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World: r4wp

[Announce] Announcements only - use Ann-reply to chat

Made it to restore the web-project for http://development.saphirion.com

That's where we are going to publish our R3 stuff. Still some work 
to do, but you will find our R3 version there, R3-GUI etc.

I have reworked the whole site. You can download the latest R3 releases 
with graphics engine for windows for now. Further our latest R3-GUI 
release is available too.

The site contains a bounty shop as well, if you want to support / 
donate to some of our efforts. All things we will work on are listed.

Stay tuned, more to come over the next weeks.
Added our source-code archive to the downloads.
Updated our R3 version. Changes:

- no longer links libstdc++ dynamically but statically. You get an 
error that libstdc++-6.dll is missing from your computer.

- changed startup procedure to support correct stdio redirection 
in console mode (used if you start R3 with a command line argument, 
else GUI mode)
I've got a question about using MakeDoc/MakeDoc Pro vs Markdown/MultiMarkdown. 
Are there significant advantages with MakeDoc that outweigh going 
with Markdown which seems to be the defacto standard for lightweight 
markup? I guess when MakeDoc first came out it was pretty unique, 
but if you were to need this kind of tool today wouldn't it make 
sense to use something with wider adoption?
wrong group...
My 6502 emulator in Red/System now takes the name of a ROM file as 
a command line parameter. It can load any ROM that's a multiple of 
2 KB in size:
I also extended the tracing. At the start of each instruction, all 
CPU registers are now dumped
I've tried several operating system ROMs. They seem to work, although 
it's still hard to judge without a real machine emulated around the 
I've added binaries for all systems to my test repository, so you 
can now easily try the emulator if you have some ROM from the golden 
I've added a Fibonacci example to my benchmarks in Red with the main 
function written as a routine!:
It's 45 times faster than the pure Red version, and all you have 
to do is replace the word FUNCTION with the word ROUTINE :-)
I think this is going to be hard to explain to people :-)
I've also added it to the test builds. Convenient instructions are 
in this article:
Yes, kind of hard to explain, as the single word change makes it 
45 times faster :-) It is just that R/S is syntactically similar 
to Red, so it might look confusing, why we don't use routine simply 
each time :-)
I've added Doc's new Red interpreter REPL console to the Red test 
So you can now try it immediately. Currently only for Windows, so 
it's in MSDOS\Red\console.exe
I feel small and humble in the shadow of Doc's Xmas present, but 
for what it's worth, here's a very preliminary Red binding with SQLite:
Series and structs aren't marshaled yet; they're just passed as address 
Only simple functions work so far. I've added a Red version of do-sql 
to the test programs that just prints the SQLite version. See above. 
They're in */Red/do-sql
As you can see there are a number of primitive constructs in the 
Red binding. I'll report issues as I go
Great work, Kaj!
Released R3 ODBC host extension to https://github.com/gurzgri/r3.git
(branch odbc). 

It's a fairly complete, Windows only extension in the spirit of the 
R2 ODBC api.
Updated: http://development.saphirion.com/downloads/to contain the 
complete R3-GUI ZIP with additional docs, examples etc.
I made a version of the Red interpreter console for other platforms 
than Windows. It runs on systems that have the ReadLine library. 
It uses both the libreadline and libhistory libraries, so it provides 
command line editing and history recall
I've made ready built binaries available in the test repository. 
See above. They're in */Red/console
I've tested the versions for Syllable and Linux. ReadLine is probably 
available for OS X, but it probably needs to be installed through 
one of the extra packaging projects. I don't know if ReadLine is 
available for Android, but it would most likely also need to be installed 
as extra
I also updated the Windows version with the latest additions and 
Thanks Kaj, robert and ChristianE
robert -> Robert
We have updated our web-site http://development.saphirion.comto 
now include documentation from our SVN. The documentation is written 
in MDP format, dynamically read from the SVN (so you always get the 
latest version), and converted to HTML for inclusion on the page.
Please note: Scroll through the pages since we sometimes combine 
several MDP files into one page. Not the nicest way at the moment, 
but works best to avoid so many pages. The start is for MDP itself 
and R3-GUI / Actors.
Massive R3-GUI documentation brought online. ATT: The docs still 
referr to the old GUI model. We are going to clean everything up 
in the next weeks.
here is a tool I built which allows one to set or remove the "always 
on top" flag of any opened window, dynamically.


when you start the app, it lists all windows, using both exe and 
window title, depending on what is viable for that window.  if you 
click on the title, that window becomes always on top (immediately), 
and if you press on the X besides it, it loose that flag. 

just close and re-open to update the window list... simple and stupid, 
but reallly useful.
btw, IMHO, actual announcements, should be in "notice" color scheme 
(yellow bg)  to separate them from the rest of the text.
(its not a rebol app, its built using C#, unfortunately)
New r3-view.exe published. Fixes the problem, that the graphics subsystem 
wasn't initialized when command line arguments are given. So, now 
it behaves as before and should give correct STDIO.
We have made an other big achievement of bringing R3 to Android OS 
based devices. In the last couple of days Cyphre added console support. 
So you now can input stuff on your Android. Further .r extension 
is now associated with the interpreter. So you can run downloaded 
scripts. We have uploaded a script, so you try it out.

Android R3 installation package: http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/R3droid.apk

Test script, for direct access from Android device: http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/oneline-prime-numbers.r

Thanks again to all who made a donation to drive this stream. We 
still can spend 10-15 days on this project at the moment. If you 
would like to help push this developement forward, feel free to donate, 
sponsor or make a bounty for features.
does it currently have GUI support?
(sorry, should be in ann-reply)
small correction: the test script link is http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/oneliner-prime-numbers.r
What version of Android is needed for R3droid.apk ?
(sorry, should be in ann-reply)......
Wow, just got back on AltME!  Deliriously happy :)