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[!AltME] Discussion about AltME

We need more testing.  Although the recent blog entry may change 
things a little we need lots of grunt test case wrting.   They are 
built around a test engine that loads the cases, so these are not 
standalone scripts.
decimals: [
	[ 15 == system/options/decimal-digits]

	[0.25 == (-2 ** -2)]

 [(to decimal! #{4000 0000 0000 0001}) < (to decimal! #{4000 0000 
 0000 0002})]
	["1.79769313486232E+308" == mold 1.7976931348623157E+308]
	["1.79769313486232E+308" == mold (2 - (2 ** -52)) * (2 ** 1023)]
	["2.2250738585072E-308" == mold 2 ** -1022]

	[error? try [1.7976931348623157E+308 + 0.0000000000000001E+308]]

 ["2.2250738585072E-308" == mold to decimal! #{0010 0000 0000 0000}]

 ["2.2250738585072E-308" == mold to decimal! #{000F FFFF FFFF FFFF}]
	["2.2250738585072E-308" == mold (1 - (2 ** -52)) * (2 ** -1022)]

 ["4.94065645841247E-324" == mold to decimal! #{0000 0000 0000 0001}]
	["-4.94065645841247E-324" == mold -2 ** -1074]

	[0.0 == to decimal! #{0000 0000 0000 0000}]
	[0.0 == to decimal! #{8000 0000 0000 0000}]
	[error? try [to decimal! #{7FF0 0000 0000 0000}]]
	[error? try [to decimal! #{FFF0 0000 0000 0000}]]
	[error? try [to decimal! #{7FFF FFFF FFFF FFFF}]]
name: [
   [block of code expected to return truth]
   [next small test]
Sorry, didn't notice the forum, moving to !REBOL3
I am getting an error after 1) download altme to new PC; accept updates; 
 enter Rebol3 world;
I am getting an error installing altme
I am getting an error on new altme installs on Windows XP on PC's 
which have not had a prior install; install, accept updates (some 
13 files are offered for downl0ad - I think after entering Rebol3 
world ... at which point altme dies with a warning that cannot write 
to track directory as it may not exist; restart of altme then proceeds 
As you can see, I was having trouble as this new install populated 
lists: any time that I hit the enter key the post vanished but the 
list would not refresh by just going to another topic and returning 
to this altme topic.  Hence the 3 stutters in trying to report what 
may be a known issue as I was not sure if my post was in limbo or 
lost in the ethereal bit bucket
Always report errors to AltME feedback, that way they are in the 
ticketing system.

This group is best used to talk concepts...
ah .. under HELP.   done
Cool, thanks.  Every report is filed, catalogued, grouped in a folder, 
placed in a bank box, collected in a wood crate, and placed along 
with thousands of similar crates….er, or, that was Raiders of the 
Lost Arc….ignore me…
.. and eventually.. one day... brave explorers will come and discover 
the secrets of the ancients..
I am unable to select text at the end part of the long post RobertS 
posted in core group
This happens somewhere around the line

---Paste from clipboard

Does anyone else have this problem? (I'm on Altme 1.1.29, Ubuntu 
Yes, the last lines, I can select, are:

        lab: label para [origin: 2x3 margin: 0x2]
        labe: lab edge [size: 1x1 color: water effect: 'ibeve

Under OS X.
I can't either.  Two work-arounds, assuminng you want to capture 
and save the post:

1. cut'n'paste it from the HTML archive -- though this may lose you 
some formatting and/or indenting:

2. copy it out of the Altme Chat record:

change-dir %[...your path...]/altme/worlds/rebol3/chat
core-chat: reduce load/all %157.set
text: last core-chat/10055
works here on XP Pro/Altme 1.2.15
Thanks Sunanda, how do you know about number 2?
I wrote the code that published the Altme archive on REBOL.org -- 
so I had to reverse engineer the Altme data structures.
ahh, I see. So it's nothing for the faint of heart ;-)
Yeah, a whole three lines of code.
I'm not talking about these 3 lines for this exact problem, but about 
understanding enough to find the same info for another post ...
Of course, this may be equally easy.
: ) (I know), but it is cool that such a thing can be done with so 
little code because of a) REBOL b) the format AltME files are stored 
Where AltME is terribly wrong (or I am terribly stupid):
Today I tried to run start two altme servers. I want to try to get 
some guys hooked. I would like to state, that I am semi experienced 
(still not guru) networking guy, and I do run wi-fi network with 
30+ routers for 420 customers, so not novice.
So what do I think AltME id doing wrong, or at least not making life 
to admins easy? There is no problem for me to to open ports on FW. 
This is not about opening ports only, but precisely speaking it is 
about setting DST-NAT to your target PC on internal network:

1) AltME records your internal IP adress when setting up your world. 
Don't even try to run it on different PC in your internal network. 
Even if you have all ports OK, this one thing will ruin all your 
efforts. Dunno if it adds to any kind of security, but in my eyes 
it is completly unnecessary obstacle. But maybe it is usefull when 
running altme servers fully on your local network, so that AltME 
"DNS" can direct your local clients to correct internal altme server. 
I can live easily with this one, but ...

2) Today I created new world. No matter how you try, it always registers 
AltME world on port 5400. There is no ability to set it differently.

3) Even if you start altme -s "my-world" -p 5401, it will not help 
you, and it still opens the world on port 5400 (at least that is 
what I saw with netstat -an), which is imo a bug

4) even if you change \servers\my-world\info, still no luck. When 
you go to http://www.altme.com/cgi-bin/lookup.cgiand you type-in 
your world name, you still can see, that AltME.com has registered 
5400 port, but not e.g. 5401

5) even if you run your altme -s "my-world" -p 5401, and even if 
you send your client to 5401 port by changing \worlds\my-world\config.txt, 
you still has no lack. It is apparent, that no matter how your client 
is instructed, it takes info from altme.com for granted, and overrides 
your local settings, which can be proven by 6)

6) Running two worlds - my-world on 5400 and my-world1 on 5401 (names 
obfuscated here), I found out, that Altme client does not care of 
Altme server name at all. That can be proven by typing my-world1 
and using account from my-world, you are succesfully logged in to 
my-world, instead of my-world1, as client obtains port 5400 instead 
of 5401

I have one and only one question - how can I change my world port 
number on altme.com, or in other worlds - how do I REGISTER world 
on different than 5400 port? :-)
Thanks eventually and sorry, if I miss some important steps, but 
I tried to follow docs, which should be sufficient enough me thinks 
in 5) lack = luck
Pekr, my limited experience with multiple altME worlds is you need 
to have the other worlds you are hosting running at the same time 
you create your new world.  It will assigne the next available port 
to that world.
I had lots of problems with this in the past as well as I was trying 
to setup some test worlds to hook some people.  I created the worlds 
consecutively with no other worlds running and ran into the same 
problem of them all being associate with 5400.
I also had problems with worlds that were not 'reserved' running 
on theh same Win98 machine.  I had frequent drops of the worlds... 
the world server thought people hadn't been on the worlds in 90 days 
so the server released the name.  This happened really frequently, 
even though the worlds in question were accessed every day or every 
couple of days.
I finally gave up and resolved myself to only host one world.  Seems 
to have remedied the problem, although I still have occasional world 
name drops.  The other problem I had is it would not allow me to 
connect to my world, and when 'restarting' the world, it would say 
my world name is in use, thus forcing me to change my world-name 
and asking my users to do the same when trying to connect.  Luckily 
it was just for family, so they did it without complaining.
Same issues here.
I've been defeated .. I've changed all my passwords to be the same 
Just been locked out too many times with the wrong password.
Something weird corrupted my AltME login to this world. I had to 
delete the file "state" and let AltMe recreate it. This happened 
right after the new AltME update. 

Before I deleted it, it was logging me in but keeps giving me an 
internal error about state path being none while I am already logged 
in. I sent the error to feedsback 3 times.
Deleting the "state" file fixed it for me.
Brock - the only one thing is needed to those experienced - one field 
for manual port assignation. If you are admin, you have to know what 
the port means anyway, as you have DST nat connection on your router 
Yes, I agree that is needed.  I'd also like to see a way to re-assign 
a world name after it is dropped and no longer 'reserved' or associated 
to my IP, but don't know if this is possible, since it seems to have 
lost my IP... maybe this is an ISP thing when IS recycles IPs since 
I have a Dynamic IP... probably the answer.
I think, that AltME would greatly benefit from DevBase model. DevBase 
is live demostration of community collaborative work. If AltME client 
(not necessarily server) sources would be uploaded, we could see 
good bunch of small refinements, fixed proxy, etc.
Is it possible to change associations? For example if I don't want 
Altme to use Notepad?
I think it is built-in. I have not found it exposed in any config 
Ingo <I'm not talking about these 3 lines for this exact problem, 
but about understanding enough to find the same info for another 

Apologies for delay in replying.

The URL for the web archive has this parameter for the post in question:
And the two lines of code are:

   core-chat: reduce load/all %157.set
   text: last core-chat/10055

As you can see, the GROUP-ID is 157

and the POST-ID is 10054 -- but add 1 for the REBOL code as the file 
has a header line.
To get the GROUP-ID either RIGHT-CLICK the group name in ALTME.
Or find the group name in the Web archive:

Does that demystify it?
As Reichart implies -- it's easy when you know how :-)
What exactly can cause "AltME Error: Registray cannot load dataset 
files: 2" during startup? I'm getting it so many times on various 
machines, I'm starting to think it's a bug in AltME rather than data 
file corruption by something else. Whenever it happens when I'm trying 
to log into a specific world, it's "jinxed" and I can't log into 
it anymore on that machine. It does not help to just delete the whole 
dir, redownload AltME and start from scratch.
it seems also to happen mostly when changing world from one to the 
other. I haven't been able to run multiple AltMEs on one machine 
for a long time.
it's mainly a problem on OSX Leopard, but I see it elsewhere too.
Can you trap the registry accesses ?
Ah... sorry, it's AltME's registry, not Windows'
Maybe it's a permissions problem ?
I was wondering that. However I don't know what could be permission 
denied, if I simply delete the entire AltME dir and reinstall it 
from scratch and the problem still persists.