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[Linux] group for linux REBOL users

my linux troubles (this is longer)

I'm pretty frustrated at this moment, maybe somebody can help me...

I'm linux newbie, I'm using it for 6 months or so. I've installed 
Ubuntu for my girlfriend and it works OK. So I decided to install 
linux for me too. I've got Athlon X64 computer, so I tried 64bit 
version of Ubuntu. But you cannot run 32bit programs under 64bit 
Linux, so no REBOL or AltMe. OK, I can live with 32bit linux, no 
problem. So I installed MEPIS. It's not bad, it has got media support 
but...it's KDE.

I never knew anything about KDE vs. Gnome vs. whatever wars, I just 
don't care, but day after day I found KDE to be bloated, slow and 
buggy. Compared to elegance of Ubuntu on my girfriend's computer 
I decided that I just don't like KDE, I don't like all that menus 
where I'm always lost, long loading times, that awful blue theme, 
childish icons and everything K-labeled. Every window and every button 
on KDE looks so BIG compared to windows GUI, it's just a waste of 
screens's space. So I tried different window managers and found Xfce, 
icebox and some other small and fast window managers. But running 
MEPIS with different window manager than KDE was not optimal so I 
decided to remove MEPIS and install xubuntu. Everything was OK and 
I had xubuntu instaled.

One day later I managed to exchange my gfx card. I was using Matrox 
Millenium 2MB PCI card and exchanged it for 3D labs Banshee 16MB 
PCI card (I know that both cards are somehow underpowered for my 
computer but that's OK, I don't play any 3d games, so I don't need 
some new card). I've booted into Windows and everything was OK. I 
can even select resolution better than 1024x768 (because that's not 
optimal resolution for 21" monitor :-) So I restarted and booted 
into xubuntu. x-server didn't start. 

As I said, I'm linux newbie so I don't want to mess with some config 
files so I said to myself OK, I reinstall it, it's just one day old 
installation, no problem. I've booted the live-cd, grub let me choose 
resolution of 1280x1024, I booted xubuntu and - it was running in 
640x480. Yes, I had the choice to change resolution - but only to 
320x240. I tried ubuntu (gnome) and it was the same. ubuntu's x-server 
probably does not support my banshee gfx card. I tried MEPIS also 
and - it worked! I can boot mepis 3.3.1 live cd in 1024x768 (but 
not more - with windows, I can go up to 1920x1440). But when I boot 
mepis, I do see that KDE desktop thing and it makes me feel sick 
(hell, even windows seem to be more fun to use than KDE for me!).

So, what now? I cannot use windows only (1. i don't like it :) 2. 
it's got problems of its own - it cannot download files bigger than 
cca 1MB without error. Probably some driver problem but I still haven't 
found a sollution. this is not problem on linux) and I don't like 
KDE. I know that there's one sollution - to buy relatively new pci-x 
n-vidia gfx card and problems may be gone. but that's not what I 
want to do. That 3dfx banshee is good enough for me, I just want 
some fast and small OS running on it.

Maybe I'm just missing a computer that can boot in 15 seconds into 
full GUI enviroment (yes, my old Amiga :)
I have an  AMD 64 bit Acer laptop running Mandriva and have no problem 
running Rebol/Altme but I use KDE so not sure what would happen if 
 you tried to used another windows manger with it
Is Mandriva 64bit?
sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
but its ugly, i usually need several tries.
keep a backup of /etc/X11/xorg.conf .

May also work to get that file from another distro, eg that mephis, 
and overwrite it. the resolution-stuff  etc is in that file.
thats how to run 32bit on 64bt gentoo. not too easy, but possible.
For debian it looks easy for most programms. SInce ubuntu is a debian 
that trick may work too: https://alioth.debian.org/docman/view.php/30192/21/debian-amd64-howto.html#id292233
thanks, i'll try
so i've got it working somehow, core works, but view and altme does 
not run with following error: User Error : REBOL : Cannot obtain 
default font
ah, now it works! :)
What did you do ?
I've searched Synaptic for "font", instaled lot of them, rebooted 
and it started working :) First I've installed ia32 libraries from 
Volker's link.
Very good. Good to hear it's working.
I've heard about that font error from someone who upgraded from Ubuntu 
Breezy to Ubuntu Dapper. Did you do that?
no, I installed fresh 64bit Dapper (xubuntu) and tried to run 32bit 
REBOL/AltMe on it.
maybe the font problem is xfce related, not 64/32bit.
Rebolek, yes there is a 64 bit version
just installed Altme on Mandriva 2007 and seems to be working
How do i start a rebol-daemon from ssh? i usually use screen, but 
this server  lacks it.
I'm not sure what do you mean, if you are in shell just type ./rebol
then it goes down when i log out.
you must use disown
thanks :)
./rebol &
I just installed Ubuntu (dual-boot on my laptop) and it seems to 
work fine for everything, even AltME - But I can't seem to get Rebol 
to even start up.
Altme is rebol ...
What error message you getting ? Sure you've got the right binary 
Nevermind... It not running had more to do with me being a complete 
newb at Linux than anything else.

(Being so used to Windows, I didn't realize you had to use "./rebol" 
rather than just "rebol" to start it up)
I got distracted and forgot about it just after posting that, so 
I didn't notice Tomc's post until later on
That would be for /Core, wouldn't it? For /View, you can just click 
on it in the graphical user interface like you can with AltME
To start /Core without the ./ path, you would have to add the path 
to the $PATH environment variable. The ./ current directory is usually 
not in there for security reasons
how can I set VIEW-ROOT ?
Um.. is it the REBOL_HOME variable ? try search for that...
Thanks, I'll try
Graham...  ODBC is supported on linux...  Here's on open source Firebird 
ODBC driver. http://www.xtgsystems.com/linux/ofbodbc/about.php
That's just one of the first links that I pulled off of Google, I 
didn't look very hard.
I set up a connection to MySQL from linux using MyODBC drivers back 
in 2002.  I'm sure if you wanted to you could get an ODBC set up 
running that would allow you to use Firebird from Linux.
Ammon - the thing might be, that maybe Linux version of Command does 
not support ODBC at all?
I was using a Linux version of Command to set it up.
Carl's answer - http://www.reboltalk.com/forum/index.php/topic,304.0.html
I know I had REBOL connecting to MySQL via ODBC on Linux...  I was 
playing with WINE heavily at the time though so I might have been 
running a windows version of REBOL on Linux to do it. ;-)
since Command on Linux does not support ODBC, I think that must have 
been the case!
What is your take on Gnome vs KDE? I know many prefer Gnome, but 
from what I've read about KDE 4, I think I like their concept :-)
KDE seems to be fully vector based desktop in the future. Also there 
will be common app IPC mechanism called D-Bus.
Maybe we should use something like 'liquid to base VID+ IPC upon 
Hehe, KDE 4 designer (or Trolltech's dev, dunno), just pissed off 
some Cairo fanboys :-) http://zrusin.blogspot.com/
Conclusion from all those tests is that right now Qt is leaps ahead 
of any other vector graphics framework in terms of raw performance. 
Nothing comes even close. Qt's OpenGL engine is so fast it's basically 
unfair to compare anything else to it.
[unknown: 10]
I liked KDE when it started with version 1.0, then it started to 
look like a PlayMobil/Lego Desktop, now its upto perfect and leaves 
gnome far behind, not only based on GUI but also based on pratical 
use ;-)... But it still eats a damm lot of resources... you need 
to tune , but thats fun ;-)
My view is that KDE has always had better internals, but Gnome has 
a better interface