I 
thought you are working on an Enlightenment, not Qt? But maybe I 
mix Syllable and RED efforts?
I don't know what you think the footprint is for, but it's only the 
executable of one tool needed for compiling Qt
ah ha, I thought it is a "runtime" library with the whole Qt :-)
No, that's around 100 MB, I have now established, if you strip out 
all the documentation, examples and demos
So Syllable is going to use Qt for some apps or the system in overall?
So what's your Enlightenment effort then? Red only related?
No, we never wanted to depend on Qt. And I have it all built now, 
but the GUI doesn't work yet
Still, people want to run Qt apps
I'm working on many things, currently Enlightenment, GTK+ and Qt. 
The infrastructure they need in Syllable to build and run is mostly 
shared, and some of the dependencies they use are shared
I have all of Enlightenment working except the widget set. I have 
DirectFB working and am currently building GTK and Qt on top of that. 
I have all of Qt built but nothing GUI works. I have all of GTK working 
except GTK itself, so no GUI there, either, but I'm still working 
on that
You seem to be skilled in porting various toolkits. No intention 
to port View engine to Red/System? :-)
As Gabriele noted, I'm modifying code I don't understand, so I'm 
not feeling very skilled, but I suppose I am after the experience 
It doesn't help that the ports get stuck just before they would become 
useful - as has happened with many ports attempts over the years
So I need very good reasons to start such an attempt, and the R3 
View engine has several red flags that we discussed before
I was going to port it to Syllable, but with REBOL down that makes 
no sense anymore
what red flags? The licence is not set, and the author and owner 
of the code is Cyphre, not RT, so if it is licence related, we should 
talk to Cyphre imo ... but anyway - wrong group. It is just that 
we are binding to some heavy solutions as GTK, Enlightenment, instead 
of going probably the less hard route?
Those toolkits have widget sets that you would have to redo in Red 
for View, for another several years of uncertain development
Even Cyphre doesn't want to use it anymore, for technical reasons
I know. But I also expect RED being kind of compatible to RED, syntax 
wise. And I think Robert would not mind, if someone tried to port 
R3 GUI to RED. As you can read on various places, ppl still want 
View, small toolkit, and some are even reluctant to join RED, if 
the clarification of GUI availability is not made ...
Even Cyphre doesn't want to use it anymore, for technical reasons

 - I never heard anything like that, and it even does not correspond 
 with my info, that in fact Cyphre would like to redo the View engine 
 completly ...