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World: r4wp

[Ann-Reply] Reply to Announce group

In regards to above remark, I e.g. don't understand e.g. Nick requesting 
R2 being released, as R3 GUI is superior to R2, we just somehow magically 
don't start using it, dunno why.
What imo R3 misses is some built-in protocols, databases. OTOH Cyphre 
created TLS scheme .....
Well, and if no leadership for some fork comes up - here comes the 
Red ;-)
Rebol 3 Bazaar is Saphirion Rebol 3, at the moment. Saphirion wanted 
to go on GitHub, but htey ahve not time to do it. Now everybody can 
contribute and speed up Rebol 3 devolpment.
Because Rebol 3 stopped a month ago...
well then,  I consider Saphirion's work being a de-facto standard 
nowadays, unless Carl reappears actively reviewing new stuff ...
Be realistic, Rebol could be 1000 times better than Livecode or Java; 
but is wasn't supported. Rebol 3 closed source stopped in 2011, Rebol 
3 open  source stopped a moth ago. If ReBol 3 Bazaar will not take 
off, start to buy the tombstone for Rebol.
Red is total another type of programming language, it has to be compiled.
I pushed Facebook Rebol group  from 100 to 263 users now, but people 
is loosing interest in Rebol, I write the Rebol blog quite every 
day; and I'll dedicate my time also to Rebol Bazaar. I don't know 
why Rebol software is orphan and I don't care. I'll try to rise again 
it in the Olympus of best software (since nobody else do it), if 
you are with me you are welcome. I have no enemies, just friends.
MaxV: you might have missed the announce, but Red has an interpreter 
and a console since new year.
You might want to check this: http://static.red-lang.org/console-pro.png
Max you have to understand that most users already use Altme, and 
Stack overflow these days.   rebol.org and Github are there for source 

R3 is not dying, its not Carl's job of moving it forward.  R3 is 
now on Android, for example, this wasn't available just a month ago.
In my humble opinion there is an immense wall between users and developers, 
that is not the open source way. Altme is inaccessible to most user, 
nobody know it and the procedure to register is hidden somewhere 
and too complicated; here we have no more than 50 readers. Rebol.com 
site seems a dead site. Curecode seems a secret society (it's impossible 
to reach if don't know the correct link, who is  working on it?). 
 Stack overflow is the only way at the moment users have to discover 
somenthing about Rebol, but it's not the appropriate site. We cold 
multiply 1000 times users with a good support.  Rebol must be more 
partecipative, but I don't see around anything about it.  Everytime 
I write a post about Rebol, I feel like an archaeologist with a dead 
language. Searching information about Rebol is a huge quest.
What did you do for Rebol? What can you do now for Rebol?

Do you want to build an open working infrastructure or you want remain 
sat on your chair looking Rebol going in ruin?

We have finally Rebol and Rebol VID source working, now we have to 
attract developers from all around the world.

I''m not starting a new Rebol, just making attractive for normal 
people, the bones and muscles of every good open source project.
Regarding the "portal", I fear I have to agree with sqlab so far. 
The approach of just wholesale copying in or duplicating information 
from other primary sources strikes me as particularly bad. 

For example:

This just copies over the "REBOL Programming" wikibook:

However, it does so, without _any_ attribution at all, giving people 
no hint where as to the primary source for that information. Second, 
it is a one-off import which is not being kept up to date, so really 
just muddies the information out there. For example, Ladislav recently 
updated the "mold" article [1], but where is that reflected in the 

[1] http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/REBOL_Programming/mold

I strongly suggest that this wholesale importing of other information 
is stopped or maybe even undone. Otherwise you'll just create more 
stale information. Just a link to to the primary sources really is 
the better approach.

If you want this site to take off, create _new_ information; this 
way, you'll actually _add_ value.
Sorry if that is harsh, but this approach of just blindly copying 
stuff around seems to hit a nerve (for me).
Well to me it looks like there is just way too much happening to 
follow it all. Then one github repository for R3 is enough unless 
you really need another one to test and fool around with completely. 
The source being on Github is nice because I now have a copy, but 
it hinders me to contribute because I do not have the time nor the 
will to find out how to contribute changes, and when I tried I found 
it puzzling enough, so I decided it is too much trouble for now and 
to only look at the sources and not to contribute. (This goes for 
the Red github situation as well).
Max, no need, we're already on it. For someone making a community 
site, you seem to have done so by fiat without consulting the community 
(That was to MaxV, btw, not Maxim.)
transmitted by HostileFork - "Good points, all of them.  Let us discuss 
r3bazaar... on SO chat.
No need. We've already been dealing with this issue on SO chat, and 
in the other communication venues where the relevant developers are, 
for the last week, and we already have a plan. Like I said, we're 
already on it.
While I'm against blind copying, I think MaxV is simply trying to 
build some momentum. He's been very active, and I appreciate all 
his past efforts. If we open a dialog, we'll either come together 
or disagree in a friendly manner. :-) As much as I believe in talking 
first, sometimes that stalls efforts as well. Now at least we have 
something  to look at and use for further discussion.

And while I don't like having too many channels, and use only a few 
consistently, his new portal looks nice and incorporates a lot of 
functionality already.
Pekr, I suggested R2 because there is an enormous pile of useful 
code, and productive applications, that will likely never get ported 
to R3.  R3 will be great for developing new apps, but it's a darn 
shame to throw away all the work that's come before.
MaxV, I also agree that your involvement has been positive, and I 
always enjoy reading your posts :)  I also agree that it's great 
to offer more open channels of communication, but I think Andreas 
is 100% correct - links are preferrable to copied content.  Setting 
up a portal could certainly be helpful for anyone who prefers using 
that interface, but pointing to original content is critical.  The 
more sites that pop up and point to other important sources, the 
more easily people will be able to find what they need, no matter 
how they find their way into the community.  Helping to organize 
and guide people to the right places is helpful, but copying has 
all the problems Andreas pointed out.
sqlab, the fact that the "average Rebol user is just to much individualist 
to join" has always been a curiosity to me.
This community seems to need strong leadership and techical support 
by an established entity which replaces Carl.  Saphirion and Doc 
both appear to be in potentially good positions to achieve that role. 
 They're capable and willing to provide new REBOL tools to the community. 
 Perhaps they'll be able to fund the development of those tools with 
commercial work they expect to see down the road, but I have no idea 
how strong their business models are.  Donations are helpful, but 
somehow supporting a business model that encourages leadership efforts, 
should be an important goal for this community.  It seems necessary 
that REBOL achieve some sort of real foot hold - a clear reason for 
use - in industry, education, etc.  For my own purposes, I'd like 
to implement the "business programming for non-programmers" idea 
as a course at business schools (not CS departments).  To me, that's 
REBOL's most relevant potential mainstream use.  How else could the 
REBOL ecosystem potentially grow in a way that encourages others 
to become involved in supporting REBOL, and in ways that financially 
sustain new leadership?  I'd love to see that topic discussed in 
more detail.  I don't think community growth will happen without 
a business plan that addresses the problem.
Yup. Except for the "business plan" part. There will be community 
participants who have business plans, but we need to support business 
competition between community members. As a community though, we 
need a development plan for Rebol and also for the community, but 
not necessarily a business plan since the community is not itself 
a business.
Unless you mean a plan for business adoption :)
Perhaps a business plan for a foundation, the purpose of which is 
to enable business adoption :)
competition +1
There were some fleeting comments about a foundation.  Has there 
been any organized discussion about it?
I don't know the answer about what's best, just rustling the bushes 
a bit.
We haven't needed one yet. Foundations tend to do better when they're 
for well-established projects, since otherwise they don't tend to 
get enough funding to cover even their own overhead. So the first 
part of a foundation-building plan would be to grow the community 
to the point where a foundation would be a good idea :)
As an observer of open source projects since there were open scource 
projects, I see some challenges that no open source community that 
in my opinion have yet to be overcome, outside a limited vertical 
or academic market.

1.  Self-interest:  Each person views the code as their own opportunity 
to promote their own goals.  Since it costs nothing except time and 
effort and there is no remuneration, people develop forks that suit 
themselves.  When the need for them disappears, the support for them 
vanishes.  Result:  Whether a company owns the source or a company 
makes money with the source you are always dependent upon somebody 
who has more at stake than you do.  Right now that means Sapphirion.

2. Money:  Even with open source projects it takes money to push 
them forward.  If a company can make money they will pay for it themselves. 
 if somebody else needs the port or feature, they donate if there 
are enough people interested. So you either pay a company or pay 
into a project, either way you pay.

3. Leadership:  Usually a company ends up taking leadership because 
the original leaders begin to tire of the constant promotion and 
hard work.
I haven't seen a community able to sustain an open source effort 
for very long before it 1) forks into dozens of splinters 2) Loses 
or lacks leadership (which includes people willing to follow). 3) 
or is taken up by a company and exploited for its own purposes.
The solution to this would a very radical idea, one that isn't easy 
for a group of people to do.  Think of others as more important than 
themselves.  In this case I believe that R3 could become a movement 
against technology squeezing people into its own mold.  It could 
become technology that makes us smarter and better, rather than less 
adequate and worse.  It could become an enabling technology, but 
only if its people are devoted to enabling other people.
First enable programmers, then teachers, business people, artists. 
 Donald Norman does a nice job of articulating this vision in "Things 
that Make us Smart."  Human centered technology could become the 
clarion call of R3.
You'd have to use gen technology to change human nature
However, the new humans would morph back into the old ones in some 
Does gen technology = nature, human or otherwise?
NickA, as Rebol is not mainstream, a programmer has to be independent 
or at least to think that.

Otherwise he would not be keen enough, to use such an exotic language.
At least I think that.
exotic is probably the wrong term,  maybe unknown
exotic is the good word.   especially since it goes against the mainstream 
trend of many things.
It's not everyones language, although it sounds like used by many.)
Nice, Kaj!
The only place I've seen othermindedness happen has been inside companies 
with strong leaders.  The results are always powerful.  The Humana 
Healthcare organization went from 4 rural hospitals to the second 
largest HMO in America that way. Waste Management also became the 
largest waste disposal company in America that way.   There is one 
part of Oracle that is experiencing a 4 fold increase in sales as 
a result of an othermined culture establish by the general manager 
of that department.  NewTek was another company that started out 
that way. It can be done, but I've never seen it in an open source 
Never forget the talk I heard by Joe Green the former CEO of Humana. 
 He showed us an organizational chart written upside down with his 
name at the top.  He flipped over the chart which put himself at 
the bottom with the lettering now right side up.  He said, "When 
I realized that my job was to love the four people above me in the 
chart, the  organization really took off."
Did they do away with self-interest and money?
Of course not, Kaj!
While I believe that a man should be paid a fair wage for his mental 
or physical efforts, I disagree with coming up with exotic ways to 
extract money from others.  And the only reason that a wage needs 
to be paid at all is that living is currently not free for most people.
There is a difference between self-interest and selfishness.