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[Make-doc] moving forward

Ashley thank you very mutch for the tips ;) I will work on special 
adaptation to MDP format requirement on the redering process. Option 
tu use makedoc 2  sure but in this case your cute MD2IDE will be 
deprecated and I  doesn't want that... MDP and MD2 have similar form 
but diferent kind of rendering processs. I don't want to make a monster 
application ... I want to make a quick usefull little GUI to write 
aesyly MDP formated programs with lot of automation like save on 
quit, recent file list, etc...
graham yes the help is not included into MDPGUI it's included into 
the MakedocPro.r directory (makedocpro.txt) so normally I use the 
MDP.r directory path to find the help file
I will fix this by forcing ppl to put a path for mdp script
Graham: On first run config pan 's cancel button will pop up an alert 
message if the config-file is not existing
that way you doesn't have this kind of problem any more ;)
Graham her you get the patch for this proprlem that allows you to 
not redownload it :
add this code in config-pan: 

btn-cancel "Cancel" [
			either exists?  mdp-config-file [ 
				unview/only config-win 
				if not viewed? main-win [mdp-gui-init]

   ][ alert "It's my first run baby !! ^/ You need to fill properly 
   the config form !!!" ]
My first version of NicomDoc format, that is designed from MakeDoc2, 
is close to be completed, and I will publish specifications and scripts 
shortly. For now I've made an example document, so you can see it's 
features: http://home.tiscali.dk/john.niclasen/nicomdoc/example.html
nice examples, Geomol...curious the look of the markup needed to 
generate that.  I think you said you surround the text with nestible 
tags, using a heirarchical structure?
My example is "Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional" btw. (see http://validator.w3.org/) 
for those of you, who like me like to stick to standards.
@eFishAnt Yes, I use blocks - [ and ] - for notes and tables, but 
there's very little syntax in the rest. The way I've implemented 
style changes will assure, that the output is strict hierarchical 
datamodel, but freedom is given to the writer for input.
To clarify: the text-document, the writer produces, is only strict 
hierarchical with notes and tables (but I use block notation for 
that, so it's not a big problem for the writer). Formatting can be 
thrown around freely. That text is first parsed into a RebXML format, 
which is strictly hierarchical (like XML and HTML is, when it's done 
right without error).
The text version of the above example can be seen here: http://home.tiscali.dk/john.niclasen/nicomdoc/example.txt
interesting...the block notation is not too bad.  I might have to 
sleep on it twice (meaing it takes more than a one night stand) to 
sort out suggestions....but I have to admit it is better looking 
than what I thought it would be...
a few more keystrokes for font than the old nroff / troff stuff.
distinguishing between [] and () in a writer's mind seems very logical.
a writer can change "voice" while typing (like this - notice I am 
now talking to you between the lines) using parentheses, while blocks 
are containers for just about anything without the sublime meaning 
that () have...for example here are my favorite groups [Pixies Brian-Eno 
Patti-Smith They-Might-Be-Giants]
I am thinking [] could make English better...in a literal sense.
Lists in English are now: Item 1, Item 2, and Item 3.
(sorry Webster)
I finalise my first stage on adaptation  rendering process !!!
you can Dl it on http://rebol.dev.fr/view.php?sid=140(actual version 
is 1.3.3 see rebol script header for changelog )
MDP-GUI rendering nows feet very more closer the MDP Format allowing 
beatifull doc preview (but processing is slow damn maybe I hace to 
add some kind of progress bar to not bore the user with hangon...)
still only mdp?
graham for MD2 you get MD2IDE from ashley !!!
I'm a competitor not an application / project killer
MDP and MD2 are to far on rendering method to be correctly handle 
in a single app ...
and has you notice it (cause you are very clever) both format have 
no format heading in files like =MDP or =MD2 at the very begining 
of the .txt file witch countains the
flagged doc ..
has MDP rendering is very distinct from MD2 we can merge them .. 
one little example section on MD2 it's sised text folowed by a red 
line on MDP it's black line  folowed by newline then Num_section 
(example 1.2.4)  folowed by text then newline again ....
has the flag are the same how user can make the difference betwin 
one and other ...
making 2 rendering engine will encrease and complicate the application 
for very not a good result ...
user selects which one they are going to use.
I prefer a dedicate mode but MD2IDE and MDP-GUI can enritch them 
eatch other ;)
I prefer plug in module :)
GRaham =url or =image or /table \table are not formated the same 
way in MDP and MD2 ;)
I think of it one day long before to start to hack the shack ;)
MDP formated tables just crash MD2 engine and vis et versa
if you modularise the parser and rendering engine, then you can add 
in Geomol's version as well :)
so it's better to have to product each of them comply with a spécific 
task and avoid user crankles
Graham I could add Excel and Word too but that's not the main actual 
purpose IMO
sources are freely downloadable and modificatable If your challenge 
is to merge them why not
but the resulting app will be very bogus , veryheavy  and very slow 
MDP is a more sofisticate way to process and for example with section 
rendering I still have some counting problem on next refresh
GEOMol's NICOMDOC is pretty but in vid rendering outch !!! Plz carl 
enhance VID rendering engine because NICOMdoc coloring text is a 
perf kill for VID ...
ahhh ... yes, colour text
NicomDoc has things from MD2 and things from MDP + things really 
but colored text in VID there I said NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 
!!!! IMG parsys this kind of heavy flaged an recompose it to VID 
it's a hudge task and very process consumist
doesn't didier have a rich text style?
yes but it's not talking nicomdoc it's talking RLD a low flaged dialect 
hand even in this case we absolutely don't know what it could produce 
on VID rendering time for very large text coloring (like source code 
text syntax colored highlighted etc...)