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[Linux] group for linux REBOL users

Dont know that eally well myself. what i firued out: usually (debian, 
suse) startup-scripts are in /etc/init.d. on debian there is a /etc/init.d/skeleton 
as base for own script. then there are the runlevels in /etc/rc?d/. 
links there go to /etc/init.d/ an tell the system what to start/stop. 
the numbers in the filenames are the priority, lowest run first. 
Usually there is a gui-tool like yast or ksysv which scans /etc/init.d/ 
for scripts and makes the appropriate links. tricky things are to 
write the startup-script, to figure out which runlevel to use and 
how the os figures out what to stop. although if you dont need that 
runlevel smartness, because you call it on boot and let it be killed 
by shutdown, you can just use a normal bash-script.
(runlevels tell which servers etc to run. so there is one with everything 
off for maintenance, one for console-use, console with network, console+network+gui-login, 
these with and without network, maybe some others)
Is there any reason that this group is private and not published 
to the web?  I know that there is a lot of good information in this 
group and everyone should have access to it.
I think there would be plenty of material for creating help docs 
about rebol driven daemons and services for either windows or linux 
servers, right? I'm going to run into this problem very soon and 
it would be nice to allow conform installation of rebol daemons this 
way. Has anyone worked on providing debian packages of rebol?
well in fact the problem is that rebol have been désigned more to 
be a cgi engine than  a real service / deamon capable  system. It 
depends too if  your REBOL application have been wrapped (REBOX,GREBOX, 
SDK/ENCAP,PAYLOAD) . With a wrapped version it's easier to run ...

I made for windows a Dyndns client in REBOL witch runs automatically 
on startup using register base  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. 
For linux /etc/rc*d files works like bash script.
Actually I'm playing with festival on linux  ;) REBOL festival Client 
 with visual interface to feed the festival software running in server 
mode only take 10 lines  I love REBOL :))). So now on linux I can 
make my Computer speech me  the Carl's blog content while I'm in 
the mean time reading the French forum new posts ;)
Festival is a software made in Scheme ( a Lisp clone) that allow 
voice synthésis (debian pakage are available on bedian.org website 
and can be acceded using Synapse GUI debian DLand Install software).
To run my solution I simply make a bash that tests if festival is 
yet running or not and then runs it (I'm using 1.2.1 REbol version 
for linux ...) and then runs my GUI software ;)
I'm working on a text to speech processor that could use MBROLA  
as  engine ASCII TEXT would be converted to PHO mbrola phonetic describtion 
file. Of course using rebol/view  1.3
I think parse would do a trully great job for this  kind of rebol 
ARG REBOL/VIEW 1.3.1  doesn't freely support run function ...
Was it 'run? What about 'call?
'run is supposed to start associated app to particular file suffix, 
isn't it? Dunno how associations are supposed to work in Linux?
perk you are right it's call lol
As I don't use it often I always forget the name of this function
auch! I hope that's not on purpose
OSX supports call, as far as I can see
I use 'call pretty frequently to shell scripting on my Linux partition
yes ;) But I allways fool my self betwin call and run functions
call is mutch fophisticate than run :)
Any one wants to help me coding the first rebol TTS  sofware using 
MBROLA voice synthiser ?
Hi, all: anyone has succeeded to run the beta version of View 1.3 
on Fedora Core 4? I have the following error: error while loading 
shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: 
No such file or directory
there is a stdc++ notice on the builds page. did you read it?
Nope, i have been directkly to the build...
solved by doing: ln -s /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6.0.5 /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.5
why the build use libstdc++ v5 and not libstdc++ v 6 ?
for TTS project in rebol see RebTTS
This is weird... rebol (1.2 and 1.3) can not connect to the internet 
with Fedora Core 4, but i have no problem with Debian 3.1... I think 
i will get rid off Fedora Core and keep Debian!!
Now it works...
why v5 - usually its easier to add an old library which the distro 
once had than to install a new one which the distro not has yet.
thats what my link was about. bitdefender had the same problem, and:

Fedora Core 4 has gcc 4.0 that provides libstdc++.so.6 while BitDefender 
requires another version of this library, libstdc++.so.5. In order 
to satisfy this dependency, the compat-libstdc++-33-3.2.3-47.fc4.i386 
package must be installed. (you can find it on the distribution CDs)
Hi everyone,
I have a problem running the new view beta on suse 9.3.

I have libstdc++ 5, I can run rebol scripts (that need 1.3), but 
I can't start the desktop (I double-click the rebol icon, it just 
flashes -starts and stops immediatky-).
I'm new to Linux so this might be a known issue. 

I tried moving the VM to various places but same result at every 
Maybe someone can help ?
[unknown: 10]
No problems with slackware 10.x
Francois a very good linux distribution is ubuntu ;)
Jonathan, try to launch rebol from the console rather than by double-clicking 
on the icon. Also, make sure you launch rebol from a place you have 
write access. For example, i installed rebol within /opt/rebol-cmd/bin 
but I do not have write access on this folder. So, from my home folder, 
i launch rebol like this: /opt/rebol-cmd/bin/rebview
Shad, Ubuntu is debian based... So why have a copy when you can have 
the real thing ;-)
François: thanks. One of Rebolinth's posts in the RAMBO group solved 
my problem (startup issues).
is there any good reason why this group is private? new users (like 
Joe) won't be able to find it.
I think you can make it public, no reason for the group with such 
generic name to be private, no? :-)
Oops, did not notice that when i dotted it up. I see no reason for 
private too, except someone is hirrified by linux.
Francois not a copy a different package  ...
debian is not packaged the same as ubuntu and ubuntu as some more 
configuration I intsalled and administrated debian for dec Alpha 
Workstation for nearbie 4 years ;)
so if I say to you that ubuntu is very good then it's vry good 

For example my mom was tired to get lot of problems with her windows 
in installed 2 month ago ubuntu  I use synapse to get some  missing 
packages and now all works well she is very happy with her pc ... 
My mom is 62 years old and dislike coputing but ubuntu have her preference 
curious distro is targeted by the Rebol/View linux build. I know 
compatibility is not an issue, just idle curiosity.
which distro