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[!CureCode] web-based bugtracking tool

[unknown: 9]
Good reasons, and I agree, the best way to do this.
We nee da universal XML export import with ID compare.  

In other words, CureCode needs to be able to export itself as XML 
It needs to import XML (Easy)

It needs to import XML and update the old XML keying on some ID value. 
 Not so easy.

Once done, building things like RSS feeds with just the top 10 recent 
changes becomes easy.

Also, then we can sync Qtask and CureCode.  There are a lot of cool 
side effects though…

-	We have an integrated file share, so you can link to screen shots.
-	Qtask has the ability to have conversation about each issue.
-	You can throw your issues onto a calendar view.

I know this is not your concern right now, but this is the direction 
we are going in, and need to learn how to best allow this type of 
integration.  Much as you have made one thing to test another, we 
have the same problem constantly.
R: if both QTask and CureCode are Rebol, why the need for the XML 
middle man?  Especially when Rebol exchange data is more versatile 
than XML.
[unknown: 9]
Because this is not about Qtask, or Cheyenne (CureCode), it is about 
building things that lets others know that what they have can be 
made better by working with us, and if we work well with others (and 
each other) then we all win.

XML sucks, and sure we could exchange RBF (Rebol Block Format).  
But millions of programs work with XML, so just use it.  

Let's pick out battles…
I really like having a full example of a Cheyenne RSP solution and 
appreciate the effort that Doc made to build and disclose his coding 
I've thought about interfacing with external world. I need first 
to define a consistent kernel for CureCode (partially done in the 
DB abstraction layer) then I could easily interface with outside 
world through reb|web-services, REST, XML, RSS,...
Syncing with Qtask, why not, CureCode just needs to be a little bit 
more mature. One cool thing I'd like to have is an embeddable version 
of CureCode : I'd like to distribute a single binary with Cheyenne 
and CureCode bundled together (using sqlite as backend) for fast 
and very easy enterprise deployment. All the product will remain 
FOSS, but my company could sell support, customization and specific 
interfacing with third-party softwares.
[unknown: 9]
All cool stuff...
typo: Reproductibility = should be Reproducibility
Where can I download the latest version of curecode ? The links posted 
are dead. thanks
[unknown: 5]
TRETBASE might work as a backend, at the minimum the newest builds 
since it is server based.
The files were not restored after last disk crash. It's done now, 
so this URL will work : http://softinnov.org/dl/curecode-r091.zip
Btw, here's also the data model used by Curecode : http://softinnov.org/dl/DB-schema.png
Paul : if TRETBASE can support the same DB structure, support SQL 
JOINs (or similar feature), user and security management, not being 
more verbose than SQL, and being as fast as MySQL without using more 
memory, I'll drop MySQL at once and use TRETBASE as a backend in 
all my projects.
[unknown: 5]
Doc give me a bit more time and I will have that.  It isn't ACID 
compliant yet so wouldn't recommend in its current state except in 
very controlled situations.
Doc, nice DB schema pic. What have you used to create it?
How does virtual domains work?
Schema : I'm using Microsoft Visio.
Virtual domains: Is your question related to CureCode or Cheyenne 
Sorry, Cheyenne...
Replying in Cheyenne group.
that picture reminds me Ladybird a Database designer wirted in rebol 
(project by reprotizer and Coccinelle)
hum curecode is a ticket tracker ?  like rambo but done with cheyenne 
that's right ?
sorry  i'm discovering it ....
CureCode is a lightweight bugtracker inspired by Mantis (a popular 
tracker in php). It's implemented using RSP and use MySQL as a backend.
it's nice anyway  good job dock  ^^
Doc, how hard would it be to switch to SQLite in the backend?
It's a planned feature. It just needs a SQLite REBOL driver with 
an API compatible with my MySQL driver or RT's DB drivers.
I guess that it would also needs a few changes in the SQL requests 
also, MySQL specific features like LAST_INSERT_ID( ) need to be ported. 
Anyway, it shouldn't take more than a couple of hour to make it work 
with SQLite (once you have the right driver).
On http://softinnov.org:8000/curecode I have tried to create an account 
to test it a bit.

But, when using the link in the mail to confirm my account I have 
an error in curecode :
> RSP Error Trapped<
Error Code : 	310
Description : 	script error !
validate-user has no refinement called update
Near : 	[if not validate-user/update request/content [err?: yes]]
Where : 	protected-exec
I have downloaded Curecode source.

The func is defined in "db-abstract.r" and has the missing refinment 
So what ? Is just the installed file on the site not up to date ?
I'm not familiar with RSP, but it seems it's loaded one time then 
run with the webserver (not like cgi that are loaded on each call).

So maybe it just need to be restart to handle already corrected code 
Thanks, DideC, I'll fix that tonight.
Just a note... I had to restart the server to get CC running... reloading 
config is not enough.
Also I'm missing basic instalation notes...
1. to add into httpd.conf:
	webapp [
		virtual-root "/curecode"
		root-dir %www/curecode-r091/ ;or different dir
2. To get a known admin password, change in private/build-db.sql:

21232F297A57A5A743894A0E4A801FC3  ;(enbase/base checksum/method "admin" 
'md5 16) = so the known password will be 'admin' for admin account

3. to run private/install.r script
And there must be something more as registering new user gives error:
Error Code :  	500
Description : 	access error !

Cannot open /c/rebol/server/Cheyenne/www/curecode-r091/www/curecode-r091/nonenone/email-activation.tpl

Near : 	[template: read join locale/get-path %email-activation.tpl]
Where : 	send-confirmation
to get rid of the first none, it's resuired to add:
locales-dir %locales/

into webapp block... the second none is difficult. at least i really 
cannot find, how to set the 'lang in locales. The 'default-lang  
in 'webapp seems not to be working and in main httpd.conf as well. 
It must be a bug (or missing feature) in public version of the Cheyenne.
Admin install password is "nimda"
It requires also a valid SMTP server in %private/curecode.conf.
should be : locales-dir %private/locales/
Didec : the bug you've found is related to the Cheyenne instance 
version (0.9.17) CureCode's demo is running on. It's a typical case 
of global context word collision between several apps defining global 
functions using the same name. That's why I've sandboxed, by default, 
all RSP webapps in v0.9.19.
rebooting CureCode...
Is the reboot done ? I get "La connexion avec le serveur a été réinitialisée 
pendant le chargement de la page." while trying the confirmation 
It's down currently, I'm trying to migrate the CureCode webapp to 
the main Cheyenne instance on the server, but it seems I've messed 
up something in the config file.
Ah, looks like it's missing a user right access in MySQL.
Up and working now.
Ah, important notice : URL has changed, it's now http://softinnov.org/curecode/
You may need to remove the :8000 part in the activation link.
OK. Trying...
hmm, failed to log on...