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World: r4wp

[!Syllable] Syllable free operating system family

The equivalent of a full work week
That means three days for me
I've got the Enlightenment stack running on X now, up to the widget 
That was a lot easier than View. It's currently a very minimal X 
I've got GTK 2 built from source running on X now, but GTK 3 bombs 
Now I've got Qt running on X. That didn't work in the GoboLinux mix
I already had Qt running before in embedded mode on the Linux framebuffer
I've set up a new wiki for Syllable, running on Fossil:
For those who have been clamouring for a Syllable installation video 
in the past, we finally made one, on our SylCon summer conference 
Kaj, do you happen to have a VMware image for version 0.6.7? I only 
saw 0.6.6 posted.
btw, is the Enlightenment engine part of the latest binaries now?
No, we haven't had time to make emulator images for 0.6.7 yet. The 
Enlightenment port isn't published in binary yet, but you could compile 
it with the Syllable build system
Are there some known graphics problems running under VMware? I had 
the browser showing Google and wikipedia for a while, but then it 
wouldn't update itself anymore. I also couldn't quit the browser. 
I have the hardware compatibility set to 6 as per instructions.
now I can't shutdown - need to pull the plug on the VM
this is with 0.6.7, btw - installed it under Workstation 9.0
VMware always worked best in the past, but since emulators do very 
low level things, one can never be sure how a new version behaves
We haven't had your precise report about VMware, but it's quite possible 
that those symptoms are just general Syllable behaviour. The browser 
uses the WebKit engine, but it's an older version and the integration 
is incomplete. Many of the more complex web sites can hang the browser, 
and in those cases, Syllable can't close the browser and hangs on 
it when shutting down
Pressing Control-Alt-Delete shuts down Syllable cleanly but forces 
applications to close, so when you have hung applications, that's 
the way to shut down. It's described in the Welcome document on the 
desktop. Does that work?
AdrianS: if you have a working 0.6.7 image for VMware, it would be 
nice if you could share it with us by sending it to Kaj (so we can 
download it from Syllable servers).
Be aware that we're not fond of serving anything. We've always made 
a lot of effort to keep our downloads as small and clean as possible. 
We welcome contributions, but we also like them to contribute their 
own hosting. Otherwise, it takes more of our time than it saves
Case in point, one of our contributors recently made a developer 
edition of Syllable 0.6.7. It's much bigger than the standard distribution, 
but he's hosting it himself, so that's fine with us
Actually, I've had VirtualBox images of Desktop 0.6.7 and Server 
0.4 for several months, but the extra work of publishing them has 
prevented me from doing that so far (you can blame Red for that ;-)
Would the VB images be usable for you?
A VB image would be fine too.
I'll schedule it for the next days, then. Maybe as an incrowd download 
first; writing articles and updating the website is a large part 
of the work
I can provide the VMware image if it's useful - I've got 25 gigs 
with box.net that could be put to some use. So, are you ok to just 
have the VB image or would having both be better?
Kaj, I'm curious what the plans are wrt Syllable (either desktop 
or server) and Raspberry PI. I see that more and more OSs are able 
to run on it now - just read about webOS, for example.
just saw you answered Nicolas on the same question, back in April
I got the browser to be unresponsive again and tried to kill the 
process using the System Information Processes tab, but that didn't 
work and the info applicaton became unresponsive as well. At that 
point the mouse didnt work either and when I tried to send the OS 
a ctrl-alt-del, that didn't do anything.
Yes, that's the other way to do it, but you probably killed a system 
process instead. Look for the first thread that says "Webster" (the 
web browser) and end that thread. It will take all the other Webster 
child threads with it
By the way, when you installed Syllable, did you use the menu option 
for installing on VMware?
Hosting a VMware image would be great, but we have to make sure that 
it's correct
I'm pretty sure it was the "Webster" thread that I tried to kill
I did choose that option when installing, but I can re-create the 
VM to try to fix a little hassle with the startup menu. What happens 
now is that on the default first option, 'Start Syllable', you get 
an error saying that the selected disk does not exist. Choosing the 
second option, 'Start Syllable (automatic boot drive search), finds 
the OS and boots. I'm not sure what went wron there - I tried to 
install grub to the MBR - basically, I pretty much accepted the defaults 
or suggestions when installing. I'll go through it again just to 
make sure that I didn't mess something up, though, since it doesn't 
take very long.
I will give a quick try at installing 0.6.7 on VMware.
during VM setup, I chose "Other" and 32 bit for the OS choices - 
not sure if that was what I should have chosen
I did the same, but installation stops rapidly when detecting hardware: 
fails to initialize ATA PCI controllers
It fails with the same error whatever VM target I choose.
I'll wait for a proper VM image I guess.
If it's anything like the recent VirtualBox, you probably have to 
change the hardware emulation from a SATA disk controller to an ATA 
Adrian, your selection in VMware should work. A generic Linux option 
should also have a good chance of working
well, it did seem to work, except for the boot menu thing
also, is there a way for the desktop size to be remembered?
I'm just re-doing the VM now to try and correct that
Not finding the boot partition may also be caused by a SATA controller. 
On real hardware, some SATA systems shift drive numbers. There's 
a compensation attempt in the Syllable installation troubleshooting 
options, but that doesn't include the options for VMware
You mean the screen resolution? That is stored when you change it 
in the Preferences
it doesn't seem to be made permanent, though
Was that when you forced the VM to stop?