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[!AltME] Discussion about AltME

it is FF. I am no Vista. With my former notebook, I had one problem, 
where FF was chosen, but Vista still kept IE and it could not be 
deselected (and I am local admin). With my recent notebook, I simply 
have FF registered ....
I have registered 10 of 10 possible things for FF, but it still does 
not work. I noticed there are still 3 entries registered with IE, 
one of them being .url, but it can't be deselected (is greyed), even 
if I am admin. I really don't like Vista, it is complete shit. To 
display file associations it took 20 secs here on 2GB RAM, Core Duo 
machine ...
Paul, you could always write a script that manipulates the server 
files.  R: would there be a way to push the altered data to clients?
This really should not be a problem in the first place...this really 
seems like some IE thing.  Pekr, what happens if you save an HTM 
or HTML file, and double click on it?
I just figured how to select the default browser for AltME in Vista.
Make sure you have AltME closed when you change it or close it then 
open it after changing it. I used "Set program access and computer 
defaults" and selected custom then picked Firefox as my default browser.
Reichart - I am kind of experience user, don't worry. When I click 
on .html or .htm (or any other form), FF gets started. Vista usese 
a bit different form of registration imo. It e.g. states, that my 
FF has 9 from 10 possible registrations, so I added even another 
one. However, I might know, what AltME is using. I checked on what 
is still registered with IE, and it is - .mht, .mhtml, .url. So my 
suspicion is, that what AltME or OS does, is that it uses .url. When 
I rename .html file to .url, it gets IE icon. I will have to wait 
for my folks to return, because I don't know, why the .url option 
is greyed in IE section - maybe some Active Directory policy rule, 
dunno ...
Hmm, found .url extension separately, changed to be started by FF, 
but AltME still opens IE here ...
Will make some coffee and restart notebook, maybe it helps ...
still no luck. Now even .url is registered to FF, checked via filesystem, 
yet AltME still opens IE.
Pekr, just use the link for the instructions that I posted.
It should work.
Edgar, gee, can't you read? What do you think I was doing?
now I reregistered even .mht and .mhtml with FF .... still no luck
FF *is* my default browser, and it works in whole OS ... except the 
altme ...
I guess we must be seeing different things. I see three choices, 
first one is to choose the default programs, second is is detailed 
to specific extension and protocol, then the third one that has one 
of the choice is custom. I choose the custom and select the default 
browser as FF. In this option, you can even disable IE. I change 
the setting in the third option.
Custom mode is default.
I have FF registered as default.
All 9 from 9 options for FF are checked. From filesystem, doubleclicking 
.html opens FF.
I meant clicking custom gives you more choices.
I have also edited file extensions for .url, .mhtml, .mhtm, and registered 
those with FF too ... still no luck from AltME :-) What function 
does AltME use? Just REBOL's 'browse?
We must be seeing something different. I get the option for changing 
the different extension if I pick the second option. I think I will 
post an image later.  I am not in  my Vista computer at this time.
OK, done, thanks a lot! I never saw clicking radio button brings 
you to new screen, gee, what is that? :-)
Ok good you found it. Make sure you close AltMe then open it again 
for it to work.
I clicked Custom, then FireFox - there are three options in there 
- Use recent browser, IE, FF .... even if FF is "default browser" 
for my OS, I had to specifically click it here, and now AltME opens 
FF finally! Strange thing is, that when I now return back to the 
same menu, once again Use recent browser is selected, but FF is now 
used ....
Yep,  I see that too. Did I mentioned I hate Vista?
If my work is not in computer developments, I would replace it with 
XP already.
I hate Vista too! There are two camps of users - those who can see 
advantages (I can see them too, in security mainly), and those who 
can see it as waste of 1.5 billion of USD. I am part of the latter 
camp - absolutly useless effort imo ....
I have no better experience, just worse one. I would like to meet 
the idiot, who designed user access to network layer. There is so 
many intermediate screens it is not funny anymore.
- I am kind of experience user, don't worry.

I don't worry.  However, what I do is treat all people and problems 
the same way, which is not to make any assumptions.  Sadly this method 
often conflicts with ego.

Edgar, gee, can't you read?

Interesting to read someone else trying to help you, you snapping 
back, and then realizing that it was in fact you who was not reading…

As I said, I try to not make any assumptions.

Perhaps some energy spent on appreciated those trying to help you 
would go a long way…
Reichart - ego or not, I am more than experienced user, if not more, 
or I would not be where I am. (Well, otoh even chief of IT could 
be moron, so maybe you are right :-)
Edgaer pointed me two times to the same link. Reading thru all the 
 text twice, it does not answer any question. The link rather stupidly 
suggests to users, that you have to be admin etc etc. and more or 
less describes, how to change default program. Did that, xy times. 
Did that for each one possible file suffix. Once again - file system 
worked all fine, it is just AltME, having problems.
I'll correct for the future...
Actually, what I found out, was not user's error at all ...
The part I am not good at I admitted - the possible cause being Active 
Directory policy, which could override even my admin local settings, 
if I am connected to domain.
And that is where I am easily able to correct myself ... we have 
xy users with Vista already here, noone having the same problem ....
I can write down the case and provide it as a FAQ entry ... but if 
it does not affect any other user, it might be worthless ...
There is no simple, obvious, method of joining this world....

....If you discover it via the REBOL.net archive, there is no info 
at all about joining

....If you find it via the REBOL.org archive, there is a note in 
the Help page about requesting membership via the Mailing List.....So 
first, you got to join the ML and it has to be working that day :-(

Let's come up with something better guys!

My opening suggestion.....membership can be requested by sending 
an email to a specific gmail account that the Admins here monitor.
well, I'll write a blog entry about it
Given the trouble with the Mailing list as well (feedback), what 
about simply moving everything over to Gmail Groups?  All these problems 
have been solved by them already.  It has IMAP access, so you can 
still do ML archives.  And it is all free.  There are a few things 
about Gmail Groups I don't like (but I suspect all ML have the same 
problems), I simply don't like Email in the first place, so I'm biased.

I think a big move to Gmail would have many positive aspects:

-	Feedback problem is gone, since you can have multiple moderators 
that can check.
-	We have a centralized location for requests to AltME

-	We can make it public already, so you may be able to avoid some 
of the tools you have been using to do this.

-	We are working "with" other systems, as opposed to "invented here"

-	There are other services Gmail offers that might enhance the experience.
There is a REBOL Google group, but it doesn't see much use: http://groups.google.com/group/rebol
I've been noticing AltMe freezing when retrieving a message - when 
done, it goes back to normal. Is this a network latency or speed 
problem, or something else?
Perhaps it does not see much use because we are fractured.  If we 
all jumped on one, we would become focuses?
Freezing...hmmm. Don't know.  I don't see this (much)
I see it quite often, Brian.
Please send to Feedback.
I never see it.
Still see the password bug occasionally though.