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Evgeniy Philippov
I also plan to write a minimalistic mchd - Minimalistic Crossplatform 
Hacker's Desktop. Kinda dos-like and multiedit-like. Inspired by 
many of my own and anothers' ideas.
That should be OS-like experience for user's POV and from programming 
point of view.
Evgeniy Philippov
I am writing my own OS PHIAL/INTERCOSMIC. A first test version is 
not ready yet. :) It should include its own special visual language 
(a VL).
Firstly, I am writing a HDD installer. :) It must be accurate, not 
to damage the outside data.
I've started to program this and understood. That phial - is not 
what I need. "Phial" is science, research, chemistry, bad. I need 
what do you think on the name? Also, INTERCOSMIC DHARMA OF LIFE is 
interesting. How you call the yacht, the same this way it will travel.
Strange abbreviation: IDOL. Very surprising.
Hi Evgeniy. You might want to post on REBOL4. Many people have moved 
there from this world.
No names spring to mind. Maybe the picture is too vauge for me.
vauge =vague