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World: r4wp

[Announce] Announcements only - use Ann-reply to chat

Updated: http://development.saphirion.com/downloads/to contain the 
complete R3-GUI ZIP with additional docs, examples etc.
I made a version of the Red interpreter console for other platforms 
than Windows. It runs on systems that have the ReadLine library. 
It uses both the libreadline and libhistory libraries, so it provides 
command line editing and history recall
I've made ready built binaries available in the test repository. 
See above. They're in */Red/console
I've tested the versions for Syllable and Linux. ReadLine is probably 
available for OS X, but it probably needs to be installed through 
one of the extra packaging projects. I don't know if ReadLine is 
available for Android, but it would most likely also need to be installed 
as extra
I also updated the Windows version with the latest additions and 
Thanks Kaj, robert and ChristianE
robert -> Robert
We have updated our web-site http://development.saphirion.comto 
now include documentation from our SVN. The documentation is written 
in MDP format, dynamically read from the SVN (so you always get the 
latest version), and converted to HTML for inclusion on the page.
Please note: Scroll through the pages since we sometimes combine 
several MDP files into one page. Not the nicest way at the moment, 
but works best to avoid so many pages. The start is for MDP itself 
and R3-GUI / Actors.
Massive R3-GUI documentation brought online. ATT: The docs still 
referr to the old GUI model. We are going to clean everything up 
in the next weeks.
here is a tool I built which allows one to set or remove the "always 
on top" flag of any opened window, dynamically.


when you start the app, it lists all windows, using both exe and 
window title, depending on what is viable for that window.  if you 
click on the title, that window becomes always on top (immediately), 
and if you press on the X besides it, it loose that flag. 

just close and re-open to update the window list... simple and stupid, 
but reallly useful.
btw, IMHO, actual announcements, should be in "notice" color scheme 
(yellow bg)  to separate them from the rest of the text.
(its not a rebol app, its built using C#, unfortunately)
New r3-view.exe published. Fixes the problem, that the graphics subsystem 
wasn't initialized when command line arguments are given. So, now 
it behaves as before and should give correct STDIO.
We have made an other big achievement of bringing R3 to Android OS 
based devices. In the last couple of days Cyphre added console support. 
So you now can input stuff on your Android. Further .r extension 
is now associated with the interpreter. So you can run downloaded 
scripts. We have uploaded a script, so you try it out.

Android R3 installation package: http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/R3droid.apk

Test script, for direct access from Android device: http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/oneline-prime-numbers.r

Thanks again to all who made a donation to drive this stream. We 
still can spend 10-15 days on this project at the moment. If you 
would like to help push this developement forward, feel free to donate, 
sponsor or make a bounty for features.
does it currently have GUI support?
(sorry, should be in ann-reply)
small correction: the test script link is http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/oneliner-prime-numbers.r
What version of Android is needed for R3droid.apk ?
(sorry, should be in ann-reply)......
Wow, just got back on AltME!  Deliriously happy :)
Works on my Huawei M865C :)
I noticed system/view exists...  Have you had any chance to explore 
the possibility of GUI?
Please put in your agenda the weekend of saturday the 26th and sunday 
the 27th of january. Then we will have the DevCon 2013 in De War 
'Place for Pioneers' in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. This year we 
will combine the Syllable Winter Conference with the DevCon, Conference 
for the REBOL Programming Language Family, as they have much overlap. 
Presentations will be done by Nenad Rakocevic and Kaj de Vos. We 
are open to other guest speakers and presentations? Entrance is free, 
but donations are very much appreciated. Keep an eye on this website:
http://devcon.esperconsultancy.nl/(will be updated soon)
and this Twitter-account:

It is easily reachable by airplane (Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport) 
and by international trains. 

It's an old matches factory marked 'Spullenmannen', which is now 
being used by artists.


DE WAR is a breeding ground for art, technology and sustainability 
in Amersfoort, and is host to  a wide range of activities. Since 
2002 the Spullenlab has been the headquarters of Spullenmannen, an 
artists\u2019 collective making theatre, installations, visual art, 
and purposeless contraptions. A  shared office space was set up in 
2006, with different working places, a meeting room, and other facilities 
shared by a number of cultural enterpreneurs. The OpenTOKO workshops 
started in 2008, as a series of \u2019open knowledge\u2019 workshops 
on the connection between art and technology. Since 2010, DE WAR 
has also been housing FabLab Amersfoort, TransitieLab, and Studium 
Generale Amersfoort.  Moreover, a performing space for small theatre 
productions has been set up in 2011.

DE WAR has been established in the old match factory on the river 
Eem.  The factory complex dating back in 1881 has, besides from other 
activities, operated as a production facility of the Dutch colour 
dye industry, and is also known by the name of its last owner, Warner 
Jenkinson. Nowadays owned by the municipality of Amersfoort,  the 
factory complex faces an uncertain future, either to be demolished 
or to be renovated. Besides DE WAR several other offices and ateliers 
are housed within the same factory complex.

DE WAR is initiative  of PLAN B, at the address KLEINE KOPPEL 40, 
3812 PH in Amersfoort,
I've published my port of the Red interpreter console to platforms 
other than Windows, with the ReadLine/LibHistory library:
To be demoed at above DevCon.
A pull request to mainline Red has been submitted:
I posted a short primer for CGI with current Rebol 3 releases as 
answer to a question on Stack Overflow:


If you want to play with R3 and CGI but don't know how, that should 
get you started.
I've started a file common.red for common definitions for Red:
Notably, there's marshalling in there for program arguments.

ARGS-COUNT gives you the number of arguments, including the program 
file name, like system/args-count in Red/System.

ARGUMENTS gives a block of string arguments, excluding the program 
file name, or NONE, like ARGS in Boron.
ARGUMENT 0 gives the program file name, like argv[0] in C.
Doc, feel free to use any of it in Red under BSL
I've ported the do-sql example for SQLite from the Red/System binding 
to the Red binding:

To be demoed at above DevCon.
You can give arbitrary SQL instructions to an arbitrary SQLite database 
from the command line
It still uses a Red/System callback for processing result rows, so 
that's not done on the Red level yet. That's next
Everything around it is done by Red, such as processing the command 
line arguments, opening and closing the database, injecting the SQL 
and processing status reports
To be demoed at above DevCon
The Red binding uses the same string marshalling as the Red console, 
so the same limitations apply. Latin-1 only and string values of 
64 bytes or longer may not work
Robert : A gotcha appeared in your last post about the oneline-prime-numbers.r 
script the correct address should include as its filename the following 
: oneliner-prime-numbers.r instead of the submitted one. I then copy-pasted 
the content of the script in the console and here is what I got : 
97 89 ...   5 3  which is correct !  Thanks again !
Yes, sorry for the type.
I'm happy to announce a website for downloads of (unofficial) Rebol 
3 executables:


Currently, binaries for Linux, OSX, and Win32 are created fully automatically, 
from Carl's latest R3 sources. So whenever Carl updates his Github 
repository, those binaries will be updated automatically (typically 
within ~10 minutes) as well.
I hope this makes it easier to partake in R3 development without 
going through the hassles of setting up a build environment first.
(Please reply/discuss in Ann-Reply.)
I'm happy to announce our next Android release. Cyphre did a great 
job and pushed the port further forward. Here are the highlights 
of the new release:

-added full file access
-added networking
-added console user input (ASK etc. works)
-improved threading (at the app level, not R3)
-misc small internal changes in the console code

With this it's possible to run R3 chat on your Android phone :-) 
Here is how to do it:

make-dir %/mnt/sdcard/r3/
change-dir %/mnt/sdcard/r3/

The paths might be a bit different on your device. The trick is to 
use the /sdcard path and put everything below it.

The link is as always:


Again, thanks to all who made a donation for this project!
Fantastic - thank you!
All file and networking tests working for me so far :)
-> Ann-Reply :)
I made an extended version of the Red interpreter console that includes 
the SQLite binding, so you can use the binding from the interpreter.

This was made possible by all the fixes Doc has done in the past 
few weeks and enhancements to the interpreter.

I've made ready built binaries available in the test repository. 
They're in */Red/console-pro:
To be demoed at the DevCon:
I've started a Red counterpart of the Red/System binding with the 
C library:

I'll implement C library bindings there as far as they're useful 
at the Red level. So far there's a simple CALL implementation.
There's a WAIT refinement, but like in R3, this simple CALL always 
waits, and there are no other refinements yet